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  1. 2 hours ago, twistedcrankcammer said:

    Hey Diz  :D,


    What K-77 and K-55 drivers do you prefer?


    I want to make these slant monitors for my daughter, the best that they can be. They came with K-77 round Alnico tweeters, K-55V push pins and K-42 Woofers.


    My plan is that I have extra K-55V dual phase plug solder terminals, will buy some K-77 mud magnets and keep them all Klipsch.


    Thoughts ??





    If your daughter still has good hearing she may enjoy a tweeter that reaches 20,000 Hz.



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  2. Cheap, easy & most durable is truck bed liner.

    Duratex is good.

    Stain & poly looks nice too.


    If you go solid color and want a smooth finish prep is everything and there is lots of surface area to cover, keep the extra work in mind if you go that route.

  3. Call the local hardware stores. Maybe they will do front door pickup with a call ahead of time, wear gloves and slip them cash and any change for the tip.


    Never mind i see you can't leave.

  4. Just wanted to give an update on dad and offer for those who wish to fight the virus.


    Dad had a heart attack as you probably already know, there are 3 main artery and one is totally clogged and one side of the heart is barely functioning. 3 stints were put in the worst artery but they say he is too weak right now for replacements and recommend he get stronger before another procedure. He is home as of yesterday.


    I have been folding@home for nearly 20 years for research of diseases and figured it would be a good idea to start a team here if there are some interested.


    <here> is some information but to make the story short the folding is done in the background of your computer and benefits disease research such as this virus.


    Its much busier than normal and may be clogged with new folders but is worth it.

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  5. Using a K-55 ?


    Pick up two of >these<.


    Cut a round piece of good plywood to mount on the end of the horn throat large enough to cover the throat and mount the new adapter. Use the adapter as a template for the rest.


    The adapter will need to be bolted or screwed on, check for clearance issues before installing, glue the new end on the horn, allow to dry and bolt on the adapter and screw in the driver.

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  6. 31 minutes ago, Randyh said:

     the Model 19 was THE speaker in 76 ----big - huge , I think they were 1500$ back then , big money -a decent amplifier was 500$ -750$ , by the time you bought everything ,turntable , amp , preamp  -EQ etc  -- it was equivalent to  the cost of a  decent car


    The only thing i remember is the Marantz purchased around that time, just over $700 with tax.


    Dad gave me the Fisher & Thorens and bought me a set of new Jensen's.

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  7. 16 minutes ago, Randyh said:

    Actually , the klipsch speakers were very known ,back then   but they were very expensive for the ordinary folks   and , they were huge ----top of the line --- and a mythical product  that only a few could afford - --


    I heard Heresy's at a friends and did not think anything of it, most around here had Altec Lansing products. Huge and expensive was the norm as far as i remember.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, twistedcrankcammer said:





    I would say that Carl already has figured this out. As he stated, He has built both and to "HIS" ears, there is no discernible difference. I respect both of you as sub builders, but barring actual data and curve response, I submit that anything you have read is also only someone elses opinion at "BEST", and I for one throw more weight on Carls opinion than someone I do not know. You are a builder, build them both and graph them both and prove your argument or just stop it.




    I have not barred any information and am done here, carry on.

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