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  1. Thats what I was wanting but gave up after leaving 4 messages and over 10 calls in the last 2 months .
  2. Im looking to sell the VTF-15H and replace it with 2 servo subs for music and use my 18" for Movies . The VTF-15H is a bit big for the front stage .
  3. I also had a PR-SC5508 and ended up selling it to a member Nice Pre Amp
  4. I always wonderd how these work so I purchased one they work awesome takes 2 min to set up
  5. I had the SC-57 and ended up selling it and wished I never did , but at that time I couldnt find another one for a decent price . I really like the class D stuff thats why I bought a D Sonic . The 4520 seemed to be the best for the $$$ thats why I bought it . I might try the new Marantz AV8801 not sure yet .
  6. 6000.00 Ill get right on that
  7. Who makes a good Pre Amp with all these bells and whistles ? Plus this has pre amp mode
  8. Im happy with mine , the rear pole gets in the way sometimes
  9. Very Nice Looking Sub I always wanted one [Y]
  10. It does not hurt anything and keeps things looking cleaner , the amp and DSP will be inside of this box the front tinted glass lifts up so I can turn on the amp maybe later I will run a switch to the back
  11. Im waiting for 1 more piece because the pre amp I have does not have a strong enough signal for Pro gear so Im not getting the full power out of the crown
  12. Interconnects/speaker wire has always been a bad topic and gets heated real quick , every person has their own beliefs which they are entitled to. []
  13. I purchased a pair of Audioquest Colorado XLR's Dac to Amp and I am very happy with them , for HT bypass and LCR I run the King Cobra cables which is more than enough. http://youtu.be/Cv3dn0sWMlI
  14. Its awesome very clear and detailed , I have a pair of Audioquest Colorado XLR's comming today for it also I cant use the HT bypass beacuse my UMC-1 died and my Anthem is in for repair also atleast I got music
  15. I guess I could of used the analog for HT , but then it also doesnt come with a remote
  16. Thanks for the offer but I pulled the trigger today on a Wyred 4 Sound Dac 2 I need a HT bypass and wasnt sure if the Bel Canto 2.5 had this option
  17. Im looking to purchase a Dac in the next day , my 2 choices are Bel Canto DAC 2.5 or Wyred 4 Sound Dac 2 any input would be great
  18. An alarm is a great idea , I got robbed also a few years ago even caught it on video since I had a couple cams and a DVR but they never did find the 2 guys . Also make sure you get a cell backup incase they cut your phone wires I had that happen at my shop .
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