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  1. In order to get some traction on items I have for sale, I will lower the price to $599! Thanks for your consideration.
  2. That's well implemented Speakerlab bins. Wish I had the woodworking skill... but no.
  3. Thanks for your comments, guys. Hope someone will pick the parts up and finish the project.
  4. My plan to put together Khorn like setup using the factory Speakerlab-K bass bins and Altec horns is no more. For sale: A pair of Factory Speakerlab K bass bins with 15" 8 ohm drivers A pair of Altec 511B horns A pair of Altec 811B horns K55-V drivers A pair of adapters for K55Vs to 511Bs (not shown) Due to their size and weight, I would like a local person in Seattle area with a pick up truck to come pick them up it their AS IS conditions. How about $650 for the lot? Thanks for looking, Ki
  5. You really need to use a Studer A820 or A80RC with an external tape head preamp to transfer the tapes. There are no other tape machines that can handle the fragile tapes like them, IMHO. the problem is both models are bigger and heavier than your average washing machines and can't be transferred to TX easily.
  6. Hi, Hope you can help me. Just bought a tube preamp from a place in Tulsa OK but the seller is refusing to ship. I would like to know if there's a member in Tulsa who can pick up the preamp and drop it off at the Pack and Ship place like UPS Store at my cost. I would be happy to pay for the trouble. If you can help, please send me a PM. Regards, Ki
  7. Was it the best price for KB style Khorns sold from this forum?
  8. Just wondering if the LSII's top section can be removed like the Belles and KB model Khorns...? does anyone have exploded drawing of the LS II cabinet? Thanks, Ki
  9. Ki Choi


    One more question... 7" or 10.5" reels? Ki
  10. Ki Choi


    Hi Jim: Other than the speed requirement of the tapes, do you have any idea on if they are 2 track or 4 track? Assuming the tapes are all 1/4" format. I do have a large collection of the master recorders but I believe you need one that is in portable configuration. So are you looking for a machine to audition the tapes or do actual transfer? Ki
  11. How far are you from Seattle area? Ki
  12. Thanks for the schematics. Currently, I have the stock AL crossover and A/4500 I bought from a member here. Although BMS 4592NDs I have have both mid and HF drivers and have 6.3Khz simple BMS crossover for 4592ND. The 2" Fc260 horns are from Greg. Choice HF drivers I have on hand are Beyma CP25s with recommended Xover point of 5Khz< and JBL 2404H with recommended Xover point of 3Khz<. If built in BMS HF drivers are not to my liking, I plan to use Martinelli 800Hz horns with BMS 4550 1" HF drivers. It seems I need different crossovers before I start experimenting with which HF drivers I like better... Thanks, Ki
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