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  1. - Klipsch 's Factory Titanium diaphragms for the K-75-K tweeter ( Made by Klipsch ) /  about $35 from Klipsch Parts .... Part #  127123 -

      This is not the  common Aftermarket clone part sold by all online Vendors .


    -klipsch  Factory capacitors are only  sold through the Klipsch Heritage Dealer  @JEM Performance 

    JEM Performance Audio (412) 401-6915   theaudioroom@verizon.net


     Numerous tests by various Klipsch Forum Members show that Klipsch Factory capacitors  sold by JEM  have excellent  sound quality 

    @wuzzzer    @Sancho Panza    @frankgh   @dtr20




    Klipsch Online Order Support
    For assistance with orders placed on Klipsch.com (United States only):
    Call 1-800-554-7724 or submit your request.



  2. On 11/16/2021 at 1:23 PM, KT88 said:

    I had my Jubilee with K402 installed for 8 years 

    A Pair of klipsch  Jubilees  in Germany must have cost an arm and a leg in shipping costs  across the ocean , I did not even know that these speakers were imported , each pair of Jubes is signed off by the Big Kahunah himself  ,  and I bet there are not too many such HQ  speakers in Europe , let alone in Cologne Germany .

  3. 900$ , you'll get em for sure ,  


    Cornwalls are huge speakers , by the way these Cornwalls can play rock music quite well  , now given the age , make sure to play some music you like when you audition them  ,  cause the Crossovers may need new capacitors if they sound muddy , if the HF is crystal clear ,  then the crossovers are fine , either way , capacitors are peanuts in these  B  networks , 15 minutes and they are recapped for another 30 years   - these are heavy , around 100lbs -




    -you have to open the backs of these speakers  to check them out ,  and to make sure  that what's inside is klipsch original , so K33E, k77M square magnet , k55V single or dual phase plug , the k55V dual phase plug or K51V  have  solder terminals , while the k55V is push pin -   take out the grilles , check the woofer cone all the way around -

  4. 1 hour ago, Vince1966 said:

    I’m considering a pair of cornwalls in my area. Birch raw that was stained years back, some veneer has been ripped off at the top edges. Owner says they sound great. Not sure if the grill fabric is original, at least the badges are there.  

    Vince , How are you -tx a million  for the Gift -I most definitely would want to thank you -


    The fabric is klipsch original , these are Cane Grilles with klipsch copper badges 1981 , the cane grilles were more expensive for sure than the regular grilles , it was a top of the line option -I am not sure if the speakers are Decorator Cornwalls since the pictures are not very clear -if these are Decorators then , the grilles were purchased later -


    I would open the back panel  of 1 speaker , these may have the prized K55V dual phase plug midrange driver or the k51V ferrite midrange driver , the k55V dual phase plug mids driver or the K51V would certainly mean that these Cornwalls would sound amazing -


    pricing for Cornwalls is 1000$ for cabs in average condition   ,  less than 1k$ would be a real bargain , the cabs have a few sections that need wood filler but it's repairable ,  these are  fir plywood with a Birch veneer -the speakers do not have risers as they were also optional in the late 70's -early 80's , you could order the speaker pretty much the way you wanted back then -

  5. 4 minutes ago, JohnForte said:

    Yes I have the original grilles. 

    Here are 2  pictures of  Custom  Forte speakers by a small shop in TX  ,the Forte  does not have grilles but the Forte II does , using the Forte III script logo ---


    Klipsch Forte II Custom SpeakersKlipsch Custom Forte Speakers

  6. 9 minutes ago, David s said:

    Correction: there is an A above an OD on one and a O over an OD on the other. Both on the leftward USA on both on the right.

    are those the cabinetmaker ot sanders’s initials?

    if you see an A  mark engraved on the top  left of the speakers , that would indicate that Andy , @HDBRbuilder  built these cabinets , Andy is a Longtime klipsch Forum member -

  7. 35 minutes ago, JohnForte said:

    Yes I am aware. What I meant by that comment was that those were my options at this point. Strongly considering getting some walnut veneer and making them match. 



    you only need enough veneer for the sides -top and the risers , the rest can stay black or textured black ,  do you have the grilles ? 

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  8. 8 hours ago, JohnForte said:

    Well this sucks. Looks like the first one was actually walnut and the second is definitely oak. It's either new paint or veneer replacement. 


    ok , so let's recapitulate , if both tags of the speakers say FB  -- this means that the speakers were sold and  painted as BLACK LAQUER from the factory -


    -now klipsch often used to sell black painted speakers out of the various odd speakers that had veneer flaws or that showed  mismatched  veneers or the odd lone speaker  that could not  be paired  with another speaker to have a perfectly matching pair , the same with risers ,  if they had a few mismatched sets of risers  , so by painting the mismatched speakers black , they would make 1 matching pair - 


    the cost of FB  speakers , painted black was also cheaper to the consumer -


    -by stripping the paint , you are back to square 1  ,  so either you re-veneer the speakers or you repaint them Black to have a matching pair

  9. 9 minutes ago, JohnForte said:

    Hello, just joined here and looking for info and help with refinishing my Fortès. Can anyone tell me what veneer this is underneath the black lacquer I have stripped off? Also, what would be the proper finish to apply? Did Klipsch use boiled linseed oil? I would like a darker finish I think. 

    looks like oak  , I would Watco Danish oil -it's avaialble in various tints , you can also Boiled linseed oil , but I doubt klipsch ever used it , since it's quite  a  fire hazard in a Factory setting given the  rags can catch on fire unless they are destroyed 

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  10. The Khorns And the Scott 222b are the 2 items  that go very well together , the Amplifier was restored which is the big plus here ,  the amp is pure clean sound and very clear 


    *Klipschorn speakers, excellent condition, original owner, all paperwork included....$2600


    *Scott 222b integrated amplifier, excellent condition, restored by professional technician, NOS Telefunken 12ax7 and Mullard GZ34 rectifier tube ......$850

  11. 10 hours ago, wetowne said:

    One of my Heresy III special editions. The other one looks just like this one. What makes it special is the  titanium grill with the script logo, the flat black finish and a signed tag on the back.


    Stunning , absolutely beautiful Retro style

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