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  1. The last of the Threshold amps I once owned was the CAS-1 (also not my photo, nor photo of the amp I owned).
  2. I also once had the slightly less powerful Threshold S/200 (not my photo or amp).
  3. Another amp I once owned (photo isn't mine) -- the Threshold S/300:
  4. Jeff Rowland Model 5 -- the photo below isn't mine, but is identical to the amp I used to own. It's probably been at least 20 years since I sold it and didn't have any photos. It's 100 pounds of clean solid-state power!
  5. I used to have that exact same HK amp and pre-amp combo (actually had two of the amps) -- bought them new. They were part of my very first "good" stereo system I owned.
  6. If you were asking me about the Triode Lab amps -- they were mine at one time. They are very nice!
  7. Here is a set of Triode Lab 2A3M Single Ended Triode (SET) mono-block power amplifiers in "Porsche Orange" with walnut.
  8. I've got one for the original Peach, but the file size is too large to attach here.
  9. I think I've had this for over ten years but never used it. I no longer have Chorus II speakers so it's time to let it go. Includes screws and gasket. Price is $90 which includes shipping anywhere within the continental U.S. Prefer Paypal Friends and Family, U.S. Postal Money Order, or personal check (shipped after clearing).
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