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  1. The Bluesound is maybe the best purchase I ever made. I stream music from the HDD's on my PC and Amazon Prime non HD.
  2. Panasonic DP-UB820 gets good reviews and has analog outputs
  3. I picked these up from Dave today...He's a real Gentleman and a die hard Klipsch guy, thanks Dave!
  4. That's interesting, I noticed that there is a 1/2" difference in cabinet size between the two series.
  5. That's another good point wuzzzer, that's why I asked on this forum, I knew you guys would have some things to say that I never thought of. Thanks to all who replied!
  6. LOL... Sorry about the spelling, just in time for Christmas. Good points though MC. I think it might be smart to just leave them alone.
  7. A guy an hour away from me is selling these. Everything is series ii Except for one woofer. Help me decide if I should buy them or not. The asking price is $440 and I don't have any idea how well the work was done as far as being air tight etc. The cabinets are so so, the usual chips from age.
  8. I put on a concert dvd I'm familiar with last night and turned the volume up on my sub amp and it sounded much better. I have all set small with lfe and 60hz xover for the mains. I'm used to the sweet sound of my old B&K Ref 50
  9. My trim levels: Front L -5.5 Front R -5.5 Center -6.5 SW -4.5 Sur L +1.5 Sur R +1.5 My SW is an Ascendant Audio Avalanche 15 with a Dayton 1000 watt amp from Parts Express
  10. Kind of confusing when LFE+Mains is even available when the mains are set to Small you'd think it would be greyed out. Same with the Xover, when the speakers are set to Large you can still adjust the Xovers.
  11. Thanks for the clarification...tons of great info here
  12. This is also true, LFE+Mains is a setting that is for the Large setting only. This should be set to LFE , speakers to Small and then experiment with the crossover point. The crossover point that should work the best will be determined by how low your speakers go and what makes a good blending point for your subwoofer and speaker. Again using Large means NO crossover is used, even if you can set a crossover point it does nothing. Also yes it's very true to use what sounds the best, however with a little learning and experimenting you can discover what really does sound the best. There is a lot of difference between a hodge podge this sounds good and a well calibrated system, if you really want your systems sound quality to shine it takes a little learning and some experimentation. You mean when set to Small I can set my Fortes to Xover at 40hz?
  13. I changed everything to Small and 80HZ,cranked up my sub by 3db and set it to LFE+Mains ( not sure about that setting) but anyhow while watching Robert Plant on Palladia channel in Dolby Digital I hardly had any bass at all. My system sounded very thin almost reminded me of Bose...lol. What kind of material do you guys listen to for your adjustments music or movies or both? I had Dynamic EQ on and Reference Level Offset 10db. So far my old setting of Large Mains and 40 HZ Xover was better but I just started listening to this new setting. Also the Robert Plant concert may not have had much bass in it.
  14. Thanks for all the help..seems the consensus is to try it both ways. This will take some time but should be fun Wow Derrickdj1 a 15 or two 12's. If that's the case I don't feel so bad setting them as small.
  15. I have a Denon X4000 with Audyssey XT32 and Forte mains. I have them set at large with the XO set at 60 hz. I have read that they should always be set at small unless they go down to 20 hz. I do have a subwoofer also. What do you guys think?
  16. Audyssey is great...it's just that now I get more from my speakers and it's a little bit too direct. I think the speakers themselves are fine and as far as I can tell Klipsch doesn't make anything in the same size. Mustang Guy, they do go pretty low my receiver set the xover at 40 hz after running Audyssey but I raised it to 80 right away. They were kicking pretty hard at 40 hz actually vibrating in the wall a little. I had to pop the covers off and tighten them down a little before I realised they were at 40 hz.
  17. I just got a Denon X4000 with Audyssey XT32 and I would like to know if there is any way I could make my old in wall IW-100 speakers more diffuse without replacing them. That would be a lot of work buying new speakers and making a larger hole in the wall and repainting etc. Does anyone know of a mod I could make to the speakers I have now? They are high in the rear walls directly to the side in a 5.1 setup. Thanks in advance Willne1
  18. I am now using my old IW-100 in wall speakers for my surrounds in a 5.1 setup. I was thinking about upgrading to the newer R5650SII model. Would I hear any improvement with these or would it even be worth the change. It would be a job to do this because the cut out is an inch narrower than the IW-100 so I would have to piece in the drywall and refinish it. I have never heard the R5650 so I have no idea. What do you guys think?
  19. I installed the woofer a couple of days ago. I'm happy to say that to my ears it sounds just as good as the original if not better. The magnet size isn't everything. The KP-28-E is a pro woofer used in there pro gear from what I was told. The design of the motor doesn't have to have as big of a magnet as the original. It ballances very well with my old woofer also so there is no need for me to change the good one. Now I got the upgradeitis and I'm thinking about upgrading the crossovers. []
  20. Just to follow up with you guys, I reveived my new woofer today and I'm not real happy comparing it to my old one. The magnet is only half as big as the original Forte woofer magnet, it just looks cheaper to me. I don't know to much about speaker design so maybe it doesn't matter. Do you guys have any experiance with this woofer KP-28_E? I haven't installed it yet for a listen. Thanks Willne1
  21. Thanks guys....I just got off the phone with William at the Klipsch parts dept. A very helpful guy I might add and ordered a replacement woofer model KP-28-E. That's the one he said replaces the Forte II and that I shouldn't hear a difference with my other woofer being original. The new one set me back $127.00. I'll let you guys know how it works out. Willne1
  22. This is my first post here and not a happy one...I just noticed today I have a blown woofer and doing some reading around here it looks like they don't have a K-25-K any more, Is this correct? I have read that the replacement is the K-25 Heresy...if that is the case would I be alright just replacing the one woofer or would that through off the ballance between the two speakers? TIA Willne1
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