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  1. Jim from JEM Performance Audio. Seems like I need to offer some information about what I do and why I do it with regards to Klipsch Heritage speakers. The capacitors I sell are approved by Klipsch engineering. I met personally with Roy Delgado over a year ago and discussed Klipsch crossovers in depth. Roy took the time to explain the differences in capacitor design and how they react in a network. My desire was to keep the vintage Klipsch models operating as PWK designed them to sound. This all came about because I had changed the caps in my Klipschorns to the most recommended and advertised capacitors in Klipsch land. My Klipschorns were not the same after I changed the caps for sure - but not in a good way. What changed? First the bass was peaked out, the tweeter was way too bright and the midrange had no life to it. It no longer sounded like a Klipschorn should; the realism was gone. I brought this to Roy's attention and he immediately smiled and proceeded to explain what was happening. You have to use the correct type of capacitor to maintain the specs of the network as designed by Klipsch. I know there are those out there that will disagree about this but I can tell you that once I installed the caps Roy recommended, the Klipschorns became totally balanced, the bass was smooth and the midrange open and detailed. I knew others would appreciate having their Klipsch speakers performing as they should, and together Roy and I put together the authorized network repair center. I only repair Klipsch speakers to factory specifications using authorized factory approved parts. Your speakers remain a genuine Klipsch product and will perform just as PWK intended. No modifications, no BULLS**T. So you are probably wondering why should I believe this guy and how does he know what a Klipsch speaker should sound like? Some background - I have used Klipsch speakers since the 1970s professionally and personally. I experienced the Klipsch industrial series products in live sound reinforcement. I used Klipsch speakers exclusively in both of my professional recording studios. I personally own Klipschorns, LaScalas, Cornwalls, Heresy Is, IIs, and industrial Heresy stage monitors. So you see I do know what a Klipsch speaker should sound like. We have Roy to thank for getting the correct parts available to keep our vintage pieces of audio history alive and well. I don't have much time to respond to questions via this forum but I can be reached during normal business hours at theaudioroom@verizon.net or by phone - 412-401-6915.
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