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    RSW-12 For Sale

    Not sure who bumped this, but it is LONG gone. Thank you everyone.
  2. I guess I'm referring to the STYLE of Mid-century. Plenty of other furniture styles were made in the 40s through 70s. Nobody would consider that piece "Mid-Century."
  3. LOL that price. Hes gonna sell it for 1/4 of that...probably less. If that was mid-century it would probably sell a lot faster.
  4. With all the talk of trying to get the Forte 3 horn. Just save yourself the trouble, get a real direct drop in horn for your A55G.... By far the best mostly drop in upgrade for a Chorus II.
  5. Agreed. Luckily, they did all have the Klipsch part numbers on them. I just don't recall what they are. I"ll be snapping some photos tonight. I was a bit surprised just how big the magnets were / how heavy the RS-7 woofers were.
  6. Hi guys, Sorry for no photos, but I can get them quickly if you guys need them. All components were working when removed from the speaker boxes. Looking for BEST OFFER on any of these. If no one here is interested, then I'll probably just have to Feebay them. Let me know if your interested in anything above. RS-7: 8" Woofer (2 available. 1 excellent condition, 1 with a slight speaker rub in the gold cone. 8" Horn - (1 available) 8" Horn with 1" Tweeter attached - (3 available) Crossovers (2 available) RC-35: Grill - Cloth and exterior in very good condition. (1 Available) 6" Woofer - Very good condition (1 Available) Plastic surround for the front. Good condition, no cracks or other stress marks. (1 Available) 1" Tweeter - (1 Available) Crossover - (1 Available) Thank you!!!!
  7. Gorm

    RSW-12 For Sale

    Bump? Still can't believe I can't sell this. Almost wish I could keep it, but I have no use for it. The Chorus IIs upstairs DO NOT need the extra output.
  8. I could see Chorus II going for that if completely mint, and in the finish the buyer wants.
  9. So...after I did the mod with the adapter, the stereo image from the Chorus IIs was horrible. They lost a lot of clairity and just sounded....off in a strange way. So I decided to upgrade to the K-604 horns. Holy COW what a difference. The clarity is back, and after several listening sessions with them, I am very, VERY pleased with the result. They make the Chorus II sound like a true heritage speaker. Also, in terms of sound detail and room presence, it made the speakers sound even larger. However, I would NOT do this mod with the adapter. I would have gone back to the old mid drivers if I was stuck with the adapters.
  10. Gorm

    RSW-12 For Sale

    Bump. Kinda surprised I haven't had much interest in it. I'd sell it for about any offer at the moment.
  11. Well I finally did this mod last night. Bob was trying to convince me these wouldn't fit in the Chorus II. I had no issues installing them with the adapters I purchased from eBay. Here are some of the pictures of the install: (Also, all new gasket tape was installed on drivers. The weak cheap gaskets were aged and junk)
  12. I have been in contact with Bob this morning.
  13. Located in Amana, IA 52203. Klipsch RSW-12 Subwoofer. Subwoofer is in very good mechanical condition. Unfortunately, there is a gouge on the side and there is no front grill. The RSW-12 is connected in the listening room and ready for your demonstration. Looking for 200 but taking offers, any offers, from local forum members.
  14. Dang I thought these were for sale again... No really, had they been, you would have had my Paypal in minutes.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3555447824497606/?ref=messenger_banner
  16. SOLD. Went for 450 to a non-forum member. Whoever is in charge of that price sheet. Please add that if it helps.
  17. There was a pair of KLF 20s in Medium oak here in the Cedar Rapids, IA area lately. I saw them on CL, however, I can't find them now. Might be worth you time to check CL and FB marketplace to see if you can find them. He wanted 500, and they weren't in bad shape if I remember correctly. They may have been sold
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