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  1. you can swap a K601 in the slot of the K701 - you would gain 100htz overall - it should be a perfect fit with very little changes -
  2. the capacitors were , made in China or Mexico in the crossovers on the wood board FOR THE CW2 - the square crossover terminal cups were assembled in Mexico for the boards only - the terminal cups were mounted -and soldered at the factory -and were made in Hope ARK sorry for the pictures shown but that is all I could find
  3. the capacitors were made in china and the crossover assembled in Mexico or HOPE -
  4. you would gain on the midrange - the horn is much bigger -
  5. no comparison between the both as these are 2 diffferent speakers - more bass - highs on the C3- titanium drivers - belles are 450htz mid horn - k77 tweeter -so a better midrange - cornwalls 3 700htz - belles are awesome and gorgeous cabs - as well as cornwals - you can change the midrange horn on the C3 but there is very little room left to that -
  6. or maybe , the winner is just too busy listening to the Belles - were these speakers in working condition or baskets
  7. they 're gone , somehow it could be that it was not a forum member after all who bought these or we would have known by now
  8. it would be fun to compare a heresy 2 with a Heresy 1 - ot even a heresy 3 - the ideal would be to have a set of each and see the differences
  9. so what are the results of this petition - is he in or out -
  10. beautiful speakers - I have 3 pairs of Heresies - just cant get enough -
  11. OO1

    some luck

    there are 2 models of this unit - the latest one put out 90 watts pe channel at 8ohms with all the latest bells and whistles - - you namre it for 2015 it has got it - cant go wrong - what speakers are you using , that is the biggest question to answer if the power output is enough - Here is a video showing the units features -
  12. well... what do you think his take is on the new networks... I dunno...he'll ejaculate upon hearing them? are you two buddies now -
  13. We have a Forum member in Iran. Nope, just your average wood butcher that likes making saw dust. how is the weather in Texas ,is it hot enough so you can you open the doors and vent the workshops - we are still in the deep freeze down here - I've had the AC on at the house the last couple days. Last night I was in the garage putting the driver in my latest project and had to keep stopping to wipe sweat off my forehead so it wouldn't drip on the box. I put a window AC into a fellow Nurse's bedroom window when it was over 100 degrees out. She was right there wiping the sweat off my forehead as I worked. Made a lot of difference when you don't have to wipe your own sweat. still 32 farenheit over here and the nights are cooler -
  14. awesome deal - at least , you know that the speakers will be in great shape - I like the 200 dvd's for 100$ - the jewel cases cost more than a $ each- out here in NY , you would pay 2x for this - take care -
  15. the average person on the street knows that they are much better off now than before - their immediate concern , is to find a way out of poverty , heavy pollution , sickness , -and that takes time - the ones who have the chance to immigrate are very happy to leave -
  16. Randy, that is an AWESOME System Brother Maybe someday, I will find a KSP 400 locally ? Until then, the KSP 300's will have to do. The cabinets on your speakers are beautiful, mine are just basic Black. great find here , watch out for 400's , they really would make the ultimate 7.1 with your setup
  17. where did you find this badge file
  18. the built in powered subwoofers.are not the best here for the KSP 300 - and the KSP 400 is the real gem of the series - if you like the KSP 300 - the 400 would be astounding in comparison Locally, it is nearly impossible to find a KSP 300, much less a KSP 400 But subwoofers are the Least of my "worries". In my corners, I have a pair of homebrew subwoofers, that look much like the bottoms of Klipschorns. Each enclosure has a 4 ohm 15 inch Cadence Wild Beast driver in it, with ungodly XMax I have a pretty powerful pro sound amp (800 WPC into 4 ohms) driving these monsters. The drivers I used were once pretty common in car stereo SPL competition. They are 92 db efficient, and go down flat to an honest 25 hz. The box tuning is using what is called an EBS Alignment, so they are not boomy, mounted in the corners. I once owned a pair of SVS Ultra Cylinders. Awesome subwoofers. I wanted to see IF I could beat the pair of SVS Ultra's. My home made subwoofers do not blow the SVS Ultra's away, but they are a little better. I am going to pick these KSP 300's up over in Orlando (I am near Tampa) early tomorrow morning!!!!!! I have an uncovered pick up truck, and must fear the Rain. The rains this time of year are almost always in the afternoon, so hopefully, I will be back home by noon tomorrow, with my speakers. The guy also has 200 Movies (DVD's) I am buying from him for an awesome deal! - the deal sounds great - Bring a tarp or 2 and tie them around in case it rains - these are beautiful cabs that dont like water -
  19. here is a video showing A combination of KSP 400 and 300 -
  20. I guarantee it won't last that long. I actually made wind chime sets for gift for friends and it's brutal on the strings/cords. The Chinese can made as good a quality product as the importer wants to pay. They can make very, very good products. They made good products for Klipsch, but Klipsch had to pay more for those products. Once the costs were higher than the costs to build here, they brought production back to the US. Don't misunderstand me, the Chinese government is repressive and vast numbers of the population live in terrible conditions. Many who work in factories are making more than they have ever made in their lives. What we often forget is that it doesn't take as much to live over there. We can't directly compare our incomes to theirs. Bruce by our standards - they are in extreme poverty and semi-slavery to the state -and tons of child labour - they all want to leave the country and would dream of coming to the USA -
  21. That might be stretching it all a bit there. The guy was called "The Bourbon Baritone" for a reason. His career did span 55 years. He reportedly recorded over 2700 songs and about 100 albums including various compilations, but I can assure you some of them are downright brutal! I have quite a big Sinatra collection , if some of his recordinggs can be BRUTAL , I have quite a big Sinatra collection , if you consider that some of his recordings can be BRUTAL , what can we say about today's poor standards -
  22. the built in powered subwoofers.are not the best here for the KSP 300 - and the KSP 400 is the real gem of the series - if you like the KSP 300 - the 400 would be astounding in comparison
  23. The speakers are DIY. I use Altec 511B horn with 802-8G driver, JBL 077 tweeter and JBL 2235H woofer. The cabinet is MDF And Baltic birch. The veneer is sapele pommele. these speakers are true gems - congratulations -
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