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  1. Older computer will work great. Load a simple red hat Linux for OS and it can use the USB on your DAC. There is a lot if support for this type solution too. If going with full computer route get as much ram as possible.
  2. Joe You don't need a ton of processing power. I think the best budget solution. Is a used orig Apple TV. Swap out the internal drive for a 1TB and call it good. It will give you optical out. The use a an iPhone, monitor or tv. Best of all. You'll have a good front end and can use a remote.
  3. These are what Id consider gievn the price point... can go in a tiny cab. Dayton Audio RS100-8 4" Reference Full-Range Driver $29 each Dayton Audio DS115-8 4" Designer Series Woofer Speaker $20each
  4. Too big for my taste... I don't think you'll find true response curves.. but maybe Im wrong. Look at this bad boy... its what was specs... sounds great... better than the dayton 6.5" Fostex FE168EZ 6.5" Full Range Sigma Series
  5. The new Emotiva is a great spinner. I had the model before a regret selling. $500 new with 5year warranty.
  6. wow thats a pretty table! I have a classic 1 but really wanted the VTA. Congrats!
  7. Faital HF200 with fastlane audio epitrac 400. Selenuim D220ti with fastlane audio epitrac HF. and because Im crazy, http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dc380-8-15-classic-woofer--295-325. Im pairing with a ALK Cornscalawal. As its 1st order, I should be able to compensate for the 8ohm. Im hoping to prove Dave's calc that they should drop in.
  8. Dayton Audio TW-0.25BK 0.25 cu. ft. 2-Way Speaker Cabinet Pair Gloss Blackhttp://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-tw-025bk-025-cu-ft-2-way-speaker-cabinet-pair-gloss-black--302-700 paired with pair (2pcs) HiEND 4inch full range fullrange speaker defy lowther & fostex http://www.ebay.com/itm/pair-2pcs-HiEND-4inch-full-range-fullrange-speaker-defy-lowther-fostex-/321328587947?pt=UK_Sound_Vision_Speaker_Parts&hash=item4ad0ad24ab Drill a 1" hole in the front for a port and wim bam boom ! The TL version is smaller... but the same great sound!
  9. Yup... ease enough to do. I might consider. The Kenzie/Darling is a real gem. I strongly believe that I should also be able to get the same high quality iron with outputs which will be designed/optimized for phones.
  10. The backloaded cabs were a design from Woden Design http://www.wodendesign.com/fostex.html. The customer brought me the design. When we cut the Baltic for his, we ripped a pair for ourselves. Ive tried with drivers from Fostex... sp ed. 6", AN and the parts express 6.5" point source. I liked the fostex basic. Re: stiff and sore... WOW! I hurt now. I was itching to complete the Coxials so they were built before dinner. The cornscalas got started around 11pm for an hour and then I started redoing my 2nd rack... My old stand by amp vs my new personal build plus room for my budget dac and enough room for any of pre amps I have. . (I bought new all thread from ACE for my Salamander rack and cut them down to make as small as possible. Nothing like awake till 4 plugging away on projects.
  11. Re sales type stuff, happy to answer offline...I don't want to run my welcome out :-). Give me a call and lets talk.
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  13. As a brief aside... The forums are responsible for almost all I know about audio. The Klipsch forum was where I cam to appreciate, love, list and finally own some heritage products. Dave, Dean, ALK are just some who have helped along the way. Ive learned to cut some wood, understand specs and even voice a speaker its due to their help.
  14. Thanks guys... really kind. The Coaxial speaker came from a project Dave started and decided the CX12 was the right choice for... I had done some reading about eminence trying to get these speakers into home theaters... I can see why... super imaging. I was poo pooling Dave for adding a Lpad... and was going to orig use a D220... my god that would have been a bad idea. Even with eminence ASD1001she sound hot... The Lpad brings the sound back to where I like it... Dave will tell you I like my tweeter well padded. I plan to keep the coaxials. but the cornscalas and the full range cabs will be built and placed in cold storage... sometimes the fait of things.
  15. The coaxial cab and design was all Dave... I just helped her get on her dancing shoes.
  16. I love transformer coupled outputs for headphones... Im told they behave well to difficult impedance issues. I offered before... if you'd like to give the Kenzie a listen for 2 weeks Ill send your way.
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    From the album: recent pics

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    From the album: recent pics

  19. I love building stuff... Engines... reloading my computer, amps, etc. I love speakers... I own 4 pair personally, but man build those SOB kills the knees and back. Ive spent the better part of the day coming back from the finisher to get 3 pair of speakers... and completed 1 pair of my own. The three pair which came home are: 1 a rehash of my very 1st cornscala. I cut the moterboard 5 years ago and held onto it. Combine a Cornwalls detentions, HF200 and the new eliptrac tweeter :-)... good stuff brewing. 2 my personal pair of 42" backloaded cabs for fostex or any 6" full range... WE built the 1st pair for a customer... but cut the wood for a pair for ourselves... no ideas what to do with it... but now its super pretty... 1st time Ive had a full range go deep and sound authentic. 3 Dave's design study/ collaboration on the Eminence 12CX... WOW is that a speaker and half... so smooth and just sound right. When Dave brought it over, it was raw MDF... I didn't even bother listening to it... I tore it down, primered and sent off to the finisher... Now she is back and she can really shake them down. Black lacquer with Sateen finish.
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