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    PC Jukebox

    It's been awhile since I've posted anything (all in Audio-land) but I've got a new project that I need help with. I'm going to purchase a laptop and rip all of my audio CD's to the hard drive so that I can have my own personal jukebox! My questions are: 1) I have about 400 CD's. And from what I've read so far the suggested bit rate of 'rip' is 192Kbps ("good balance between quality and space"). How do I calculate how much space I will need for that many CD's? How much space for a 320Kbps rate? 2) As I am ripping the songs, how do I go about associating the song title with each file/song. If I have to type in every song title, "I quit!!". Thanks in advance, BADBOB Rock on!
  2. YO! Phred, are your 20's still available?
  3. I'm would be interested in splitting this pair (to make a center channel for myself) with someone, if they are still available. ROCK ON!
  4. OP, Are the RCR-5's designed for outdoor use?
  5. OP, I am currently using the RCR-5's in my setup (KLF-20's, KLF-C7, SVS 25-31PCi) and I have very pleased with them. My kitchen and den are one big room and it doesn't facilitate a typical RS-* application. I have mine mounted about a foot behind and slightly wider that the size of my listening couch. I really like the ability to aim the tweeters too. ROCK ON!
  6. If you're interested, I have a CT-100 for sale right now on ebay. Sorry, but I can't include a link to the auction because they blocked all auction sites here at work! ROCK ON!
  7. Re your comment that you can't listen at 75db...if you mean you are playing a DVD with the volume knob turned to where it was when you calibrated to 75db using the VE disk, you are actually hearing up to 105db peaks. Yes, that's incredibly loud. However, if the actual volume of what you are listening to is 75db on the meter, that doesn't seem terribly loud to these old ears of mine." DOH!! You know, sometimes things make a lot more sense when you read it for yourself! THANKS DD! ROCK ON!
  8. When I calibrate my HT system using Video Essentials all 'suggested' measurements/readings with the SPL meter are at 75db. What is so magical about 75db? Does 75db's equal 'reference level'? At 75db's my sytem (KLF-20's/C7/RCR-5's/SVS 25-31PCi) is too damn loud! I don't even listen to music at that volume. Thanks in advance ROCK ON!
  9. Reg, I am in the same boat as you with regards to surrounds. My den and kitchen are connected as one big room. I had wanted to use RS-3's also but there just wasn't any place to install them (i.e that also met the WAF!!). So I am using the RCR-5's as my surrounds. The thing I like most about them is that the tweeter is movable and can be 'aimed' at the listening area. I have all Legends (20's, C7) in the front and have been very happy with my setup. Good Luck! ROCK ON!
  10. I'm with Clu on this one..... ("The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get")
  11. Let's see: 1) The Pusher by Steppenwolf. The music maybe mind expanding but the words are in your FACE! 2) Inna-godda-divida (sp?) by Iron Butterfly 3) Third Stone from the Sun by Jimi Hendrix. OOPS, most anything by Sir Jimi! 4) Fresh Garbage by Spirit. The whole self-titled album is good. Gotta go...I think I'm having a flashback!!
  12. My only objective is to get an SVS before their sale prices end on 9/21/02. Right now I am leaning toward the 20-39PCi. ROCK ON!
  13. boa, "squeeze that budget & waf til it hz". rat, "I mean, would your wife really get worked up about 8 inches". I do like this BB for the highly technical advice you receive! I love it! Thanks for the laughs. ROCK ON!
  14. I am torn between getting a 20-39PCi and a 25-31PCi tuned to 22Hz. Aside from the obvious physical size difference (39in vs 31in), is 2Hz something to get all worked up over? I realize that the difference in price is only $50, but the WAF on the smaller sub would be better! Thanks in advance. ROCK ON!
  15. MP, You answered your own question with regards to the different hardness of woods; Oak (hardest), Pine, MDF ROCK ON!
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