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  1. Greetings members, I have decided, again, to put my quartets up for sale... I have listed and unlisted them multiple times, but it is truly time where I have absolutely no room in the house and must part with one of my 8 sets of speakers. [or maybe to make room for the return of some KLF-30's again to my house ]. Cosmetically, they are in about 6-7 condition. They have some dings and scratches on the top, and some light grey marks on the side of another. They function %100 percent, no passives pushed in, all drivers work and are original, they sound fantastic. I know I'll regret getting rid of them because for their size, they are phenomenal little guys. I think any Quartet owner would tell you their underrated.. Anyways, I'll let you judge for yourself. Im Asking $300 for the pair. They are located in Watertown, WI, and I'm willing to meet anyone in Milwaukee if it is this weekend, I'm heading to Wauwatosa so it'd be easy to bring them along. Forgive the bad camera and splotches, my phone takes better pictures than this old canton now a days.
  2. Interesting.. Its such a shame that they stopped building such incredible amplifiers. I found an MX-600 (125 watt, similar to the MX1000) for $25. This was after I had read so much about the MX-1000 and wanted to get my feet wet a little with those big red meters. Unfortunately the right channel has some distortion... So I will be going into surgery in the next couple weeks to see whats up. A buddy of mine who owns a pair of Krell FPB 350mc monos also owns a pair of the Yamaha MX-1000U's which he has as he calls "beast moded" them with upgrades, and says that the Yamaha's are right up there as well.. He was gonna sell me his Yammies but I ended up finding a pair of threshold SA/6e monos and havent looked back. But after coming across the MX1000 again a couple years later, its got me thinking again... I too have read about the U version and my buddy has also greatly urged me to read into them over the non-U version. I've since learned more about power supplies than my mind can handle! haha Thanks for the replies. Keep em comin!
  3. Greetings all, So I was doing some investigating and some reading up on the vintage Yamaha amps. I own a Yamaha MX-2000 and think its a fantastic amp. Better than the Bryston 4BE's I own in my opinion. I also have heard and read the rave reviews about the Yamaha M-80, M-85, & MX-1000 amplifiers, and have always wanted to get a pair of the MX1000U's. the MX10000 would reign supreme of course. I also however, have read in some forums that people believe the Yamaha B-2X is one of Yamaha's greatest amps of the era. Has anyone here had the opportunity to hear both of these amps? Similarities/differences/strengths/weaknesses etc? Go!
  4. Anyone from Alabama driving near Milwaukee, WI anytime soon? I'll pay for your gas to pick me up these beauties! Perfect for a refinish project... Or great looking as they are. someone will be a very happy camper with them.
  5. So YOU'REEE the one who stole these from underneath my nose!! Haha. I tried contacting this seller multiple times and he never responded to a single one of my e-mails! you must have spotted them right away because I emailed him about 7 hours after he posted. I'm jealous! I've always wanted a pair of these CF-4's very badly. You're a lucky man, Congrats! I hope you enjoy them for a long time. Unless of course you decide you don't want to refinish them, you can alllways send them my way and I'll be glad to take them off your hands Nice looking subs you have there also btw. Looks like a wollaping setup.
  6. I did have plans on changing out the old damping material, which after all these years is starting to crumble away at the touch, with some newer and thicker material, I have a couple options in mind. I also had plans on adding a layer of 3/4" MDF cut to the inside of the cabinet and a simple bracing done using a few 2x4's. These plans, however, have been put on hold at the moment as I am bringing in a pair of Infinity IRS Delta's into the house, and have some updates I want to do to them. The cornwall's will now be shifted over to my dad's main system.
  7. I honestly wouldn't be selling them if I didn't have so much equipment. I kept buying and buying and never sold anything so it's just time to let some go and get my shelf space back! [:|]
  8. In a temporary break in setup hooked up to a pair of Threshold SA/6e's. Unfortunately the dust cap was dented in one of the woofers by the previous owner.... I still have yet to try a couple tricks in pulling it back out, but I'm considering Crites woofer's soon as well... We'll see! It truly has no affect on the sound to my ears for now. Once I fix up the grills, I wont have to worry about looking at it.
  9. Original Klipsch cable side by side it's replacement
  10. First coat of poly done on one of the cabs. Shows how much of a difference it makes.
  11. The corners for me were the trickiest part, trying to align them exactly together without leaving a gap or crossing over one another, this was the one side I thought I got perfect.
  12. made due with what little space I have in my lone basement. Too cold to work on this out in the garage anymore once October hit.
  13. Last look at the unfinished birch while the veneer glue is drying
  14. I also repainted the Baffle after some of the paint stripper stripped some off when sanding the edges.
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