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  1. Nice! That's cool you made it over there Tar-Chuck! One day maybe... one day... Hope it was a good time!
  2. Mostly unrelated, but I also wondered who the first person to make cottage cheese was and how they came to the conclusion that they were done.
  3. dubs - Mine are the Klipsch SW 115's.
  4. Very nice! Very classy! BTW - if you all haven't heard/watched Hans Zimmer Live in Prague - I highly recommend it! Crimson Tide is just fantastic on that!
  5. Good morning CC&C Crew (at least still so in Alaska)! Just wanted to say hi and that I really enjoy reading this thread even though I so randomly post and flee again! Have a rarity in my world in that last week I spent 10 days in Hawaii with my wife, the boys and her parents. We had a GREAT time! Natural Vitamin D in Feb/Mar for Alaskans is wonderful! (also why they have almost daily full flights direct from Anchorage to Maui! ) Home this week and leave Saturday for Florence and Rome with my mother. I've never done back to back trips like this, but I am so grateful to be able to spend quality time with my family! It's still bouncing between 6 and 26 right now - but with the clock flip Saturday night - It will probably be light out until 7:30ish @ night (from 3:15 on Dec 21) and spring should finally feel like it's commencing! Aloha and Ciao! Hope you're all well! One day I hope to make the trip to Hope and meet a bunch of you!
  6. Good point - that sounded bad re-reading it - I simply meant having the car headed to Mars. I understand the why - I think it's a remarkable achievement!
  7. Good share - this truly blows my mind! Private enterprise and a man just sent his roadster on a trip to Mars?!... This is such a tangible demonstration of possibilities and dreams coming true! Completely impractical, but a brilliantly executed test. What are the possibilities from here?! My inner eight year old is lit up right now!
  8. That WAS an exciting Super Bowl! Nice to see a little steam vent in the market (I think it's a good thing periodically), it's been up SO much for over a year. Little pullback and then forward to new highs.
  9. I encourage everyone to add Alaska to their bucket list. It's beautiful and worth the visit!
  10. Spenard hasn't changed much sadly. Wasilla however, is a completely different place since '82-'83. The whole valley has a population of roughly 100,000 people now.
  11. Yep - we're in the Shangri-La of the Matanuska Valley - wheee!!!
  12. Happy Belated Chuck! Four years is quite a run! Did you ever think when you started this?... We're on our third straight day of 50-60mph winds. It's soul crushing at this point, ready for it to move on. Air temp is 16, windchill is - miserable - to put it in scientific terms. Coffee is a saving grace! Have a good rest of the week everyone!
  13. Happy Friday All! After a week of snow - it's starting to look a lot more like home for us this time of year (vs the 40's and RAIN!!). Trying a local coffee med roast it's pretty smooth - props to them! If any of you are looking for entertainment options for the weekend - I would recommend The Greatest Showman. Saw it at the insistence of a family member and my wife and I were VERY pleasantly surprised. We see why it's becoming a word of mouth classic! TONS of talent - I dare say even if musicals aren't your thing. It's very well done! Anyway - that is all! Enjoy the weekend working folk; retired folk - happy next day! OH! And a book recommendation - Ghost Soldiers - about the Philippine Liberation in WWII, fascinating story! I have NO problems in my life - those men were TOUGH!
  14. They're great - thank you for asking! We have a 7.9 earthquake and I somehow sleep right through it! Only one drawer opened in the kitchen- so we did pretty well. Granted it was a couple of hundred miles south of us. It was the entire facebook feed this morning. Feel like I missed out on a big event! :-)
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