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  1. Your anecdote makes me smile, back in 1976 my parents moved back east from Carlsbad, CA to Newton, MA, it was also the year I started college, I was wrestling for an east coast college in NY state. My folks settled into Newton comfortably, bringing their Klipschorns with them. As a bonus, they bought me a pair of Heresy's to take to school, all the east coast people were amazed, me, growing up among Klipsch and Altec powered homes, I thought it was normal. That year was also my introduction to Bose 901, as a good So.Cal boy I knew about Klipsch, Altec and JBL, all the others were, well, random. Kids used to come into my dorm room and were amazed, they had never experienced a really good loudspeaker. Me, I was astounded by some of the stuff I heard, I thought the 901's were broken until my roomate, a Long Island native explained that they were supposed to sound that way. The only Klipsch Heritage dealer back in the day was a store in Wellesley(figures), Tweeter was still pushing ADS or some other nonsense. Ok, enough, I have Forte II's, they have had some parts upgraded, and they are great, every once in a while I get the itch for some Altec VOTT stuff, but it passes, the Forte II's are my keepers, a logical progression from my first Heresy's, my HII's and my folks old Khorns, in storage for now. I still live back east, near what is apparently our common home area, some habits just die hard I guess. Once I move out of the city, the Khorns come out of storage, but I have no complaints. When I was a kid, I went out to Rte. 1 to test drive a Jetta, I never had the guts or looks to snag a test drive in a BMW.
  2. No arguments here...I love my Forte II's.
  3. Soon, right now I am in a sort of different mode, sort of tinkering with vlc/Linux and a Mac Mini. I guess I'll just have to live with my Forte II's.
  4. I already did the grill thing, in fact those exact grills. Klipsch apparently has a few PR's in stock for now. One must look toward the future.
  5. I just bought two 1 TB Western Digital drives from NewEgg for $80.00 a piece, they are totally work well...
  6. My Forte II's were made on the 198th day of 1995, but I would like to know to get passive radiators just in case. I know, as Forte II's go they are babes in a basket, but this is a just in case kind of thing
  7. It almost looks like a Forte, pretty cool.
  8. Are you making that poor kid listen to the Bose Wave Radio again?
  9. I tend to find that some speakers die just as dinosaurs did, it is because it was their time. As a really happy klipsch owner, I just had to hear the Altec 604 duplex speakers, as I remembered them as a child. Well, when I was a kid, they sucked next to my mom's Khorn's. To this day they still don't hold a candle to any pair of Klipsch that I own or others that I have heard. Speakers die for a reason, evolution. Perhaps the Heritage series has lived so long is because they were so far ahead of the pack at the time of their inception. My 1995 Forte II's still sound as marvelous today as they did when they were first rolled off the assembly line. Sure I do experiment with other models, but I really was so curious that I had to hear these "magic" 604E duplex speakers....lo and behold, they sucked. There is a reason so much of the Klipsch stuff has lived so long, it's because it is just so damn good.
  10. I kind of like my Soundblaster Extreme audio, I run it under both Vista Ultimate 64 Bit and Ubuntu 9.04, it has the optical out to drive my receiver, and hey, it is probably the most standard of all souncard chips and works well under both Vista 64 and Ubuntu 64 Bit.
  11. Yea, I remenber when my PC got the clap, I thinkI was visiting web sites advertising Tijuana brothels...or was it Thai brothels...One shot of penecillin and she was right as rain. The $25 a years I soend ov virus protection is worth it.
  12. I have seen that cat in commercials, he used to be a PC cat, I guess he goes with whoever is paying him at the moment.
  13. You aren;t the only one, I hear they are expendive and worth the proce. http://greatplainsaudio.com, way cool stuff. Inside every Heritage lover beats the heart of an A& lover, while the otorhinolaryingolist gets wealthier. I remember one of my friends parent having a room full of them behind cabinets, that rocked way more than my mon's k-horns.
  14. Wow, H Heresy with bass responce, sounds almost to be true...
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