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  1. The  midrange driver in the 1,5  was  a  cost cutting measure  as the K-55V  was  more expensive to manufacture and only available in limited numbers  as Alnico V   prices were through the roof  .... the Heresy 1 was  an exception  ,  it used the same midrange and tweeter  as the Khorn , Belle , Lascala ,Cornwall   

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  2. On 1/10/2023 at 12:24 PM, Llem said:

    Yes the setting and distance are very nice that's why i insist for the optimum at this placement (long wall) and dont want to go back at the short wall set up where i sit further away.

    Discussions about speaker placement are only  ........discussions , in the end , you're the only one who can  really hear and tell , where  ? is  the ideal placement  for the speakers  in the room  ,  someone can tell you.....do this or that.....or you can read endless reviews   but unless the contributors  are in the same room with you , nothing can be verified  , trust your ears , dont hesitate to make changes  till you find the optimal sound ,


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  3. @SeanHiFi     questions ? 


    1)- swap the cable  around from the  speaker that has no issues  with the  speaker that has a problem .   

    do not change the connections   to the amplifier

    what are  the results ?  does the same issue remain with the same speaker ?


    2)- what is the DCR   ?   of the....  woofer  - midrange and tweeter for the failing speaker  , you can compare the results with the 2 nd speaker ,


    - if 1 of the DCR results is much lower , then the  corresponding driver has an issue ,

    -if the  6 DCR  results are close to identical , the issue is  a problem with  wiring , a  loose connector or a damaged connector  , or the crossover .




  4. 13 minutes ago, GeezerSH said:

    I have the exact same speakers - walnut with risers. The passive radiators have the cones pushed in (young kids years ago). Any way to reverse this or should I look for replacements?

    you can replace the dust caps or use a vacuum , just tone down the suction and easy does it , they will pull out 

  5.  It's not an Aluminium-Magnesium alloy ,   the corners of the klipsch metal trim  are made from zink pot metal  , they cannot be polished like extruded aluminium , and they wont anodize either , the only way to refresh these is by  Electroless nickel-phosphorous  plating  and it 's very expensive .

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