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  1. Selling a pair for $300 plus shipping email me at ddmex101@gmail.com
  2. I wonder if they changed something crossover cf4 V1 and Cf3 V1 since the woofers are not the same .
  3. Is the CF-3 V1 crossover the same as the CF-4 V1 crossover ? Are the ports circumference the same ? Thanks
  4. How do you remove the front panel ? i saw this picture on this thread and I don’t see any screws in front .
  5. I have a C4 V3 the crossover wire are different . One is made 95 and one is 96 Would it affect the sound ? Also I marked one picture it’s different color .
  6. Jacksonville Florida area email me ddmex101@gmail.com thank you!
  7. Very good Condition Klipsch Forte II Upgraded Tweeter diaphragm (Crites) Pick up only Jacksonville Florida Email me at ddmex101@gmail.com
  8. krell101


    Please email me ddmex101@gmail.com if you have a Forte II passive radiator Thank you
  9. Very good condition Selling for $545 Shipping is $30 Email me at ddmex101@gmail.com
  10. I am selling a pair of K-691 less than 10 hours used. Price is $375 Shipping is free Email me at ddmex101@gmail.com
  11. LOoking for a Klipsch PWK triangle badge email me ddmex101@gmail.com Thanks
  12. krell101


    I inserted more pics for damage cloth . I am asking $2750
  13. krell101


    I edited and put the price. I will take more pictures this weekend
  14. Thanks for the information . Coming from the chief bonehead time to paint the 402 !
  15. Clear Bra protection might be a good option . Available different colors https://www.fellers.com/fellers-shopping/cat/colored-patterned-wrap-vinyls/sub/colored-wrap-vinyl/set/3m-vinyl-wrap-all-colors
  16. Anyone painted a 402? Would it affect the sound ?
  17. Mike Thanks for the pictures and instruction impressive improvement! Do you have a closeup pic of the screws from Lowes homecenter you used to cover the holes ? Thank you
  18. Selling a pair of klipsch tweeter from a Klipschorn Price is $75 and $20 shipping using priority mail email me at ddmex101@gmail.com
  19. Selling a pair of klipsch midrange removed from a Klipschorn original you can email me at ddmex101@gmail.com
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