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  1. tj, I'm not very well informed on the inner workings of the 721 except for what I read on the review section. It was pretty glowing all the way around. As for rumble they made a point of saying this model is the quietest Dual made and clearly can be an easy starter tt for me. Go to vinylengine and check out the review.If yours is that noisy maybe the platter is warped or needs some form of adjustment.What's a noise to you I might not even notice it unless it was really bad.With my system it's not entry level stuff but also not top shelf. Better than most and not even in the same caliber as others here I've seen. The only special wire I use is a pair of 1/2 mt.Signal Cable ICs and 14 gu clear spkr. wire w/ no run being more than 15'.
  2. Sorry for extending the thread, I forgot to mention.I did in fact register to Vinyl engine today and it is a fantastic site for tt ans analog gear forums.
  3. I'm all in w/ both you guys. Yes I know the guy ,and I have bought from him before. Maybe I should not even say this but he did show (not listen) to his gear and he has some brand of giant mono blocks on the floor and 2 Albert Von Shcweikerts the size of smart cars in his living room. I almost had a heart attack on the level of stuff this guy has. I will when funds allow go right back to him. He did jokingly say he will warm up THE SYSTEM for me to hear finally hear it.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I do think after the reviews I read the choice is not all that hard.To shu I really do not know exactly what cart and stylus is involved.The seller said he had multiple brands and I have bought from him before and has great taste and quality stuff. I was hoping $200 was not the high side but it does seen fair along w/ condition.
  5. Well I have decided my next move would to be getting a tt. I once owned a Dual 1228 and was uber popular back in the day. Many have said that while a fine tt they were overly complicated. I have a chance of getting a Dual 721 w/ great reviews behind it and w/ a Shure cart for under $200 would this be the move to make. I have bought from this guy before and he has amazing taste in gear and would rather get it from someone I know to be picked up instead of a stranger shipping it. If not factory packaged I think tt is the last thing I would want shipped. The only thing about it is that the base is fake w/ a wood look as to the United Audio walnut bases of the other models.So is this a worthy 1st tt.Quality within my budget is what I'm looking for.Thanks.
  6. I sleep fine at night ,Ambien takes care of that.I think all of you missed the part that I'm on a very fixed income and in no way could ever amass a collection like he has unless it was inherited but all my relatives are also either poor or have lousy taste in audio. Again if he was being forclosed on because of fall those bad loans the banks gave away ,now that's a story I can believe in. I my self drive a piece of shit 98' Saturn so again I know about misfortune, bad cars, and fixed incomes and financial disasters.
  7. I don't cre how much time it took ammass the size of a collection that's worth many,many thousands of $s.Still hard times do fall on all types and classes and again I'm not in any way enjoying this. The speakers I would love of course are not to be shipped so how deep is this trouble really ,over a car. Besides he ripped into me for calling him Wil which I guess is his anti christ name because he really let me have it and that I never forgot.
  8. Bill, With a collection of high end gear that you display it is very hard for me to swallow that your in financial trouble because of a beat car. I always drooled over your sig. and always wondered what you did for living to obtain such top shelf stuff. Me, I'm on dissabillity and in Jersey so the likely hood of me getting anything if this sale goes through is pretty remote. Me I usually go the C/L route to go after my stuff and have been pretty lucky w/ the exception of any Klipsch gear worth mentioning. I do in the truest sense of it all hope you over come your grief and hopefully will not have to ditch your collection .
  9. Clearly it was the Yamaha .It was just getting to hot and was not vented right. I also bought into the whole 90wtts thing per chnl which when pushed equates w/ nowhere near that. Mac they say they put out 200wpc or my Adcom the same and yea it's the right wattage.This is why everyone w/in hearing distance if your main pleasure is music and some movies get an amp to bolster that woefully under powered avr.Also I found that all the features that was offered were a waste of time and all it did was add echo or delay and not much else. Yea sure a theater in Vienna ,what a crock of turd.
  10. I have the older model to yours the RX-V665.The only problem I had was that it wasn't suffciently vented and got hot. Also when pushed real hard it clipped. I CALLED kLIPSCH and told them I had a set of their H/D 500 s and they kind of scoffed at the idea it was the speakers causing the clipping. The Yamaha would go into protection mode shut down for a second then reset. After putting the avr on top w/ all air circulating no other problems have come up. It does have pre-outs which is great because if your into a lot of music this avr isn't the one for you w/o an external amp which I did add.
  11. Hi guys I always look for bargins and seeing that the klipsch I want are almost never to be found or are across country where shipping is problematic I took a look at another site.This was Canuk Audio Mart and to me the variety was astounding ,yes they are up in Canada and the shipping again would more than likely cancel any sale but for shear volume it was really impressive. Here things do not seem to either turn over quickly or new items just don't come up at a pace that is comparable w/ Canuks. Over at the Polk site it seems there really is a club atmosphere and if you know the guys you can get a good deal.Audioagon I like just because it's quality gear at mostly reasonable prices and at times side deals can be made. C/L lately is a bust and I was told the holiday season is the worst for that site but I don't know and GoodWILL and other thrift stores are either thread bare or they know what items are selling for on E-BAY and try to get as much as possible. Any one else find any of this to be true .Besides my H/T gear all other stuff was either C/L or Good Will and was in great shape and is still being used today.
