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  1. Noooo. Checked that out last night. For example, on "Hey Nineteen," the drummer is playing the high-hat on a 2-count with his left hand and a 4-count with his right, hitting the snare on the 3rd count. Through, the Marantz, you can't hear the 4 count going. Just the 2-count. That is because the highs tend to be rolled off on the marantz its what gives it that tube like sound that people refer too. So yes with 70's vintage marantz you are going to miss some of what is there for a more smooth sound.
  2. Jeff, Your marantz is 30wpc not 60 not 90. 30wpc ss compared to 310 wpc ss with different design goals and listening habits in mind. With the way you like to move the woofers you are leaving the marantz in the dust. I will say again its not a fair comparison and quit picking on that poor little marantz. GEESH
  3. Jeff, Your comparing a true 30wpc rms @ 8 ohms @ 20hz-20khz with a THD around 1% and a damping factor of problably around 30 with a pro-amp at 310 watts rms @ 8 ohms @ 20hz-20khz with a damping factor of more like >500 and you wonder why one has more slam and quicker on the transients than the other. Come on just think about that a minute. They were designed for different listening habits. I bet you at low to moderate listening levels your marantz crushes your crown in smoothness, less hard sounding. Crown was meant to blast a nightclub and your particular marantz was designed for moderate listening in a home environment. It wasn't designed to be moving mass amounts of air from 15 inch woofers and kicking you in the chest. Not a fair comparison at all.
  4. Dean, Doesn't the PLX series have an input impedance of 6kohms unbalanced? Isn't that going to be pretty tough finding a nice tube preamp with such a low output impedance. Or does the the peach fit the bill nicely without a huge impedance mismatch? How would lets say the merlin work out? Thanks for any input. Randy
  5. So does that mean while the bass is pounding your chest your ears are bleeding?[]
  6. Stromin, are you just messing with me? Who is? EchoWars! But then again Dr Audio isn't no slouch either.
  7. Those Marantz sure look sweet tuned. I just can't get over the sound i get from my chorus II's with my 2325(which by the way looks exactly as yours do with the nice wood case). I have had alot of power fed into my choruses over the years but never have i gotten as much enjoyment as i do with the Marantz and its measley 125 wpc. It is just so smooth and very musical with a nice tight punchy bottom. I'll bet it all sounds great. Congrats!
  8. I really think the score looks closer than the game actually was. Very suprised to see the only score from the Steelers came from first and goal caused from a Manning mistake. And they almost got themselves into trouble there with their penalties. I have alot of family members who are Steeler fans but i think they are really going to have a tough time even making the playoffs. Colts are the real deal.
  9. Patriots coming apart at the seams!
  10. 28-7 ! About time we get some payback!
  11. 20 years ago would make it around 1985. There wasn't any such thing as a good Marantz in 1985.
  12. The SX-1980 is the biggest beast Pioneer ever produced. 270 watts /channel @ 8 ohm. I doubt he is having a wattage problem. Those have also been bringing over 2 grand on epay!
  13. Sounds like you might have your speaker A and speaker B mixed up. That is the exact opposite of any and all comparisons i have ever made between the two. If not i guess we all hear differently. But sure is nice to see another comparison of the the mighty cornwalls and the fabulous chorus II's. Thanks Doc and keep bringing us your comparisons.
  14. True, Marantz was always "King of the Hill" in price as well.
  15. Easy now. Pioneer is nice but Marantz is the "KING".[] The 2325 is the "KING", the rest are just Princes I,m with ya Zap!
  16. Easy now. Pioneer is nice but Marantz is the "KING".[]
  17. YES! That is one of the many attributes that make the chorus II's so great. Enjoy
  18. Yes indeed. At least thats what my wallet told me in 1990.
  19. My experiences are the exact opposite. I find the Chorus II's and Forte II's to be much tighter than that of the cornwalls. Its such a crazy hobby we have here[]
  20. ---------------- On 8/19/2005 8:40:12 PM colterphoto1 wrote: ---------------- On 8/19/2005 2:03:09 PM Colin wrote: We'll also need your SO's underware size, the name of your first pet, the last four numbers of your SS number, how many hats you own, whether you drive to work or carry your lunch, etc..... Michael ---------------- LMAO
  21. ---------------- On 8/16/2005 10:00:10 PM RAPTORMAN wrote: Try not to be bias ---------------- Now your dreaming
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