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  1. 1 hour ago, wvu80 said:


    They aren't plug and play.  The K-63 uses a neo magnet and weighs 4 pounds.  The DH1506 are 11 pounds each.  They will crack that horn lens unless you build a shelf for them to sit on.  All this is detailed in the thread referenced above "Epic Owners Group."  Highly recommended reading.


    While I had the box apart I built a shelf for the 1506.

    I damped the horns with pure Silicon caulk, an 11oz tube per horn lens.  Cost around $6

    I braced the enclosure

    I added about 2 pounds of Fiberfil to the bottom where the ports are.  I took out the two 1.5" foam sheets from the bottom only.


    When I added a 15" sub the CF-4's had a sound with more accuracy and more dynamics than my La Scalas, more than my Khorns.  The little improvements added up into a big  overall improvement.

    you are right with a caveat, you can plug them in and listen and decide if you love them or not then if you want to to keep them you will need to support them. People tend not to listen and be lazy. You should not ship a KLF20 or a KLF30  with the mid motor in place either as it is heavy enough to break/snap off from the horn if the box is given a good shake. This is kind of the same with the EV DH 1506. If you don't shake them or drop them or move them not problem but they do need a shelf or a brace or a hangar to hold the motors weight. Great driver the DH 1506, like Bob Seger said "like a rock".

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  2. On 6/15/2021 at 9:34 PM, TimBo said:



     So that brings me to ask two questions.

    1. You mentioned "diffusor up in the top of the cabinet which is a good thing (so will any installed brace work)". Would what I'm proposing as additional bracing also be a "good thing" with these P.R. boxes?

    2. Should I add the ferrofluid to the diaphragms?




    Thank TimBo

    some brace work is going to be better than no brace work, this is minimal so don't expect a big difference.

    ferrofluid can have more or less impact upon driver damping (internal resonances) depends on the driver. The correct viscosity would be required and you don't know what that was so you are in the dark. A generic shot in the dark will at the least provide some extra heat transfer. Get some and try it, if you like it leave it in if you don't remove it.

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  3. On 6/13/2021 at 9:58 AM, Godataloss said:

    I'm considering one.  I've seen your posts and you clearly are very experienced and have listened to a ton of gear so your 'my forever amp' carries a lot of weight.  Could you offer some insights into it's sound character and how it compares to other amplifiers you've used?  I'm running Modified Khorns with volti mids bms 4592nd drivers and fostex t500a mk3 tweeters.My only trepidation is $3k for a 12lb amp, lol. 



    It is light because it uses all top quality switching supplies. I compared this to a 68 pound 200 watt per channel Spectral and the AHB2 was much more powerful sounding with deeper more impactful bass able to play much louder with more control and composure when com[pared to the Spectral. If I were to describe the sound of the amp it is very neutral very open and spacious sounding but not one of those juicy wet sounding amplifiers it sounds sweet when it is called to and not so when it is not called to. The AHB2 is not a second harmonic tube sound. Theses are my opinions and like everybody else like elbows we all have at least a couple. You should go and have a listen and see for yourself what you think. It is very reveling of associated gear so if you don't like what you are hearing look up stream for the possible issue. I hope this helps but in the end you need to make your own evaluation.


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  4. 4 hours ago, RandyH000 said:

    Chief bonehead

    You can do whatever you want to do to your klipsch speaker. The speaker was designed and produced with a certain spec in mind. Once you put in something that is not klipsch approved then it is no longer a klipsch speaker. I really don’t understand why this is so hard to comprehend  


    The first 47 characters say it all thank you, "you can do what ever you want to your Klipsch speaker".

  5. 3 hours ago, Jim Gregory said:

    Is that pine or oak

    no that's a deal! (the round ones are hard wood the flat one are soft wood)

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  6. 13 hours ago, michaelwardjoines said:

    Somedays you just have to get out of the house...so I'll take a house with me. There is enough room for me & the dog, but where do I put the La Scalas?  :lol:

    Nest - 1.jpeg

    Best keep a ball lock in that hitch if you want to keep your camper.

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  7. 27 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:

    The other day I purchased a mint Denon DRA-397 integrated amplifier.  I had been looking for something to use when I wanted to listen to music outside while mowing, lounging, etc.

    Now I'm trying to figure out what speakers to use.  I guess I could haul a pair of Heresys up from the basement every time I want music outside but I was hoping to get something that I could use solely for that purpose.  I wouldn't be leaving them outside so I don't necessarily need outdoor-rated speakers. 

    I came across these on Facebook:


    Apparently some have called them a "poor man's Heresy".

    I was hoping to stay around $100 for whatever I get.


    a used pair of Peavey SP1 but at the age they all are now a xover re cap will be manditory. be careful they will spoil you as they are better than a La Scala.The CH1 horns were designed by a couple of engineers who had left Electro Voice after Don Keele left EV. They are the real deal but they can be found for peanuts.


  8. 2 minutes ago, sixspeed said:

    Very interesting appreciate all the responses and ideas :)


    @moray james


    That's exactly what I'm looking for. But higher. I took a look at Skyland and those are perfect. I'll reach out and see if he would be able to make me a 36" high one as I have my Heresy now above ear level in the back and I like the effect that provides.


