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  1. Thanks to this thread, I successfully converted my 400s last night. Got the amp for myself for Christmas and have had it sitting until I made time to mess with everything... actually it didn't take much time at all. Since the OEM amps are rated down to 10hz I wanted a replacment that would do the same. I found a Parasound HCA1000A on Audiogon and jumped on it (for far less than original price, of course). So far, sounds awesome... I've got my bass back after waiting 3 years since the OEMs failed! Woo!
  2. ok, well strange things have happened since my last post... i was able to get them inches away from the tv, had a little interference, and thankfully i have a top of the line TV with a degauss button. hit the degauss, and the discoloration is gone! very weird. last time i tried to get them close i had pretty bad pink and green interference. i had to toe them in to get the subs away from the tv a little bit, but i'm glad to get them where they are. and they all lived happily ever after... thanks, and good night!
  3. well, that sucks and it's what i was starting to think... the tv only gets interference at the bottom (the speakers are almost as tall as my tv on its stand)... guess i'm sort of screwed here, huh? is there anything i can do? they sure sound awesome, though, so it's not like i'm going to get rid of them any time soon...
  4. hi guys... "new" HT is still in progress having just purchased the KSP 400's recently... they are interfering with my tv a lot more than I had hoped. I can't get them closer than maybe a little over a foot away, and even then there's still a green spot, which is disappointing since I was hoping to have them right next to the tv (even 6 inches away would be better than a foot)... are they or aren't they shielded? I can put my C7 right on my tv with no problems...
  5. ---------------- On 8/10/2004 10:08:06 PM T2K wrote: Congratulations to you! Were those the ones in Memphis? Do yourself a favor and get the matching center, the KSP-C6. They show up frequently on E-Bay and go for $200 or so. The matching surrounds are going for around $400 a pair and are well worth the price. I just paid the last payment on my KSP400's and I think they sound even better now (those brass spike$ are high dollar jems)! Hope you enjoy them. fini, mine sounded better in the garage than they do in the house (garage door open, of course). I had a Santana CD going when I noticed the old lady across and down the street come outside looking around. I pulled out the Santana CD and popped in a Nat Cole CD, walked across the street and asked her to dance. That's about all I can say here about what followed but let me ask you this, does your wife have false teeth? Keith ---------------- dude, that's funny! i don't even know what to add to that! yes, these are the ones from memphis... 2 holes in the rubber surround of one of the midranges... should i bother replacing the whole driver, or just do the glue and paper towel trick? as for the center, my C7 sounds great with them... i don't think i'll bother with any more speakers... especially with the wife already at her wit's end with my obsession! can't wait to get the whole thing hooked up (have had the polk surrounds boxed up for almost 3 years now!!) peace
  6. Well, my dream has come true (well, almost)... Found some sort-of-beat-up KSP 400's on eBay recently - cosmetic damage, and damage to one of the midranges - and won 'em. Tonight I finally tested the right one (have had the left one connected for a little while now). Yes, I'm kind of moving slowly... we just moved into the house and there's a project in every room, and huge projects outside, plus work... whine, whine... So far have only tested with music, but the sound is most heavenly, I must say! I've always loved the thought of powered towers, and besides the definitive ones with 18" subs, the KSP 400's were the only ones I'd even consider. So, now the audio part of my HT is complete - I just have to get it completely hooked up now :-) Woohoooo!!!
  7. how big of a sub do you want? i will more than likely be getting rid of my JBL Pro dual 15" movie theater sub. it's just too big for my current setup. This monster goes easily into the low 20's depending on your room, and can take at least 1000 watts. I just bought a Carver M400 cube amp from the 80's to run it - 500 watts mono. The sub is very large and very heavy - will have to ship freight. I'll be getting rid of both the sub and the amp. Let me know!
  8. So let me guess.....The 'system' is the last thing packed and the first thing unpacked when moving? ---------------- but of course! the essentials for the new house - food, tv, internet, somewhere to sleep everything else pales in importance
  9. you're right, of course... I have a DDP-1, actually, so maybe I should just break it on out... I bought it so I could sell the 990 and it as a package deal, and I've never even plugged it in... until I get the budget for a new receiver or separates, I guess I'll play with it for a while.
  10. formica- the RX-V990 is 1 model before Yamaha put Dolby Digital processors into their receivers, but it does have 5.1 inputs (well, 5). So I had to get the DVD player with a built-in Dolby Digital processor or an external processor. This way, I have to run the sub channel straight from the DVD player to the sub amp. I could also try sending the bass through the "Low Pass" output of the 990, but I'm not positive that this is the LFE (the .1), since this is an older model. Anyone know without me having to dig up my manual? The attenuator I'm talking about is a line level one, I'm pretty sure. Just want a wall plate type volume control in between the amp and the sub, but it has to be able to take the wattage. Highest rated ones I've seen are rated for only 200 watts. I'll check out Outlaw and Paradigm... And yes, I'm talking about partsexpress plate amps. Thanks for the info.
  11. first time i watched a dvd, i was disappointed in the picture, having had an LD player for 3 or 4 years prior. weird thing happened to one of my LD's though - "laser rot" - not scratches, but weird corruption that pretty much made the movie unwatchable. anyone know what I'm talking about? i got rid of my player and movies after getting DVD, though, just because LD's became so obsolete so fast. Looking forward to the day I upgrade to progressive scan player and HD TV.
  12. you will never get "power and punch" from the quintets... use them for your PC or something, and at least go up to the synergy bookshelf set...
  13. good start, but please don't make me scroll to the right. ever.
  14. Cool Thread! Nice systems, people! Here's my work in progress (WIP)... just moved into the house, and the HT is in "hooked up to hear and see" stage... Putting down laminate floor, haven't finished painting, etc... The HT room is kinda cool because the wall, as you can see, is built with a perfectly-deep niche - just the right depth for the 40" tube AND the JBL Pro dual 15 sub behind it. The wires you see coming out of the wall are from the previous owner... she had speakers out on the back patio that were wired to the main stereo (i guess). Planning on building the TV and stuff in - with cabinets, shelves, etc. Gotta have a shelf for the KLF C7! Go Cardinals!
  15. thanks... where can I find one of those? the more I think about it, the more I think I should've gone with a PartsExpress amp - but the only thing that's still holding me back from one of them is their listed power... is the 250W w/remote amp 250 watts per channel or is it 250 watts mono? Their spec sheets don't list any "bridgeable into xxxx" numbers... so I'm wondering if the 250W one is bridgeable into 500 or so???? anyone know for sure?
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