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  1. I second the La Scalas! I love mine and the sub fills out the bottom end! You could run stereo subs and essentially have 4 way speakers. I payed one thousand dollars for mine, off of Craigslist. Best $1000 I've spent! Dennie[]
  2. I too vote for getting them back into the corners, angled towards the listening position. The larger the soundstage, the better. Also, getting the receiver off the carpet will prolong the life of the receiver. ....and yes! Move the TV back. Can you wall mount it? That would end the balancing act and free up that shelf for your Turntable. When do you hear the hiss? Records? CD? Always? Dennie
  3. I run a SVS 20-39 PC Plus with my La Scalas. It sounds amazing. I wouldn't have it any other way. But, as others have said, play around with placement, crossover settings and phase. When it disapears.......you've got it right! ........and by all means, have fun and Enjoy the Music! Dennie
  4. Hey Marty, I vote for stereo subs also. Here is a Good Thread from another forum I belong to: LINKY I hope this helps, Dennie
  5. Not really a Gear Change, more of an addition. Added a ELAC Miracord 40 TT just to see how vinyl would sound on my La Scala's and now I have over 1000 albums. [] I think I may be buying a"new" turntable in 09, as I am falling in love with the sound of Vinyl. I just may set up a dedicated 2 channel rig, as the LS's are hooked into my HT for now. Dennie
  6. Hey Darkside, I replaced my Adcom GFA 7607 (7 X 125wpc for HT) with a DH (David Halfler) 200 for my 2 channel La Scala set up and I have never looked back. I bought it from the original owner for $50. He bought it in the late 70's or early 80's and took very good care of it. It sounds fine. Highs and mids are very nice and the bass good too, remember the La Scala's only go down to 44hz. I am running a SVS 20-39 PC Plus for the low end. If you can get the price down to a place where you are comfortable with, I would say go for it. Make sure you check it out first. I think there are only a few phillips screws to remove the cover. It should be obvious if something is fried inside. I hope this helps, Dennie
  7. Nice Pictures! I'll add a couple.... My La Scala balancing my ELAC Miracord TT..... My Kef Home Theater System.... a portion of my backyard (a couple of years ago) with stolen ladders hid from view []... Shadow (Cat) and Cody (Dog) doing what they do best.... Thanks for sharing your pictures, Dennie[8-|]
  8. This is one I pull out once a year or so and just play the heck out of it! [8-|] Emperors of Soul [bOX SET] Temptations 1994 Motown
  9. Dave and everyone else, thanks for a Great Thread! I have a friend in Houston ( I am in Sacramento, CA) and he is going to go to the bookstore and pick us both up a copy of that CD set. I can't wait for the mail carrier to come.....Tick Tock....Tick Tock! Dennie []
  10. Thanks Thebes, It was a lot of fun! (Even though I didn't win!) And the story of how you aquired the tubes was the iceing on the cake. Thanks for sharing that with us! Dennie....who is off to BUY a his first Klipsch T-Shirt! []
  11. I would have to agree with FenderBender. Hook them up one at a time and see which one you like better. Does one have pre-outs? So you could add an amp later on, if you so desire? Does one have a phono input, in case you want to hook up a turntable? I know my Pioneer VSX-41 does NOT have one, so I had to buy a phono pre amp. So, see which one has the features you need or want. If they both have what you need, go with the one that sounds the best to you! Good Luck and keep us posted! Dennie
  12. After talking to my consultants and three conference calls............I (we) think there are 1027 tubes in that there box! Dennie
  13. OK... SHARE! I'm not one to admit defeat so easily, so I'd like to know which hit I overlooked! Please do share! I looked all over the net and came up with Doo Doo! [:S] Dennie[*-)]
  14. Hi Larry, Welcome to the Klipsch Forum! I am new here also! If you go to the top of the page, you will see a "Edit Profile" button. You can paste your system profile in the system profile box. I hope that helps, Dennie
  15. Thanks Jim, I think I will wait for it to get here before ordering anything else and just see what it comes with. Dennie
  16. I picked up a Hafler DH 200 by accident. The guy who sold me his turntable brought it with him and said, give me $50 for it! So I did. I think he was the original owner and took very good care of it. I too was using a Adcom GFA 555. I have only been using the Hafler for two days now with my La Scala'a, but it is a fine sounding amp. I actually think it has helped with the "brightness" and sounds much fuller at lower volumes than the adcom did. Might have been the best $50 I have spent. It is an old amp though and from what I have read about them, you take your chances with older gear. There is one on Ebay right now, here is the LINK! Just my .02 cents. Dennie
  17. Hi Larry, That helps a lot! Yes, I am completely new to this and any and all help is Greatly Appreciated! That link is exactly what I need! (unless Jim is coming over to walk me through it? LOL) Here is a picture of my needle-less cartridge. I did figure out how to pull the wire off. I will wait for the Shure cartridge to do each wire one at a time. Sorry about the focus! I had better get to reading and ordering the other tools I will need! Thank Larry! This is starting to seem like something I can do! [8-)] I think! LOL You guys are the greatest! Dennie
  18. Ahhhhh! Now I see! Thanks Jim, I just checked out the old cartridge and they DO pull off! Thank Goodness! LOL Well, She is on her way. She is a beauty! I will let you know when She gets here! I guess I should order a Tracking Force gauge and a tonearm alignment tool. Is there anything else I should have? Again, Thanks Jim, I feel just like a newbie again! [*-)] Dennie
  19. Thanks Groomlakearea51, I read a couple of reviews of the Shure M97xE and they all sounded like it was a Good and Reliable cartridge. My only concern is attaching it to the ELAC tonearm, but this is because I have never done anything like this before. I hope I don't need to solder anything, as I have not soldered since High School. I think I could do it, but hope I don't have to. I have been into Home Theater for quite a few years now, but this cartridge replacement scares me a little. I am a turntable virgin! [:$] But the sound of vinyl on these beautiful La Scala's speakers is what motivates me! Amazing, just Amazing! Again, Thanks for your help! Dennie
  20. Thanks Jim! I know.......I know! It even has the little lever that locks it down.......I know......I know! [:'(] I am heading to E-Bay. Thanks for the info. I guess it is like everything else, there is a leaning curve. I will get the whole cartridge with the tool kit and the "hopefully" easy to follow directions! [:^)] Dennie
  21. Hi everyone, I am new to The Klipsch forum. I have been a member of the Sound & Vision forum for 5+ years now, but there is not much experience with turntables or 2 channel audio, for that matter. I have been lurking here, on and off for a year or so. I recently purchased a Beautiful pair of 1979 La Scala's from the original owner. I thought my KEF's sounded nice, but they just don't compare to the La Scalas, they are the most beautiful sounding speakers I have ever owned! I also bought a Elac Miracord 40 turntable off craigslist and have been enjoying it for a couple of months now. Today while moving some gear around I bumped the turntable and the needle broke! [:'(] Yes, I bumped it pretty hard and now I am needleless! I have read of people using the Shure M97xE cartridge with ELAC turntables, but not specifically the Miracord "40"? Would it work with the "40"? I am newly into turntables and I don't have a clue what to get. Heck, it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to get this cartridge off. It just pulled straight off the tone arm. [:$] Will the Shure or whatever you can recomend just slip right on? I know nothing about replacing anything on this fine turntable! I would like to keep it under $100 if possible. Thanks for any help! Dennie
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