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  1. Wednesday January 10th, 1996. Nice find.
  2. Congrats on the Chorus II.[Y] If you give us the serial number on the back of each speaker we can identify the year and even the day of manufacture.
  3. Some of us have figured it out. Chorus II is a giant killer. I have been jamming with mine for over 20 years and if the good lord allows it will be another 20. Congrats. [Y][H][Y]
  4. Huge fan myself. Thanks for all the great highlights. What a career and was a blast to watch. Enjoy your retirement.
  5. Very well stated sir and thank you. I wish your team well this year.
  6. I'm afraid you misunderstood my comment. It might bear reading again. Forgive me for the lack of clarity. 1. I expressed approbation for a SB with two class QBs. 2. I opined that on that day, Brees and Payton (the coach, not Peyton the QB) had more "want to" that day. Where's the hate in that? I will, unlike some hard-core fans, acknowledge other teams and players than my own. Not pedantic. Makes for better conversation. I agree with the "experts" who call the Colts #1 preseason. Whether that will translate into going all the way remains to be seen. It's possible, I suppose. Meanwhile, I'll be rooting for the Saints again. I apologize for that. I did misunderstand. As far as Colts number 1 in preseason I haven't seen or heard that anywhere. Heck look at the front line this morning. They don't even have Colts making the playoffs. This is a computer generated prediction from all the stats and players from 2009. http://www.whatifsports.com/beyondtheboxscore/default.asp?article=2010NFL_PlayoffPredictions&Gt1=39002 Also I live in Northern Indiana my entrie family is Bears fans. So I hear plenty and do acknowledge other teams and the good things they do and accomplish. This is Bears country up here. Saints did good last year hard to deny that. But a team is made up of players and players can bring down teams. Reggie Bush isnt helping the Saints cause.
  7. Agreed! Just doesn't get any better than American Football. Might as well throw out one for my college team as well. GO IRISH! GO COLTS!
  8. Um........ the last time I looked, Peyton came from the South, as did Eli. New Orleans to be exact. Just what kind of cooking have you been eating to cause such a mental lapse? Well hooray at least you got the name right. The cooking comment was a joke. The last time I looked the Colts were in Indiana.(as of last night. Sorry Baltimore) GO COLTS!
  9. Fixed it for ya.... SILVER and BLACK....... James LMAO. Thanks James I owe you one.
  10. Are you serious? http://www.peytonmanning.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peyton_Manning http://www.colts.com/sub.cfm?page=roster http://www.peytonmanning18.com/collegestats.html And as far as the fan comment is that for folks that voice their opinions on many things about the players and teams or is it just the ones who turn over cars after a game and act like thugs? I've personally not had one negative thing to say about anyones team and have only had comments about my Colts. I'm really starting to wonder about that "Southern Cooking"[]. So much hate coming out of the south except for sweet ole Alabama. This thread was all about GO COLTS. Lighten up guys I'm not the enemy. Hate Katrina, hate BP, I'm just a dumb Hoosier who enjoys the Colts.
  11. 115 regular seasons wins in the last decade something no other team can say or has achieved still classifies as a dynasty to me. YMMV. That's with giving away several games at seasons end to rest up for the let down I mean playoffs. A proven no win strategy. As far as comparing back in the day as in the 58 and 59 seasons when Johnny U won 2 championships there were only 12 teams which is a far cry from the 32 of today. Another reason the comparisons aren't really fair. GO COLTS!
  12. Agreed. Its just another diversion. The bitterness of defeat.
  13. Also known as the Tom Brady rule. I agree its getting ridiculous but this rule has only been enforced since Brady went down for a season 2 years ago. Now the 5 yard rule of 1996 has opened up the field alot. But in defense of the new era the touchdowns that have been taken away from these great throws from some of the great quarterbacks of this era are crazy. It would be impossible for any ref to see some of this stuff that instant replay is taking away. At least they didnt have to deal with that. You can't scratch your A$$ without the review booth seeing it.
  14. With a "single" Superbowl win since 1972 ??? Not taking the bait.
  15. I follow that reasoning. But every lineman and defensive tackle wasn't on or didn't know the proper way to use STEROIDS as they do today. When quarterbacks get hit today its from real animals. I do say all of this with respect from both eras. They both had some great talents. Johnny U was a great quarterback along with several others from years ago and there are some great ones of today. GO COLTS!
  16. "GO COLTS" is about much more than a "single" game. Its about a dynasty.
  17. If I had a guess I would venture to say the 565 with the best phono stage and the 750 as best overall.
  18. Thats your opinion. The Colts reside in Indy. What that team did to the city of Baltimore has nothing to do with the player and class act that Peyton Manning brings to that team every year. He has done the Colts well and has also set the standards for perfection in the quarterback position very high. Peyton has acknowledged time and time again how proud he is to be wearing the same colors as Jonny U. In the end what Peyton has done on and off the field will put him along side Johnny U in the hall of fame and rightfully so. So us Indy fans aren't taking the "bait" around here Russ. Ever looked at the stats? 17 years for Johnny and 12 years so far for Peyton and really its very lop sided. Career NFL statistics as of 1973Pass attempts 5,186 Pass completions 2,830 Percentage 54.6 TD-INT 290-253 Passing yards 40,239 QB Rating 78.2 Career NFL statistics as of Week 17, 2009Pass attempts 6,531 Pass completions 4,232 Percentage 64.8 TD-INT 366–181 Passing yards 50,128 QB Rating 95.2
  19. That was a good read. Thanks.
  20. Agreed. Everytime they decide to take it easy at the end of the season because they have clinched the playoffs so early trouble happens. The Colts owner needs to let the players keep the throttle down. They should have and probably would have went undefeated and finally shut up those Dolphins. Lets win them all Colts!
  21. Lets win a superbowl this year!
  22. http://msn.foxsports.com/nba/story/Maimi-Heat-meet-with-Derek-Fisher-071010
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