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  1. Yoda was the key to a lot of what happened in the pre movies. But not a lot is explained in the movies. Yoda was so powerful. And is the reason the sith had been silent for so long. The emperors plan was to weaken Yoda so he could survive an attack from him. It was one of the main points to the war. The emperor was in charge of both sides and kept the war going for almost 20 years. The universe was completely flooded with fear, death, pain, and hate. The dark side was like a poison swamp that covered everything. This made the jedi weaker and gave the emperor massive power. Then after order 66 and all the deaths of the thousands of jedi. Not to mention this was yoda's job as grandmaster. Yoda took a personal part in the training of every single jedi that died that day. He literally helped train hands on every single one. and he felt every single death one after another. And then when he realized everything he missed his was in pieces. That is how the emperor became powerful enough to go toe to toe with yoda. Otherwise Yoda would have taken the emperor head in seconds.
  2. I think the question was intended as a slight against the pre movies. Suggesting that had they been the first. Star wars might have failed. Or I might have read it wrong (only done that a thousand times on here 😉)
  3. No and yes Darth vader was never intended as the main of the story. It wasn't tell much later after Vader became the most popular part of the movies did Lucas decide this was a all about Vader. In fact Vader wasn't even Lukes dad tell he started on empire.
  4. A lot of people don't like the pre movies... Whatever thats cool...... But Lucas had a hard job. He had to tell a story how one guy could rise up destroy thousands of jedis. Somehow even run off grandmaster yoda. Take complete control of the republic (rule the freaking universe). And do most of it right in front of the jedi.These movies are political and deep in plot and reason. Sure theres cheese. Thats on purpose. He wanted to make movies his kids would love. That was really important to him. But these movies are really deep in plot and characters that confuse people. Plus Lucas does a terrible job explaining some important things that the movies don't explain. Like the movie books do. Example: When yoda fights the emperor. At the end of the fight. When the emperor is shooting lighting and yoda is pushing back. The book explains yoda is going down (like I mean its over). But the force speaks to yoda and tells him he MUST survive and go into exile tell the time is right. That if he dies. It will bring darkness and unbalance to the universe for a long long time. This is what makes yoda push back then run (and not go back and keep trying). Before the fight started. Yoda had decided he would kill him or die. But knew he was over matched and probably was going to die. But had to try. Its the main reason he didn't want ben to come with. He would have spent the whole fight trying to keep ben alive. Even though at this moment he was the under dog he still had a chance. This info is really important to so much of more than just this movie. Lucas doesn't explain this well in the movie. And its just one small detail of 100s that people who have only watched the movies wouldn't know. The old movies were your basic kid from no where. Finds out he's important. Trains in some mystical powers he never knew he had, and beats the unbeatable bad guys. Hell even kung fu panda movie plots are just as deep as the old star wars movies (not a knock just saying).....
  5. Yah but e1 they kill the bad guy and blow up the droid ship n space. Its a win.
  6. I think so. John Williams changed everything. As long as he was there in1977 any of these movies would have blown everyone away imo.
  7. I like near field. Helps a lot for subs.
  8. Wonder how much less they would cost without the wood box?
  9. Ear buds huh... Man those are expensive! I thought the $100 for the bose were expensive lol. I've wondered what it might be like to have a great pair of headphones/earbuds, and set it up so the subs in the room are going as well. That way you get the tactical body bass and the immersive sound that headphones/earbuds give.
  10. Those xo will be very notable though I bet.
  11. It dose take time to learn your systems sound. Like muscle memory playing guitar. I like to put a few months (or more depending how often you listen). Before doing anything new to system/speakers. Some small tweaks need that muscle memory to really hear the differences a change might make.
  12. Good post agreed.... I gave the same advise. He has a bad xo though.
  13. Slow down dude lol. He just bought these 2 weeks ago. The journey is the best part.
  14. I use these. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Banana-To-Spade-Adapter-Plug-Speaker-Cable-Connector-TS/173031263518?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
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