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  1. Happy Birthday Mr. K, sure do miss you and the visits with you!!!
  2. kharmondds


    Yes sir I plan on bringing my 4 stacks of 600's. It should be a great time. Kevin Harmon
  3. Very sad to hear of her passing. My prayers are for Rodney and his family. Rodney has been overly generous to the entire klipsch group and his kindness will not be forgotten... Kevin Harmon
  4. My plan is to have 4 stacks (12 boxes). Heavy Duty!!!
  5. Big thanks to Roger Gordon for staying on top of the action on this forum. I don't get on here enough to be able to jump on deals like this so I really appreciate Roger's efforts in keeping me informed. Muchas gracias my friend..... Kevin
  6. This system came from the New Orleans Convention Center
  7. We got 10 stacks, only 8 stacks in this pic because we hadn't unloaded the small trailer yet.
  8. Muchas Gracias, many many thanks for the birthday wishes. Very much appreciated!!!!! Thanks to all Kevin
  9. Carl, can't thank you enough for having us over to hear your systems. Very very impressive!!!!! I'm like you, a weekend would have better so that we could have done more listening. I hope to get back over there soon. Such an enjoyable evening, I hope you can make it over to my place one day. Thanks my friend, Kevin
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