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  1. Pictures on the posting are almost a requirement around here. Also, this is not an auction style site, you should post an asking price. Here is your original posting with photos: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/124123.aspx Good luck with your sale. P.S. I have the a 1958 shorthorn SPR-15 with University drivers and the Stevens Tru-sonic woofer, they look great.
  2. Well, back on point. Welcome to the forum, normally the reception is politer. Do your research, eBay (sold) prices are around that, then you have to ship them and you haven't heard them in person first. I don't know what the local prices are around there. In the Chicago area, for a nice pair they are normally $800-$1200 range. For your area, it might be a fair price. You asked if it is worth the asking price, the speakers are worth whatever price a person is willing to pay. It depends on the motivation of the buyer and the seller. If you are willing to wait, you will eventually going to find a cheaper pair. If you want Cornwalls now and you like the black finish, then go check them out. If you like them, take them home and start enjoying them. Good luck.
  3. Selling a pair of Klipsch Chorus speaker. Sound great, crisp with perfect highs and lows. Very powerful speakers. Asking 520 for them or best offer. No low balling. Thanks http://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/mcy/3680673266.html No affiliation.
  4. opusk2k9


    I wasn't sure if they were Tangent 500 or Tangent 5000.
  5. I regretfully passed, but I know that I will regret it. They are truely the nicest looking Heresy that I have seen, but I don't have a good place to show them off at this time.
  6. opusk2k9


    Not sure what model these are: http://baltimore.craigslist.org/ele/3679348205.html
  7. 2 Klipsch speakers. Great sound - these speakers put out some killer sound with 1000 amps! 28 high x 16 wide x 11 deep We just moved to Parker and I don't have the room for them. $75 each - please email me your name and phone number if you are interested. Cash only -no spammers! Thank you. http://denver.craigslist.org/ele/3672855266.html Good deal. No affiliation.
  8. Great speakers - super loud, accurate. Black stain finish, everything works properly. Heavy and huge. This is old school 2 channel stereo blow your face off - you feel it when you crank these not like today's tiny BS lightweight stuff. They sound OK at low volume but these really shine when cranked. These are not for a small room (why I am giving them up). $300 obo...you pick up in Des Peres. These have a few scratches/dings on them, not perfect - Klipsch logo missing on one of the covers but they sound amazing just like when they were new. One owner - I bought theses from custom sounds back in the late 80's. Havn't seen much use in many years (wife/kids don't appreciate high volume) but they've been in my house always air conditioned / humidifed, etc - never in garage or outside. call 314-397-4737 or reply by email. http://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/3670185672.html Great deal, just don't feel like the drive. No affiliation.
  9. I have 2 of these subwoofers, they are very nice. Good luck with your sale.
  10. Likely black, but I can't tell for sure from the photo and they don't mention in the description. http://syracuse.craigslist.org/ele/3655035743.html
  11. Very nice looking. Exactly what I want, I wish they were closer. Thanks for sharing the post.
  12. opusk2k9


