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  1. Hi Mikko, Well at the moment i have the new replacement woofer from klipsch installed. I have the original sitting in a box awaiting its shippment to woofer.com. Once i recieve it back i will just put the replacement in a box for a spare. Sure is an expensive spare. But as far as the sound of the new replacement from klipsch after about 20 hours of burn in i cannot distinguish one woofer from the other. So its a great match just dont expect it to look like the orginal. Good luck.
  2. Congratulations Gil, Sure glad to see one of the good guys got em. Hope they turn out to be great for ya.
  3. Maybe he meant 86 year old grandma and manufactured in 1990!
  4. Well forget the idea of the kit. After i read your post more closely i realize you dont have a woofer to rebuild. Just maybe i was able to educate others who have a woofer and want an exact replacement. Ebay might be your best option. Good luck.
  5. Mikko, I just went through this same situation basically with a new woofer for my chorus II. The original woofer is a K 48 E. But you will not get an exact replacement from klipsch. You will recieve a K 48 EP from klipsch. This is actually a pro speaker and is the only replacement they sell. Also you will spend 236.00 + shipping. And cosmetically speaking it isnt even close. So if you are looking for the woofers to be of same appearance you will have to look at another option. Now there is another option. Klipsch does carry a K 48 E woofer kit. This will have same appearnce as your original. But you will either have to have knowledge on how to rebuild your woofer or find a qualified person. I believe there is a member on the forum that will be performing these services for other members for an undisclosed amount. But i would imagine being a fellow member he will have great prices. Another option which i was told about is Woofer.com. I have been told that there have not been any complaints and their work is top notch. They are located in Louisville,Kentucky. Hope i was able to help, Good Luck
  6. In response to customary practices...........agreed. Just a 4 year newbie gaining yet another post
  7. KLF 30's do make for a great rock in roll speakers as well as others mentioned. But i've done alot of comparisons over the years with my trusty old chorus II's and they can hang with the best of them IMHO. When you talk about having corners, the 15 inch passives just love to be stuck in corners and they can easily fill a room of that size. Good luck in your search.
  8. MJAudio, I sure dont see it necessary for you to have to apologize for offering your academy hear. Probably only 1/10th of 1% of all Klipsch owners know of this site anyways. This is a public forum as well. Klipsch owners,Aragon owners and now Jamo owners have a right to feel ownership on this forum. So dont feel apologetic MJ, its your forum as well. I think it might be nice if Amy and team would put up a classified section. Sure would help from confusion and insults. Good luck with your sale.
  9. Here was the real sleeper but then again maybe not. http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?spkrfull&1113095593 I was the first view and emmidiately sent an email that i would buy it. I then waited until next morning and sent a follow up email.His response was that initial email must of got lost or something. Then i read sold......figures.
  10. Fletcherkane, I cant really give you an honest opinion between the chorus II and the forte. But i can between the chorus II and the forte II. In 1990 when i did alot of listening and comparing between the 2 i just felt the difference in size translated to the difference in sound as well. If i had a small room i would buy the forte II. But with a mid sized to large room the chorus II really starts to show off its size. Both speakers are very enjoyable and in my opinion its all about the room you are putting them in.
  11. The rear picture of that academy looks aweful scary.
  12. Just a little update. Decided to keep the new woofer....K 48 EP. Looks a litte different but with about 20 hours or so the sound is evening out nicely. Its the pro version of the K 48 E. Which turns out is all klipsch carries for replacement at this time. But all is not lost because they do still sell the kit for the K 48 E. As a side note......Steve Philips and the technical support team for klipsch are just fantastic. I believe you will have to look long and hard to find a better bunch of folks. They were very supportive and helpful all the way. Klipsch needs to make sure they take good care of these folks and keep them around for a long long time. Thanks all.
  13. Pauln, A true classic story. I enjoyed your writing very much. I will be anxiously awaiting your "paperback" version. Thanks again,
  14. But i am thinking chuck might be on to something with his mccormacks. I have an audible illusions preamp sitting around here that i might just try a mccormack amp with. These 15's like power but we all know we need smooth horns.
  15. LOL I hear that. I tell ya i've been through so many different types of speakers and i just keep coming back to these chorus II's. For 550 i personally just cant see how you could go wrong. This time around theres gonna be some tube monoblocs for me.
