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  1. Sometimes in a smaller room you have to toe them out to get them to image correctly. To do this you must enclose the backs .
  2. I have seen too many horror stories from trying to ship these . Driving is not something I like to do .
  3. Sorry I do not have a sub amp for sale. I do have both rsw-15's and if you buy both the price gets better.
  4. I think they were taken down due to all of the responses and will reappear at a higher price !
  5. Sorry if I decide to sell it would be the complete set .
  6. Those amps and preamp have been sold . The other system I am thinking about selling is all Dodd. 150 watt tube monoblocks with a variable gain battery poweded tube preamp , battery powered tube dac and a 2 battery charging unit that matches all of the others .
  7. I have 6 and don't need that many. I bet 4 rsw-15's in the front row sounds pretty good !
  8. These are the best subs that I have found for music .
  9. I have too many RSW-15 subs and need to sell some of them. Both work as they should except one of them the on/off switch does not work it always stays on I just use a cheap surge protector that I can use to turn the power off. I do not leave any of my subs powered on all of the time. The guy I bought them from had RF-7's sitting on top of them so there are some scratch marks. Neither one came with a grill. Price is $500 each or both for $900 OBO I donthave a place to put these,
  10. The ones I am looking at are CF-2 how do you find out what series they are ?
  11. Which Epic CF series are the most desirable ?
  12. I have absolutely the most mint 2238 you will ever see. I bought this 12 years ago and it was so nice I boxed it back up and stored it every since .If you look inside every screw still has the blue drop of paint on it that tells you if it has been removed and none had been removed. Wood case is perfect as well as the face actually when you buy them they come with a plastic cover on the face. The plastic is still there and in perfect condition. It wont be cheap but you get what you pay for. I am no longer wanting to be a collector.
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