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  1. I'll buy them, please contact me asap, thanks ! Jerrycfl1@gmail.com 954-909-1644
  2. Hi there, please do contact me @ some of the parts available, thanks. Jerrycfl1@gmail.com
  3. Update - I was able to get in touch with Whirlwind Audo, who was the OEM Mfgr for the EC 600 crossover and I now have full schematics for the !!. They are hand drawn, and a little difficult to read, but I'm going to make copies, hopefully I can scan them and make legible schematics that we can all use. This was a major score I think, since no one at Klipsch, the Forum here, or really anywhere else I could think to look had these available. So now I need to find a really good tech who I can send my EC 600s units to get the restored. I'll keep everyone posted. And a huge thanks to the great people at Klipsch who turned me on to Whirlwind, and then the kind folks there who were able to dig up these 20+ year old schematics and send them to me !! \Hi all, help needed. I have a KP 600 rig, and my 2 x EC 600 Electronic Crossovers need service. Are schematics available and/or have any members here sent their units off for service, and if so where ? Thanks in advance for any and all help Jerry
  4. Finally getting around to working on the 600 Rig ! I just reconed the 10" Mids, my 1st attempt at doing so. They meter right, and the voice coils dont rub, so Im hoping that they'll sound right once back in the cabinets. I did run into a problem, both of my EC 600 crossovers have some of the Clip Indicator LED's on even when there is no signal present. I picked up a Furman 4 Way crossover to use while I get the EC 600s sorted out, any recommendations on who may be able to service the EC 600s for me ? I'm hoping to get my 600's up and operational in the next week or so, so I'll try to send over pics and let you guys know what progress has been made Thanks for any and all help . Jerry
  5. Hi all, been a little while, busy with a lot of Music Festivals that we are doing lighting for. I'm still working on getting my rig back up, and just got in the 10" recone kits that the KP 600s need. I'll try to post more updates BTW- if anyone comes across a set of KP 680s for sale, I may be in the market to add more to my rig And for any that may be interested, Zenith Lighting carries a wide range of Professional Lighting equipment, including ETC, VariLite,High End, Clay Paky, Martin, Robe, AVO and many more, so if I can be of any help on a lighting related project, please contact me @ jerry@zenithlighting.com. Thanks, Jerry Seay
  6. Hi all, I just signed up to the board here, and I'm excited to become of the community that you guys have built ! I've been working with Klipsch Home audio gear in terms of sales and installation since 1987 , while working at Read Brothers Stereo in Chas SC, and then became involved with Pro Audio and Lighting in the late 90's. I have just repurchased a complete KP 600 system I originally owned years ago, and am now in the process of getting it back to 100%. My rig has 2 x 680 SW, 2 x 650 LF, 2 x 650 HF, 2 x Fly Bars, Aerquip Straps , Dolly Caster plates and 2 x 600 EC crossovers, all powered by a Carver/QSC rack. Overall the system is in very good shape, and I just need to re cone 2 x K41 M and replace 2 x K78 diaphragms and it should be ready to rock. Since I have the KP 650 MF modules open, I'll take some pics and post them for all to see I'm hoping that I can share some info on my rig, and would be glad to help answer any questions that I can. I am curious if any one has a specific paint recommendation for touch on the 600's ? They look in very good shape, but I would like to touch them up some. My KPs have some pretty cool quilted speaker covers that fit on the stack when its on the dolly, and I'll send pics of them too. Thanks again for all the valuable info that is on the site, and I look forward to meeting you guys. Jerry Seay Zenithlighting jerry@zenithlighting.com
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