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    Klipsch KLF-10's(non stock)
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    Klipsch Reference in-ceiling surrounds
    HSU VTF 3 MM-4
    Dayton SA-230 sub amp driving 4-ADX Maximus bass shakers
    Marantz NR-1603 AVR
    Marantz CD-5004
    Oppo BDP-9r
    Emotiva XPA-5 Gen 1

    Klipsch KLF-10's
    Pioneer VSX-504S AVR (150WPC discrete)
    Pioneer LD/CD CLD-S104


    Tekton Mini Lore speakers
    Parasound ZCD
    Parasound ZAmp V.3 (X2)
    Parasound Ztuner
    Parasound Zpre

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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. The 5.5 have been opted for because of the form factor of the speaker as well as the front porting. The speakers will be place almost directly against the wall so I have steered him away from anything rear ported. He. Most likely will not be adding a sub so the 2-10s are desired. I had a pair and they sounded very close to my KLF-10s.
  2. I am trying to track down a pair of KG 5.5s for a friend. South FL location a big plus! Must be mechanically sound, no finish preference. Thanks, Mike
  3. I run a Marantz as a pre/pro, XPA-5, and KLF 10s as mains. Very happy with the results. I did have the XPA-2 on hand for a while and where it was nice I honestly liked the XPA-5 in two channel better. When it is run in only two ch power wise it is almost the equal of the 2. In the long run it was more economical for me to go with the 5 ch and it provided me with multiple configurations as well. Either way they should match up fine.
  4. From my experience I would find something that keeps it out of a "cubby hole". Try to find something that is a open as possible. Crazy difference in sound, much more open and detailed.
  5. The law of diminishing returns! I really first found out about this when shopping for a diamond for my ex-wife. To my eye and hers thankfully there was a point that unless it was right next to a better diamond you could not tell the difference. It was easy not to spend the extra money on it. I feel that I have come to that with audio also although for me since it is a hobby it is harder to find that line. I have gone thrrough probably 10 sets of speakers after reading the reviews and basically living on craigslist. I am now back with my original set of speakers and have no intentions of changing. For now anyway!
  6. There is always the option of saving the money until you.... no, go ahead and spend it! I agree with Bill on the Parasound Z amp. I have one in my bedroom for the small form factor and it does perform nicely but I would not put it in the main system. If I went Emotiva I would look long and hard at the XPA-5. It way out performs it published specs when run in 2 channel and later you are ready for 5.X. The sub idea is valid, especially with the 50% movies. You may be fine with the bass for music but it will really add another dimension for HT. The to make it more complicated, a center channel would be sweet also. If you watch for deals, maybe a sub and a center?
  7. I have some Zu Audio cables that have worn out their welcome... actually just collecting dust. They are from Zu's "Mission" series and were reviewed in "Positive Feedback" issue #55. I had some Zu Omen Defs for a while and picked them up then. 2 - 4 meter speaker cables terminated with spades on one end and locking banana plugs on the other. 1 - 2 meter speaker cable terminated as above. 2 - 1 meter RCA patch cords. Zu retails these at over $1k for the above and no I did not pay that! I would love to get $100 for the bunch + actual shipping Trouble posting pics because of file size, work in progress... Thanks
  8. A few assorted items on the selling block: Rolls SX 2-way stereo crossover - $50 - view at Parts Express ART EQ-341, 2/3 oct, 15 band - $50 - view at Parts Express Niles HPS-6 speaker selector box - $50 Original dbx 120 sub harmonic synthesizer - $50 - it needs the some tlc on a sticky switch All plus actual shipping. Thanks I tried to upload pics but they are too large... I will work on it.
  9. In ceilings certainly can work but you need to be pretty confident on location before cutting into the ceiling or be great at the patching! Mine have the pivoting tweeter that I have aimed at the side walls. The op had talked about being in a condo and at least in So FL the ceilings are poured concrete for the floor above. In walls(or on walls) could be done in that situation if the room configurations allows...
  10. I have run 3.1 with great success although my preference is the 5.1. I have heard quite a few 5.1's with the surrounds set up as a secondary thought trying to hide the speakers, etc. and they have been more of a distraction than it is worth. If it is a compromise on installation I would say stick with the best 3.1 and be happy. Enjoy!
  11. Well time for an update on my search for a small form factor Pre/Pro. I took a long hard look at the Parasound but just could not write that check and it did not give me the simplicity that I like. I looked hard at Bills suggestion on the Cambridge unit but passed on it vs. the Marantz. I would have gone Cambridge is I were going to use the internal amps as it seems that it is the high point of the unit. Next came the Marantz NR 1605, a ton of bells and whistles. More than I really needed. I ended up with the Marantz 1603 which has ALMOST everything I wanted. It lacks the 12v remote turn on and a center channel pre out. The difference in price from Accessories4less was only $70 dollars but I decided to put that into some Blue Jean speaker cables, 10awg, welded locking Bananas. I do have turn on and off the amp each time but not a big deal. To over come the lack of a center pre out I used a "laying around" device from Carver, the Z5. It knocks a speaker level out put down to line level. I am using 3 ch of the Emotiva XPA-5. I am running Zone 2 and the surrounds from the Marantz amp. Since my last AVR was a refurbished unit from A4L and I got a solid ten years out of it I had no issue using them again. The addition of the HDMI was great! My living room is much cleaner looking less like a production studio and I will say after a couple of movies I think it actually sounds better as well. I am guessing that is do to a much newer processing chip. Also by not going with the Cambridge I can maintain the use of one factory remote for playback of CD's Thanks for all the input towards the decision.
  12. Thanks Bill, certainly worth asking.
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