  16. Hey Moon, Nah its no secret. In 1990 my first pair cost me 1650 Then in 1996 bought another pair for 1000 Again in 2000 bought another pair for 800 This pair i got for 650 and only had to drive 70 miles And the seller did pay better than half for the new woofer but to get the wrong woofer or what they call a replacement was dissapointing to say the least.
  17. Fedex made it to my door today. With a brand new K 48 woofer. And what to my suprise. This thing isnt even close. About the only thing the same between the new and old woofer is they are both 15's. Maybe tech support made an error as far as there not being any changes to the K 48's over the years. Looks like i should have just sent the old woofer off to get the new voice coil could of saved a boat load. And the saga continues..........
  18. Well i ended up switching out the woofers and it turns out its just a woofer issue. Seller told me he played them friday to make sure everything was ok and he said it was. But i think he might have accidentally arced the terminals and melted the voice coil in the woofer. Seller also told me he would take care of the cost of the replacement so that might turn out ok. It's weird though, all my years with chorus II's and i have never seen a woofer go bad. But then again i try not to make mistakes with or overdrive my speakers. As long as klipsch has a replacement in stock i should be up and running pretty soon.
  19. Thanks Audio Flynn for the response. Yeah i think he did just that. Well i used a 9-volt to test the woofer and there is no pop or sound when i touch the woofer terminals on the questionable woofer. On the good woofer it popped as it should with the battery test. I also thought the replacement woofer use to be a K-48-K now they call it a K-48-E so who knows. Another difference between these december 7th,1993 chorus II's from my original 1990 chorus II's i use to own are the magnets on the woofers arent marked. Just a klipsch sticker on back of the magnet. Still not sure if the x-over is fried or not but i guess i will swap woofers to check that out, hope it doesnt damage that woofer as well. The tweeter and midrange seem to be working fine on the questionable speaker but they dont sound exactly the same as the good speaker but that could also be a factor of the woofer not working. Looks like i will be calling 1-800-klipsch in the morning. These are a nice looking pair though. Oak oil with black grills
  20. Hi all, Just picked up a pair of chorus II's in pretty nice shape. Only one problem, the K-48-E woofer is bad in one of the speakers. The gentleman i bought these off of also put new binding posts in and im not sure if he messed up the x-over as well or if it is just a woofer issue. One speaker seems just fine but this one even caused my amp to shut down at low volume. So im concerned about not only a woofer issue but a x-over problem as well. I did the battery test on the woofer just to make sure it is bad. And it is. All of the connections are fine. Could the woofer cause the amp to trip its breaker at a fairly low volume or does that sound like another issue? Does klipsch still sell these woofers and x-overs? Thanks any and all for the help. And glad to be back in the klipsch family again. Now all i need is a pair of Craigs VRD mono blocks. Randy
  21. Pretty soon these speakers are going to be more than what I paid for mine brand new. Bidding wars! Gotta love em!
  22. Thanks for the reply. I have been running a power hungry pair of VMPS but just miss the dynamics of my old chorus II's. The reason for the purchase of aragon gear was to drive the power hungry low impedance VMPS.I guess it never hurts to give it a listen. If things dont work out there are always plenty of tube amps to choose from. Thanks again.
  23. Anyone ever tried a pair of chorus II's with an all aragon system? I have an aragon 4004 mk II and an aragon preamp and a cal icon II cd player. I use to run a pair of chorus II's with adcom gear but always thought about tubed gear. Then I sold my chorus and went a different direction. Any comments on above equipment pairing with a pair of chorus II's would be appreciated. Thanks
  24. I am not sure if this question has been asked before or not? Has anyone had any success with an aragon 4004mk2 amp and an audible illusions L1 with a set of chorus 2's or forte 2's? I use to own an adcom 555mk2 and an adcom gfp 565 with chorus 2's and the sound wasnt bad but just a little to bright and rather sharp on the higher frequencies. Just wondering if anyone has tried aragon 4004mk2 and klipsch with a tube or even ss preamp? Thanks
  25. well my thoughts are if they want to buy bose let em. if they think that they have entered audio bliss great. havent any of you ever caught the klipsch bashing that goes on out there? try audioasylum or audioreview and see how they respond to the speakers we all love so much. so i have pretty much lived to satisfy my own tastes and let others enjoy theres. for me i wouldnt own anything but klipsch but to each his own little paradise. and now of course if they want my opinion on what to buy i always try to steer them in the right direction just my 2 cents
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