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  1. Do most folks just send off their original crossovers or do they keep their originals and buy replacements? Of the folks that have had crossover upgrades to their chorus II's could you share your opinions please? Thanks
  2. Fantastic reporting Doc. It's been great reading so far.
  3. I believe they are still made and sold today but only in Japan or overseas. I also believe they only produce the very high end of home audio. I also agree with your assessment of Luxman tone controls. The L-580 integrate that i use as a pre does an outstanding job IMHO with tone controls.
  4. That is a very cool looking amp chops. Congrats
  5. Well with the tone controls bypassed it is more of a straight line approach. So the answer to your question would be yes.
  6. Nice equipment. Congrats! Now with that equipment in mind you dont take me as a metal head. Paul brings up some nice alternatives.
  7. You guys crack me up.[] Seriously though depends on if using newer or vintage equipment. None of the new equipment has them at least the new equipment i have. And when using the vintage equipment sometimes its a blast to use them.
  8. I am upto about once a month whether I need to or not. LOL That might be just a little too much information JB.
  9. LMAO He isnt running a top of the line montgomery ward receiver into a pair of bose is he?
  10. Just let me state i am not saying anything negative of the PLX line. My opinion wouldnt be worth anything since i've never actually heard one. If they do indeed sound like the SRA series then i would recommend one. The reason i purchased a QSC amp in the first place was from what i have heard here on the forum. Are they the end all in amplification,noway but they do sound good. Randy
  11. Congrats if you are enjoying them. Don't know how many times my long time local dealer has tried to get me to take a pair of B & W's home. He always gets the same response. ONLY KLIPSCH FOR ME DUDE! But wish ya the best in your quest for nirvana!
  12. Clear and annoying from this end.
  13. Ouch. So basically the PLX series is good for either subwoofers or tv(Hometheater). Thats not how i see it with this SRA series. But then again higher grade parts and closer tolerances usually do lead to better designs. Cant recommend the PLX series i have never heard it. As far as how these folks feel about preamps. The SRA series works nicely with either. But these are my ears and my opinions driving chorus II's in my listening room. I'm having fun and enjoying the tunes and really thats what its all about to me.
  14. Some folks change stereo equipment as much as other folks change underwear. So not really that big of a question.
  15. Wouldn't go quite as far as that last comment.
  16. It does quite a bit better in my listening room.
  17. Congratulations CP1, great to see the good guys win. They look beautiful.
  18. I would imagine exceptionally well is an understatement. I'll bet they sound fantastic.
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