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  1. Ed, My plan is to purchase ALK XOs and replace the OEM XO altogether. My "Other" plans" -I also plan I finding a good price on an MC275 to match. -The Klipschorns sound so much better than my LaScalas that I cannot tolerate the Lascala as a center channel , Left surround & right Surround. We are always watching TV/Movies in Stereo with the Klipschorns and JL Audio Subwoofers. I'm going to give the inwall option for HomeTheater & the Klipschorn & MC275 for the Vinyl/2 Channel experience.This way we save on space yet acheive high fidelity. (Our two bigest factors -space, fidelity) I could go on and on about how well Klipschorns use the space in your listening room. For a ~52" X 31 "HULK" of a speaker it hides very well in the corner- better than any floor stander. Before I met Ed, After I met Ed, -Bill
  2. Ed, I'd take that Adcom off your hands. I got a chuckle seeing that you HAD to have a center channel since your pre amp had an output for one AND that you toiled so much about not using a Lascala as a center. Can you share/post a pic of your set-up here?
  3. I have a pair of original XOs from '78 that are all dried up. I am under the impression that I must replace them. What is the recommended route I take in order to test/determine a replacement, buy a replacement & install a replacement XO? Thank you
  4. I am interested too! The only bummer about the Wadia DAC integrated amp is that there isn't analog input. Still one could use a Phono pre amp with USB out or an outboard analog to digital converter. Benchmark DAC1pre or DAC1hdr can do this.
  5. It's stands + bookshelf vs tower with regard to cost. Then stands + bookshelf vs tower with regard to sound quality. If sound quality is your priority, I find that towers are best sounding. Your subwoofer will augment any uneven bass in your listening room.
  6. In iTunes is the sound check box selected? It is under preferences. That might mess with your levels. I use iVolume to fix that ( from the mac app store) Next, you must have the CD to get a better compression setting. You can't go up, only down in "quality" I use Louder Logic to play music on my iPod Touch, it fixes some of the issues you are expressing
  7. Nothing, I guess different strokes for different folks
  8. I use Phile Audio for Mac. http://www.c7software.com/. iTunes works great for free & has error correction.
  9. That's the same Front 3 I'll be running! All sitting in boxes in my garage waiting for me to get home. Good to see what I can expect, very cool. Thank you for your service. I look forward to seeing your system posted.
  10. Looks like you have about 20 feet of separation between Left and Right. It's 14'6" across the back wall there & it's about as small as I would recommend. I know if I were to move, I would have to: A: Custom build a room (like you) B: Sell all the Klipschorns & purchase some Palladium replacements (or something that can sound as good as the Klipschorn)
  11. The Cat Loves the Klipschorns. He likes the observation point: Window = birds & High point in living room = great point to attack the other pets
  12. This weekend. I also moved the Lascala's to the rear. I found that there is a big difference in performance going from Lascala to Klipschorn.
  13. RF-7 I or II crank. but So do the KLF-20 or KLF-30 of the Legend Series http://www.klipsch.com/klf-30 or http://www.klipsch.com/klf-20 Cranking one's system is the norm, not many measure the Sound Pressure, don't feel bad- as long as you can define abuse
  14. Because of their high Sound Pressure Level (SPL) capability, I zeroed in on LaScalas & Klipschorns. I feel that SPL almost every consumer speaker of today have traded off size for SPL. Can you post a Photo of your setup & comment on what you've had in the past (speakers) to compare to?
  15. Gary, I know EXACTLY what you are writing about. I have one more to add. In the Matrix when Trinity & Neo Rescue Morpheus the mini gun and when the helicopter explode were one of my biggest memories to why I wanted a home theater. The volume peak seemed almost limitless! At home on my DVD it's totally clipped! see here (in clipped fashion)
  16. Gary, interesting comments. I would need some hard data to substantiate all of that, but I can see where you are coming from. To the Original Poster (OP) the biggest issue with Klipschorns is that you need two 'adjacent' corners, 12' to 25' apart with a solid 16 ft^2 (that's 4' L X 4' W) of obstruction free space. With out looking at the manual, I think this is similarly stated there too. You can over come all of this by creating your own set of 'False Corners' (see Forums for more details) and if you need wider than 25' then add a Lascala ( Has similar Mid/Squaker and good sonic match for the Klipschorns.) When you add the LaScala there is a technical document here that shows one how to configure OR just use a multi-channel Audio Video Receiver (AVR) and turn Center to 'ON' or 'YES'. I am not a expert, but I do have Klipschorns and a LaScala Center with an AVR and it sounds absolutely great to me, my family and all my guests. -For what it's worth- Bill
  17. Awesome! I think the next level is replacing the Cable / Satellite Box with the Apple TV. Pandora, Last.FM, Netflix, TimeWarner App, iTunes video rentals, and MLB.TV are making this 70% Solution. Still need local news and all sports games. Sportscenter needs to stream to Apple TV too. I also recommend using a wired connection for the AppleTV just a bit better than wifi. and for those die hards set up a massive Network attached storage (NAS) or USB Connected Hard Drive to your Mac/PC, use Handbrake (Free Software) to RIP all *your* Movies into the Airstream/Airplay profile and RIP all *your* music CDs in Apple Lossless. It's hundreds of man/person hours of work, but you will have a well integrated video on demand service anywhere in your installation/home.Bill
  18. This is THE ULTIMATE Klipsch HomeTheater. I'm never going to take the time to purchase all those amps and construct a crossover like that. I'm content with my Klipschorns, LaScala Center and LaScala Surrounds.
  19. My biases aside. A TV can function as the center of one's Audio Video Universe. They do have some decent 2 Channel features, remote volume control, and auto input switching. You don't have to invest in any other capability. You have plenty of capability right now.
  20. juan mo ting ( one more thing) I have a LG TV and it's internal DAC SUUUUUUUUUUCKS! TVs place no priority in sound when designed. Even Bose knows this and they are trying to corner the market in best TV sound (and lifestyle/Hometheater/music sound overall, see http://www.bose.com/controller?url=/controller?url=/shop_online/videowave/index.jsp)
  21. Just give up on your Denon and get a Receiver with digital inputs. Do you even have remote volume control? My view point on DACs is they are great, but you pay too much for their capability. If I had to, I'd buy the HRT Streamer.
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