  12. Mr. James. I do not think I have ever heard anyone put down McIntosh as a brand as a whole in the way you have ever.You mean your not in love w/ their blue meters and all.I always coveted a Mac 2105 w/ a C-28 a Dual 1229 tt and at the time ESS Heil AMT I were the big deal.They do hold their value to prices that to me are far and away to much ,but as the saying goes you get what you pay for. I'm not a tube guy so you have me there and no where close in electronics training and can't and will not argue the virtues of either of the choices given.Yes you did suggest a few ideas to the guy who just isn't buying what your selling and I think it should be left at that.You get a Mac and want to toss it send it my way and I'll pass on forward my Adcomgfa555.
  13. There was this whole debate on the Polk site a few months ago and believe it or not it was pretty close to a 50/50 split to keep amps on or whether or not they are tubes. Me I have an Adcom gfa 555 ss amp and I do shut it down for the night. With that being said I think many of us are unwitting hypocrites when they say they turn off all their gear.When most of us have a home theater and a powered sub to go w/ it I do not know of anyone who shuts down their sub. I do know that some more advanced subs have an auto feature when not getting a signal it goes into stand by mode. If I owned tubes I think I would shut them down nightly.
  14. Tigerwoodkorns, Look it appears you come from Nevada were the per capita of people is like 20 to 70000k to me on the east coast. Now goof all you want about the Bose brand and I also do but the 601s were a good design for it's time and there is a setting where if you want to bounce the sound off the wall it allows you and conversely turn the switch and you have 2 -8'' firing woofers w/ tweeter array that for my apt works well. I do not have a great room or even a larger living room so what it produces is fine until 5.5 or Fortes come in.For those paying top $ for these models I agree they are nuts but if you read my post I do not have that much $ into them and better resurrected than so much fire wood.Since you seem to be so generous why not send me a set of Fortes. or Chorus's,what can't afford to do that well I can't either.
  15. Forget what people are getting for the 601sI did really bring them back from death and have only $20 in buying them and then $30 for a refoaming kit ,a couple of bottles of Olde English some labor and these are pretty damn good speakers for what's into them. All the others would go if I could get KLF-30s,Ohm /Walsh 3xos, or Vandersteen SIG 2ce.Again believe me I've been looking and either there is nothing to found in the Klipsch family or the prices are so out of my reach it doesn't pay to even call for a listen. Guys I'm on dissabilaty and cash doesn't exactly flow like it used to so I have pick and choose very carefully.Many have said instead of buying piecemeal save up and jump on the ones you really want. Well saving and jumping are way to differing factors that do not really go well w/ my situation.
  16. Hi guys, Since I am an owner of Klipsch smalls I guess gives me some leeway in talking about another brand of speakers. I have heard and seen Vandersteen 1s ,2ce sigs and now 3s. On the used market you can get 1s for very decent prices .I recently went to a dealer and they pounded into me that the older 1s and the newer 1s and 2s are different animals and the same goes for their larger 2 and 3 signature models.Has anyone ever hear these particular speakers and to tell you the truth even the 1s kill my Infinity SM112s but since I resurrected my Bose 601s from death those I would keep. The Vandys would be front facing about 7-8' apart and are only wire w/ a single pair unlike all the others that prefer bi-wiring.I still would really like a pair of KLF-20s-30s, Forte 1, or Chorus but again there is really nothing around or people now know what they are worth and bargins are hard to find.So for lets say $200-250 for newer 1s would anyone jump on these. They did sound very neutral w/ enough bass for my apt and could easily be pushed if need to.
  17. I have no idea what you do for a living but damn you 've got 1 hell of a collection of speakers. Me I have 4 sets in 1 room and 1 set are Klipsch 500 smalls theykinda disappear. Yours on the other hand are medium to x-tra large and I am the most envious dude here.I do long for KLF 30s -Fortes1s-or Chorus but alas my wallet seems to betray me way too often. You my friend have great taste and maybe a little hoarding going on but who am I to judge.. lol Good luck w/ your sale and if again $ somehow appears a pm will be sent.
  18. these are listed on E-BAY as mystery Klipsch towers .Can any on indentify these. If they were black just by size I would say they are kg5.5 but I really have no idea http://www.ebay.com/itm/MYSTERY-KLIPSCH-TOWER-SPEAKERS-VINTAGE-SIGNED-BY-TECHS-/121008259686?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item1c2ca78266
  19. A trick that was told by me from an experienced speaker repair person said that using felt on a relatively small tear from the back side would be a good home repair method w/ the white speaker glue and it's definitely not Elmer's
  20. Yes .That reminded me besides the shop vac trick that does work.Also at large stores w/ drop ceilings I saw 2 methods of getting at least a pullwire across the ceiling. 1 was a small cross bow which the company really frowned upon ,the other was an old fashioned sling shot. If you were good 1 shot and the lead was across an expanse that would have taken hours schlepping ladders opening and closing tiles. What great tricks one could come up w/ if resourseful enough.
  21. Well there you go .Those are exrtermly long runs and you then should use the lowest gu possible .The only thing if underground even in pvc, or emt I think you should use what's know as burial wire as a precaution. Good luck on your pulls.If you did not already run pull strings in your pipes an old installer trick I learned years ago was at one have a shop vac at the other attach a real light birdy of tissue paper tied to lets say a good test fishing line leave slack and the vacuum will pull that leader unbelievably fast.
  22. I had this debate w/ the folks over at the Polk site. To man they subscribe to boutique and generally more expensive cables swearing to death it's self they hear appreciable differences.Me I subscribe to the Rodger Russell school of wire.Depending on your runs your no better off using expensive cables then 16 gu. clear lamp cord. This is coming from a very distinguished engineer,former lead man at McIntosh and prolific inventor. He sold me, and that's what I use Home Depot 16 gu. clear for runs of no more than 15'.I can't imagine except for maybe an outdoor underground run why anyone would go to 6gu .
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