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  1. Yes it is there now it has been updated to a best offer sale.
  2. It is probably not real as there is no post on craigslist !
  3. Sometimes in a smaller room you have to toe them out to get them to image correctly. To do this you must enclose the backs .
  4. I have seen too many horror stories from trying to ship these . Driving is not something I like to do .
  5. Sorry I do not have a sub amp for sale. I do have both rsw-15's and if you buy both the price gets better.
  6. I think they were taken down due to all of the responses and will reappear at a higher price !
  7. Sorry if I decide to sell it would be the complete set .
  8. Those amps and preamp have been sold . The other system I am thinking about selling is all Dodd. 150 watt tube monoblocks with a variable gain battery poweded tube preamp , battery powered tube dac and a 2 battery charging unit that matches all of the others .
  9. I have 6 and don't need that many. I bet 4 rsw-15's in the front row sounds pretty good !
  10. These are the best subs that I have found for music .
  11. I have too many RSW-15 subs and need to sell some of them. Both work as they should except one of them the on/off switch does not work it always stays on I just use a cheap surge protector that I can use to turn the power off. I do not leave any of my subs powered on all of the time. The guy I bought them from had RF-7's sitting on top of them so there are some scratch marks. Neither one came with a grill. Price is $500 each or both for $900 OBO I donthave a place to put these,
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