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  1. Michael & Dean are both great guys , salt of the earth straight shooter types with their egos that are checked at the door . I enjoy both of the guy's posts here @ The Forum & I trust what they say & that they post well intended info
  2. Who shot the Elephant ? ? ? There's blood on the floor . . . . . ALK's stuff ROCKS !
  3. are they attached to the terminal cap like a 7 is ? or a board like the Heritage ? If a board then it's take a woofer out 1st then .
  4. I'm prone Not to beat around the bush I guess , I've always felt it's best for everyone involved by being direct & honest . I try hard to be polite but direct up front . saves a wad of grief down the road
  5. Myself , if a bad job was done I'd tell that someone they did a bad job it being free or otherwise Mike your saying you would tell someone who did you a favor that he did a bad job? So you wake up one morning and the neighbor shoveled out part of your driveway. But he did a bad job and you had to do 75% of it over. You would tell him he did a bad job? I couldn't do it no way I would thank him for his effort & then I would polity ask he not do it again , explaining why . If Dean were to make me a XO & I didn't like the work , I feel it's best to tell him . So if he charged me OR gave it to me free that would have no bearing on how I feel , I feel it is my obligation that he knows I was not happy with the XO & then explain my reasoning to Dean in hopes that a solution could be found . I handle all my interactions this way with everyone (only exception being the mother-in-law's cooking )
  6. Myself , if a bad job was done I'd tell that someone they did a bad job it being free or otherwise
  7. with R/H's logic if you post your biased ? ? Youthman I don't agree you all the time but you're a straight shooter & I trust that you say it as you see it oR hear it as this case maybe . post your thoughts , I feel I know your views after 11,000 posts well enough to cut thru any perceived bias .
  8. OMG they put a stent in your Johnson ? ? ?
  9. dtel I'd say you have a self trained ear through years of listening on your Klipsch
  10. +1 Dean on the above post , I feel that there are persons who have a trained ear , much like a Symphony Conductor who with a life long of leading a orchestra can tell exactly which one of his musicians is playing outta time or is not hitting his notes correctly . I'm always amazed at the birders that can tell the different song birds apart to my untrained ear the birds mostly sound the same . training & experience refines one's perception , there is no measuring that can differentiate a person with a higher perception over another .
  11. might take some time for the new items on the XO to break in some what . I've let some music run 24/7 at a low level to hasten that on things that I had recapped didn't take long at all for things to improve some what
  12. I'm all for custom networks , I've got 4 from ALK for my CS-1.5 (sized only) cabs with Eliptac-400's as the horn(B&C DE750TN-16 driver) & Crites 12" woofs been lurking on this thread from the start , I'd love to hear the DeanG project network's in set of 7II's
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