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    From http://www.aes.org/aes/davecawley :

    I am a "Full Member" of the AES.

    From 2000 onwards I have specialised in record reproduction with an emphasis on pitch stability and wow and flutter. My work has been mentioned on numerous occasions in newsstand magazines all over the World.

    Latterly I have been working on early 78rpm records of both lateral and vertical modulation. I designed for my company the only precise control system in the World for accurately setting the speed of a turntable from 10-150rpm. This DDS device has 0.01rpm resolution and is measurabley accurate to 10ppm in the real world. I have now (2014) finished working on an "Owl 1" "Owl Multifilter" and "Vadlyd MD12 MK3" replacement for analogue real-time equalisation of all 78's.

    In November and December 2013 in the newsstand magazine HiFi World, I had a 4 pages 'feature article' published about the philosophy of direct drive turntables.

    I am now (06/14) working on why mono cartridges sound better on mono records than stereo cartridges used as mono.


    I first started in Audio in the late 60's as design engineer for Marriott Magnetics, where to customers' specification, I designed and specified magnetic recording heads which were used in applications from high quality audio to ticket readers for the London Underground.

    Later as the UK took to the concept of a "Music Centre", I oversaw the manufacture of 18,000 FM Stereo tuner boards a year at RMS Audio in Cavendish for the LoFi industry where RF was too difficult.

    In the 80's I was a senor design engineer for Philips Electronics in Cambridge and was solely responsible for the transmit audio processor and FM audio demodulator on the PF85 and PFX hand help radio telephone as used by the police and others throughout the world. The production run ran unaltered to over 250,000 units.

    In the 90's I specialised in radio threshold extension and audio processing of the audio telemetry channels of the NOAA weather satellites. I have given 7 lectures in the USA to NOAA and NASA scientists on the audio signal processing of their satellites and also the usage of the satellites by Universities and Third World Countries. The latest lecture was April 2013.
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  1. Heresy III on demonstration in the UK Arrived yesterday and will be on demo from Monday onwards in South Devon. We can pick you up from the nearby local mainline railway station that is only 4 stops from London. BTW the "Garage" section says no dealers so I hope it's OK here ? Thanks Dave
  2. I would look carefully to see if the stylus sill has the tiny sharp bit on the end, and also double check the tracking weigh ? Dave
  3. . We all have to start somewhere, and we all learn from our experiences and mistakes. rebuy, open them up and let me have a look at the crossover ? Dave
  4. They are low cost speakers, they will certainly use bi-polar electrolytics for the LF units and some sort of poly for the HF. That is assuming they don't just use a choke only for LF ? Why not have a look ? Dave
  5. Really nice, what/where is the case ? Thanks Dave
  6. A deputy editor of a HiFi Magazine, after he left that job and perused a different avenue, told me "thank god I don't have to pretend that power cables make a difference anymore" !! However there is a case for low cost screened ones, and that is some equipment emits EMI from their power sockets, using a screened cable stops this spraying everywhere and getting into to other stuff. I can have any cables I want, but I choose to use ordinary and thick low cost power cables. Dave
  7. And bi-wiring won't help because ? We are all waiting to hear ? Dave
  8. This sounds a good deal, can you point me to where to buy at that price, or just an external link to that product ? Thanks Dave
  9. This sounds a good deal, can you point me to where to buy at that price, or just an external link to that price ? Thanks Dave
  10. Thanks Guys We work by the river/sea where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America ! And we would love to see anyone from this Forum here. We can even collect you from a nearby mainline railway station that is a no-change line from London. These arrived yesterday, we will be installing them next Friday. Can anyone send me a Klipsch upgrade prices list or a spares price list please ? I'm having to get every part for some repairs, quoted one at a time ? Thanks Dave
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