    I use Aragosy 360is with my Focal Studio Monitors in my office, and just discovered they have a different 36" model with a base suitable for a Heresy. But I like the quality of those Skyland stands and how they are filled and dampened. Really nice stuff.


    Thank you so much guys... this is why this community is the best!

    I can tell you right now that 36" won't happen as Noel does not have packaging that size and shipping revolves on how the carton is packed. Folks almost never consider this and a custom pack is simply not worth it. I can tell you that you are not likely to find a better pack job for a pair of speaker stands, Noel has it down to a science.

  9. 2 hours ago, sixspeed said:

    Just wondering if any of you guys are aware of surround speaker stands that are suitable to hold a Heresy III or any Heresy for that matter?


    I currently use a make shift multipurpose rack cart on wheels for my rear one, but looking for a more permanent solution long term solution when I have more Heresy's back there. Currently the height to the base is 40" from the ground and looking for something that would be about the same, 36-40".


    All of the surround speaker stands that I see basically all look suited to much smaller bookshelf speakers. So if anyone is aware of stands that can hold a Heresy sturdily and around 36-40" high, please let me know!





    under my H3

    Klipsch Heresy 3 on Skylan Stands.jpg

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  10. 2 hours ago, MicroMara said:



    before I redbuilt my RF7 II into the RF7 EvoTec I used this solution and it worked very well .

    looks like some sort mutant embryo face huger from an Alien movie. all kidding aside yes jumper wires with spade and or banana connectors are to be preferred to the stock flat plate factory jumpers.

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  11. if you have adhesive issues then you will (or do) have issues with both the front and the rear baffles as both are installed with the same hot melt adhesive. If you plan on taking them apart then do yourself a favor and repair both baffles all in one process and don't wait to repeat later on when the other baffle starts to make noise. You should remove the melamine from the baffles (not hard to do) at the glue joints and then you can bond with white wood glue (PVA) which will last forever and be far stronger than the original hot melt joint. You should install brace work while they are open (also remove the melamine to bond brace work). I have rebuilt two pairs of the three I have owned including swapping the vents from the rear to the front on a pair I built for my daughter while she was away at school in smaller quarters, the front vents allowed her to place them close to the walls to save space when it was at a premium. I regret that I did not flip the position of the mid and the tweeter by cutting off the top of the front baffle and flipping around as this will place the mid horn closer to your seated ear level. Hope this helps

    KLF 20 or Quartet rebuilds 029.jpg

  12. 11 hours ago, JGT914 said:

    I have a Bell'O AT306. It arrived about a year ago and remains in its box due to an illness which has prevented me from tearing down and reassembling my system (or doing much of anything else that requires lifting or exertion.) I expect to regain my full strength this summer and I'll go ahead with the rack transfer and may also swap a component or two..





    I know how you feel. I had a stroke last July and I am working on doing as little as possible to de stress as I have a massive dual jugular clot so I am taking warfarin to keep it from growing while my body slowly eats it up. I was having seizures which turned out to be caused by stress and so the dr.'s order to do as little as I can for as long as I can. Really tough to do nothing. Hang tough and look forward to getting better you will get there, summer is just around the corner.

  13. 2 hours ago, wvu80 said:

    I'm up at 4a, can't sleep, went to bed at 1a.  This is unusual for me.  I'm usually very comfortable in bed, but for now I keep tossing and turning.  I feel very uncomfortable.


    I had my Johnson & Johnson Covid shot at 10:30 this morning.  I didn't have any reactions to it that I know of, the stick didn't hurt and I had a sore shoulder for about an hour.  That has long passed.  You don't think it's the shot, do you?


    I got up because "the book" says if you can't fall asleep after an hour, get up and do something until you're tired, then back to bed.

    4:30 am for me its 5:30 now! Best of luck with the shot. Only thing I can say is not for me I have a very low trust level of big Pharma and government and together they make/share billions perhaps trillions of profit at our loss.

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  14. I understand that but you could use a top quality full range driver like this for your project, place a grill over the mini Khorn cabinet and install this behind it. That is unless you want a really tiny speaker then you could get a two inch full range driver but you will not get any bass response while these play as low as my H3 do though not as loud obviously. Just so you understand that you cannot scale a horn, the desired cut off frequency will determine the physical size so a tiny Khorn or Belle won't make any bass but you can make a tiny look alike Khorn using a direct radiator rather than a horn it will look the same but the direct radiator will make bass.

    This tiny Tannoy DC (dual concentric,two way) driver is just a little over five inches across the frame so you have a sense of scale. With a horn loaded tweeter it is a two way which is exactly what Paul Klipsch always wanted the Khorn to be, trouble was for Paul he could never get the Khorn bass bin to go high enough to crossover to a domestically sized mid horn and so by necessity it turned into a three way design. Paul worked on the idea of a two way Khorn for decades until he and Roy Delgado came up with the Jubilee which was a two way horn system exactly what Paul had intended the Khorn to be.

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