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  1. Many of these type post have a lot of generalizations.  There are no articles that I have read with science behind them stating that a speaker adequately power by and avr will be lifted to new heights by hooking it up to a power amp.  In General, more watts are better to have than less watts.  It is generally recommended to have twice the speaker RMS power.  Most of us with 200 or 250 watts speakers don't use amps that strong.  Why, speaker efficiency is a key part in the power needs of the system.  Subwoofers are use for the heavy lifting of the LF's in an HT using a XO at 80 Hz.  This will dramatically cut the other speakers power requirements.


    The final decision will be for the OP.  He needs to know how loud he listens.




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  2. There is a post in the tube amp section on how to see how much power you really need..  I commonly run the system all out and have never blew speaker.  I can't say the same for subs, lol. I don't have a problem with outboard amps, I have one.  I just don't recommend everyone needs them.  The question which systems benefit from them!

  3. Just take the case of an RF 7 with a sensitivity of 101.  One watt is 101 db, 10 watt is about 110 db.  Having 300 -400 watts is meaningless.  With some low sensitivity speakers, the story changes a bit as Zen Traveler said, woofer control should not be a problem if enough power is provided by an amp or avr.

  4. 5 hours ago, RAzZin said:

    It's not only about the power AVR \ amplifier provides but the quality of sound, ability to control the speakers to get the best out of it is also very important. Yes, you can usually sacrifice more when you watch movies compared to listening to stereo music, but still... the better amps are the better movies will sound, and all AVRs have entry level amplifiers only. Separate video processor with all external amps is the way to get the best sound, so the closer to this setup you are the better wound will be.

    You must not have experience with many top tier avr's.  The top Pioneer lines don't give up much to a power amp.  Pioneer will give you all channels driven.  I have used these avr's with 4 or 5 two hundred watt power amps, the only reason I need the power amp is for accessory speakers.  The Class D3 amps  are as clean as any power amp under $6000.  The connectivity is very nice which an amp does not have. The power supply and preamp are in separate compartments.  Avr's are not necessarily inferior to amp/preamp combo.  They are made by larger companies that have the power of comparative advantage.  This can allow them to deliver a comparable unit at way less than an amp/preamp combo with more options.  Never say always in audio.

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  5. First, let's consider the speakers you mentioned.  The 620 would be my choice over the 610.  I don't know your budget but, jumping up to the RP line would be nice.  I know it is more money but, if you can save the extra money over the next couple of months, it can be a nice X-mas present.

  6. If you don;t experiment in the danger zone of 0 db, you may not need an amp as Gary stated.  I for one, commonly crank things to 0 db on the avr. I use an external amp but, the BS and SS and center are powered by the amp.  My avr will swing around 270 watts at 4 ohms.  So, power for the front L and R is not an issue in a 43-4600 cu ft. room sitting about 18 ft. away.  The avr is on par with the separate power amp.

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  7. I finished up my day at one of the local grocery store. My wife and I notice a little festive area with loud music and a sizeable crowd.  It was time to take a detour and check it out.  It was Bo Jackson's 8 city burger battle.  The winning chef received a trophy, autographed baseball bat and something else.  We tasted food from all the 8 chef's station.  The Bo Jackson walked over and ask me, why didn't tell you wife there was on her face.  We both looked surprised.  I quickly replied, I don't know what Bo knows, lol.


    20181008_172628 2.jpg

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  8. 15 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

    The Pumpkinator comes out next Monday.

    Yes, The Great Pumpkin is our next holiday.  I will stay tuned to what Charlie Brown is tweeting, lol.

    Charliebrown Thanksgiving GIF - Charliebrown Thanksgiving Lucy GIFs



    What does this have to do with Columbus Day?  It's just cool to do!

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    On 9/26/2018 at 9:45 AM, Kris said:

    The center channel is still a full range channel and the center speaker ideally would be full-range and flat across entire frequency range.

    Bah, Humbug, in the era of modern HT.  Modern systems are designed to have speakers of varying sensitivities and frequency responses.  It assume that the system has a subwoofer/s to handle the lower frequencies.  There is no benefit to have all the speakers of the same size or frequency response since this can be handle by a good avr/DSP program.  By virtue of the various speakers locations in the room, the frequency response of the  same size speakers in an HT will be different even if identical speakers are used.  Trying to match the variou speaker in the low end is of no benefit.


    If you are into HT, it is paramount to get a good avr or avp/amp to blend every speakers. You can't use one parameter to figure out the optimum setup.  Audio engineers put in a lot of R&D in developing a center channel.  I run an RF 7 system and just set all the speakers to small and take full advantage of the avr's DSP.  More full range speakers in the HT usually means more problems with bass management and reverb.

  10. Why not get the matching in-wall speaker for the Mains? You don't loose performance with good in-wall speakers.  I was a an HT in Virginia with 4 rolls and all in-wall speakers and it was off the hook.  I currently use 8 in-wall speakers and wish I would have made the change sooner.  It will be neat and clean.

  11. 45 minutes ago, YK Thom said:

    Happy Thanksgiving long weekend to one and all north of the border. Although Monday is officially Thanksgiving, many if not most have thier dinner on the Sunday. My bird is now in the oven and I’ll soon start sipping wine and working on the rest of the menu. Feels like a Bill Evans kind of Sunday, and the discs are already pulled and ready to be played.

    Thanksgiving Monday will be devoted to a couple pints, leftovers and a CFL double header. Calgary squaring off against Montreal followed by the big one: Edmonton vs Saskatchewan.

    Columbus Day greetings to all my American friends.


    Happy Thanksgiving to you.  We can't feast til next month.  That's the official start  of the holiday season and w whole bunch of eating until Jan. 1st.

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