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  1. Very good Condition Klipsch Forte II Upgraded Tweeter diaphragm (Crites) Pick up only Jacksonville Florida Email me at ddmex101@gmail.com
  2. krell101


    Please email me ddmex101@gmail.com if you have a Forte II passive radiator Thank you
  3. Very good condition Selling for $545 Shipping is $30 Email me at ddmex101@gmail.com
  4. I am selling a pair of K-691 less than 10 hours used. Price is $375 Shipping is free Email me at ddmex101@gmail.com
  5. LOoking for a Klipsch PWK triangle badge email me ddmex101@gmail.com Thanks
  6. krell101


    I inserted more pics for damage cloth . I am asking $2750
  7. krell101


    I edited and put the price. I will take more pictures this weekend
  8. Thanks for the information . Coming from the chief bonehead time to paint the 402 !
  9. Clear Bra protection might be a good option . Available different colors https://www.fellers.com/fellers-shopping/cat/colored-patterned-wrap-vinyls/sub/colored-wrap-vinyl/set/3m-vinyl-wrap-all-colors
  10. Anyone painted a 402? Would it affect the sound ?
  11. Mike Thanks for the pictures and instruction impressive improvement! Do you have a closeup pic of the screws from Lowes homecenter you used to cover the holes ? Thank you
  12. Selling a pair of klipsch tweeter from a Klipschorn Price is $75 and $20 shipping using priority mail email me at ddmex101@gmail.com
  13. Selling a pair of klipsch midrange removed from a Klipschorn original you can email me at ddmex101@gmail.com
  14. I just received it today paid $700 brand new i ended up selling my Khorn I will sell for $560 shipped USA email me ddmex101@gmail.com
  15. Nice theater!! Good work. How are the bassshakers? Did you put one in every chair? Is the upgrade good? Thanks
  16. Pite and everyone thanks for the advice! I will try to shop for the RF7 II and the RC64 II combo. With 3-4" of the wall hopefully it will work
  17. May be I can get away with the 4" backwall from the speaker. I just dont want any distortion or shakes from being close to wall. Thanks everyone for the advice I will try to find used 63 if not RF7 II or RF 82II depending budget.
  18. Thanks for all your comments. My room size is 8ft ceiling 13X23 ft room dimension. My only concern now before I purchase is the speaker will be too close to the wall only 3"-4" because of the stage im building for the theater. The back port air might be a concern being too close to the wall. I created another thread about the wall to speaker spacing.
  19. Is it worth the $1300 upgrade? i am currenly using A martin logan montage and cinema but recently heard a ksf at friends house and was blown away by the sound.
  20. It is the back wall. I will post pic sometime next week.
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