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  1. nice. very nice. J ------------------ ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! PIII @ 1.08GHZ SuperMicro PIIISCD I820 Mobo 192MB Crucial PC100 Maxtor 40GB 7200rpm ata66 Maxtor 40GB 7200rpm ata100 Generic DVD 4X Creative 8x4x32x Burner GeForce256 32mb DDR (orig) 3Com 905B-TX Lan Netgear RT314 Gateway/Router Philips Acoustic Edge 425w Power Supply Soon to be Klipsch Pro-Media 4.1's umm... a floppy. thats it, for now MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
  2. lol paragon. i can't take this **** . i can't wait to see what happens when i get out and have to get a job. MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!! J
  3. what are the dot pitch's? i'm too lazy to look them up. j
  4. MUHAHAHHAHAH!!!!! i'm a crazy poster in less than a month!!!! i have no life!!!! watch out Seb, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! jk J
  5. oh, i realize what you're saying. interesting. J
  7. Amy For President, better than that bumbling idiot we got in there now. i elect myself and paragon as campaign managers. Seb and Hofy can handle finance, and well, everybody else can just parade around with signs saying Amy For President. First law to pass, all citizens are required to own and operate pro-media 4.1's at the maximum sustainable level. MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!! i've lost it, its midterms this week. J
  8. dude, you can never have too much bass. its like hd space, ram, etc.. you can never have too much. sure there's overkill, but that's what make people fanatical. All your base are belong to us. MUAHAHAHAHHHAAH!!!!!! J
  9. check the other post you made catknight, see if that helps. J
  10. stupid question, but have you checked the rio page for compatiblity issues with 2k? also, check to see that you have dma enabled and also check in your software to make sure you have a high burn speed set. also, are you daisy-chaining the burner and your hd with win2k on it? in other words, do you have your burner and hd on ide 0 or are they mixed between 0 and 1. also, make sure you have the latest intel ide bus drivers loaded for the fastest transfer times. also, check with your burner's page for compatiblity issues with 2k and/or a new firmware update, etc. wow, that was alot of also's. anyway, see if any of that helps. J
  11. your's should be a freakin actual theater system from skywalker sound, or something like that, by now anyway. J
  12. yeah, try what switchblade said. i sorta remember something like that when i used to have an x-gamer. J
  13. DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should have ordered from soundcity. i live like 15 minutes from parsippany, NJ, DOUBLE DAMNIT, PISS PISS PISS!!!!!! oh well, good things come to those who wait. in paragons case, a long freakin time. J
  14. Go with the Acoustic Edge. Work out the quirks and it rocks. ROCK ON!!!!! as Rocker would say... J
  15. all hail lord gluegun!!!!!! MUHAAHAHAHAHAH!!!! J
  16. off topic? why do you say that... jk J
  17. the 4.1's are rated at 400w RMS man, i would go with 500w like amy sez just to be on the safe side. J
  18. i want a full report on my desk gluestick, pronto!!! J
  19. i'm already barricading myself inside the dorm so they can't throw me out. MUHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! J
  20. yeah, i don't like fedex tracking. they don't have origin and destination scan like ups. J
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