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  1. Hi guys, it seems pretty obvious that this thread has people who have not used the KP 600 in a pro sound sort of way. I have been using these for the better part of 30 years. I also have a set of MCMs that I purchased in 1979 which are for sale. Nevertheless I have done side by side shootouts with the MCMs and KP 600s. Both are fantastic. My first observation was the MCMs seemed punchier in the low end, but I can tell you the KP600 is so, and I do mean SO much smoother in every respect. Don’t forget the KP600shave over 30 years of horn development compared to the MCMs. Oh yea about the low end the KP 600s low end is actually much better than the MCMs as it is smoother in delivery than the peaky MCMs. Plus when you put side by side you are hearing a lot more of the audio spectrum than in the MCMs. I am by no means knocking the MCMs because they will FLOOR you. Klipsch has the best horn technology by far. Even today the KP 600 is the best sounding arena Sound System ever. To bad they did not develop it any further. To think the KP 600s with 30 years of horn development on Klipsch’s part over the MCMs is not a huge step would be a mistake. I can tell you from experience that my 24 box KP 600 (8 stacks) can do 15,000 people Rock and Roll outside and the kick drum at 250 feet will still slam you in the chest!!! Another thing the mid and highs horn design can keep the vocals on top of the mix like no other speaker system that I have used. If anyone would like to talk my cell number is 978-696-6247. I will say that the 680 subs do get lower than the KP600 subs. Has a lot to do with the wood as compared to the fiberglass and Mylar over the balsa core on the KP 600s. Although the KP 600 subs were tuned above and below their resonant points. But put out 8 duel KP 600 subs in a rock and roll environment and well let’s just say HOLD ON!!! Anyway hope you all are safe. And have a great Holiday season. Joey
  2. Hi gentleman the MCM price is $1500.00 and I am in Massachusetts
  3. By the way cell number is 978-696-6247 thanks
  4. Joey B KP600


    Hi everyone, have pair of MCMs for sale. They are missing tweeters will explain if you call. The shakers have the Gauss HF 4000 drivers, also missing a couple of K-43s in one MWM, but as a speaker reconer I have a few on the shelf that I will recone and send them to you as to have a complete set. Thanks for looking, Joey B
  5. Joey B KP600


    Hi everyone have not been on the forum for a while, But have some MCMs for sale. Owned them years ago and repurchased a few years back. Hopes of refurbishing them. Time to let someone else enjoy them now. Used these for my Sound co many years ago. Allowed me to do gigs that were larger than I could really do. I have a 24 box KP 600 system that I have used for over 25 years. Love it, no plans to sell it. Anyway $1500.00 for the MCMs they have a lot of history doing many national acts at the time. My email jophise@comcast.net you can also call ma on my cell 978-696-6247 thanks Joey B KP600
  6. Hi Guys, Been a few years since I have been on the Forum. Just letting people know that I have a set of 4way MCMs for sale. They have the Gauss HF 400 driver in the Swaker. The MMTM are missing. If anyone is interested they cen email me at jophise@comcast.net or call me on my cell At 978-696-6247 and I will be glad to give them a history of these speakers. I also have a 24 box KP 600 system that I use for my Sound Co. Actually all the speakers I use for the Sound Co are Klipsch. Here are some photos. Thanks Joey B
  7. Hi guys been off the forum for about two years. Good luck with your KP 600 I have a 24 box system I have been using for the better part of 20 years, still is the best sounding reinforcement I have ever heard!! If you need any help with them I know them very well as all I use is Klipsch. Good luck Joey B.
  8. Thanks Bobby love to see them. You can also email me at home at. Jophise@comcast.net I am in need of a set to compliment another set. Thanks. J oe B KP 600
  9. Hi Bobby How much for the KP 3002s
  10. Hi Guys; Been away from forum for a while. Just to let you know I have a set of MCM 1900s for sale with road trim. They were part of a larger system I used for years until I started using KP 600s. 2xMWMs 2xMSSMs 2xMSMs (Gauss HF 4000 version) missing MMTMs. Looking to reaquire them. These will be sold with xtras . Re purchased from club that closed and wanted to restore, though they do not need much. Have no time and other things important at this time. These speakers did sound for many major acts in their day. If interested drop me a line or call 978-343-9343 leave message. Will post photos when I learn how to do, or email them to you. Will post on Ebay next week and just wanted to give Klipsch guys the first shot at owning these babys. If you know these speakers you know what they can do. Even by todays standards KILLERS !!! Thanks Joey B KP600
  11. Hi Sir; I have a 24 box KP 600 system I use with my sound co. Northeast Sound. I do have info on them and would be glad to talk about them. as you can see from me picture all I use is klipsch. Cell # 978-424-5564 home 978 343-9343. Thanks Joey B KP600
  12. How much are you looking for as I can recone the bad one. I take it they are K-48s. Joey B KP600
  13. Hi SteveO; Glad to see your crossovers are all set. These newer Klipsch crossovers although they sound great are not really roadworthy. Components should be tied down with wire ties not hot glue. They are made in Mexico I believe and the quality really shows. They are easier to build as compared to the old type. They were not pretty but they were indestructable. You can drill small holes on the pc boards and add your own tie downs and you should be fine. I would also recomend that you put the KLIP circuit back together as this will protect you if you are not using a compressor. This circuit will reduce the output of the HF by 10 bd when actavited and return to normal when threat is gone. It also woll not ruin freq. responce as compared to the light circuit HF protectors. If you need any help in the future drop me a line as I have repaird many of these crossovers. Good luck Joey B KP600 Northeast Sound
  14. Hi Guys; I have installed 3 KP 362s in a large senior center a few years ago. We have them flown upside down and I believe at 8.5" apart with the rear of the cabs just touching. They can slam this venue and also great for vocal repro. We also use I believe KI 172s for delay at the rear of the venue. These are delayed to the stage about 3' in. This system does all kinds of shows yearly. Wealso pull it down once a year to clean and test cabs and fly rigging. The system also covers the balcony to stage left and right. I will try to download some photos fo the install that may help you. Good Luck Joey B
  15. Hi Guys; You are spending a lot of time trying to fix the high horn output on the 904s. It has a 3db bump up because it is made to sit behind movie screens that will alter the HF output. Just drop a line to Trey Cannon at Klipsch and he can tell you how to lower the HF output by three db we have had that conversation. Simple !!! There are also thoes who are alyways trying to improve the sound of klipsch speakers. let it go and try to design your own,not as easy as it seems. Klipsch has more testing than just about any body, case in point the major improvements between the MCMs and the KP 600s. The LaScalas were designed in 1963, have there been improvments since then? Yes but any garden variety LaScala even beat up from the road with an added 480 sub sounds better than any music store speaker and also throws the sound way out there. Want to change the sound of the speakers use a good quality1/3 octave eq like a White 4200 active unit and rearrange your listening area. Good luck with your testing and have fun Joey B
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