    Here are some Tangent 5000s: http://southbend.craigslist.org/ele/3655650611.html Not sure what these are: http://richmond.craigslist.org/ele/3541546986.html
  13. Two Klipsch kg4 speakers. No cables. Cash only. 11" x 16" x 27.5". http://fortcollins.craigslist.org/ele/3657157575.html No affiliation.
  14. The ones in Chicago, I believe he started at $200, then $1200 (I told him he was crazy), he dropped them to $800 and told me he would take $400, he dropped, them to $600 and ended up selling them for $400.
  15. I have 3 pairs of La Scalas (AL, AL-3, AA) and a pair of Klispchorns with AK-2. I was planning to sell the pair of La Scalas with AL crossovers. So, I was thinking of upgrading (technically backdating) the AK-2 to the AAs. If I had sold some gear faster, I would have picked up the pair of AL-3s that were on eBay. However, I couldn't pass on this deal.
  16. Rare Klipsch 15" Reference Subwoofer Model RSW-15. 2400Watts. Cherry Veneer. Perfect working order. $950.00 Firm. The RSW-15 surpasses the performance of a conventional 21" single-driver subwoofer through intelligent engineering. Pairing a heart-throbbing 15" rear-firing Cerametallic™ active driver with a 3-inch voice coil and 30-pound motor assembly with a 15" front-firing passive radiator gives you more surface area than a 21" subwoofer in a much smaller footprint. Contact 715- Five Four Two- 3 ONE One 6 SPECIFICATIONS AMPLIFIER: BASH® digital hybrid AUTO POWER ON: 2 second ON delay, 15 minute OFF delay BUILT FROM: 2001 DIMENSIONS: 19.2" (48.8cm) x 18.6" (47.2cm) x 24.5" (62.2cm) ENCLOSURE MATERIAL: MDF ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bass reflex via passive radiator FINISHES: Cherry, Black wood veneer FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 19-120Hz (+-)3dB INPUTS: 2) Line level RCA phono jacks, Lowpass Enable / Disable switch for LFE mode LOW PASS CROSSOVER: Continuously variable from 40-120Hz, 36dB/octave slope above 120Hz MAX CONTINUOUS OUTPUT: 121dB @ 30Hz 1/8 space, 1 meter OUTPUTS: 2) Line level RCA phono jacks (unfiltered) PHASE: Switchable 0 or 180 degrees POWER HANDLING: FTC Rated Power: 650 watts continuous, 30-110Hz @ <1% THD / Dynamic Power*: 2400 watts @ <1% THD / *Dynamic power indicates the actual power this amplifier will deliver to the woofer under normal oper VOLTAGE: 110/120 VAC 60Hz WEIGHT: 85 lbs. (38.6kg) WOOFER: K-1114-T 15" (38.1cm) rear-firing Cerametallic® cone, cast aluminum frame active / KD-20-T 15" (38.1cm) front-firing Cerametallic® cone, cast aluminum frame passive No Affiliation.
  17. FREE FREE FREE - Used TWO Klipsch Speakers Model KP250 Six 1' x 1 1/2'. Were used in a church - one works for sure - not certain of the function of the 2nd speaker. Pick-up ONLY - call 443-465-9358 PLEASE - ONLY SERIOUS TAKERS... http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/zip/3630611634.html No affiliation.
  18. Nice looking speakers. Good price on a great speaker (I own a few pair myself). Good luck with your sale.
  19. Selling an Awesome set of Klipsch Speakers. Over $3000.00 like new, need the money selling them for ONLY $1500 Or best offer. showing a few pics here, but have more if you want to see more pics. let me know. http://dayton.craigslist.org/ele/3587454570.html No affiliation.
  20. Pair of Klipsch RF7 Brand new these speakers were $2,200/pr http://www.klipsch.com/klipsch-classic-rf-7-floorstanding-speaker *one of these speakers needs 1 driver replaced. It is still functional but makes a noise at lower frequencies that can be heard ~ 10% of the time. Pair of Klipsch RB5 Brand new these speakers were $800/pr http://www.klipsch.com/rb-5-bookshelf-speaker Pair of Klipsch RC7 Brand new this speaker was $800/ea http://www.klipsch.com/rc-7-center-speaker I also have available a 5.1 channel Yamaha. RX-V665 Asking $250. This model has RCA outputs for all 5.1 channels. Allowing you to add a stand alone amplifier. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4487035 With that, I also have a B&K Reference 200.2 Amplifier. 200watts x 2 channels. Great for the RF-7's. Asking $450. Originally $1,200 http://www.audioreview.com/cat/amplification/amplifiers/b-and-k-components/reference-200-2-s2/prd_328883_1583crx.aspx The above review is on the S2. I have the Series 1. Minor differences. http://columbus.craigslist.org/ele/3619958686.html No affiliation.
  21. I am selling my 2 Klipsch Chorus speakers in excellent condition. these are highly desired and my speakers are in perfect sounding condition. these seakers sound incredible, and we are the original owners! TWEETER: K-79-K 1" (2.54cm) Polymer diaphragm compression driver WEIGHT: 89 lbs. (40.4kg) WOOFER: K-48-E 15" (38.1cm) Fiber-composite cone active / KD-16 15" (38.1cm) Fiber-composite cone passive DIMENSIONS: 39" (99.06cm) x 18.5" (46.99cm) x 15.5" (39.37cm) the only flaws are that there are minor scratches on top of them from pictures that we have kept on top of the speakers I accept cash only and you must pick up locally. I can demo them for you in person if needed. I urge you to competitively price them and compare the condition and price to these. You wont be disappointed. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/ele/3623418713.html No affiliation.
  22. Congratulations! Great deal on a great speaker.
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