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  1. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Very nice! Very classy! BTW - if you all haven't heard/watched Hans Zimmer Live in Prague - I highly recommend it! Crimson Tide is just fantastic on that!
  2. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Good morning CC&C Crew (at least still so in Alaska)! Just wanted to say hi and that I really enjoy reading this thread even though I so randomly post and flee again! Have a rarity in my world in that last week I spent 10 days in Hawaii with my wife, the boys and her parents. We had a GREAT time! Natural Vitamin D in Feb/Mar for Alaskans is wonderful! (also why they have almost daily full flights direct from Anchorage to Maui! ) Home this week and leave Saturday for Florence and Rome with my mother. I've never done back to back trips like this, but I am so grateful to be able to spend quality time with my family! It's still bouncing between 6 and 26 right now - but with the clock flip Saturday night - It will probably be light out until 7:30ish @ night (from 3:15 on Dec 21) and spring should finally feel like it's commencing! Aloha and Ciao! Hope you're all well! One day I hope to make the trip to Hope and meet a bunch of you!
  3. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Good point - that sounded bad re-reading it - I simply meant having the car headed to Mars. I understand the why - I think it's a remarkable achievement!
  4. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Good share - this truly blows my mind! Private enterprise and a man just sent his roadster on a trip to Mars?!... This is such a tangible demonstration of possibilities and dreams coming true! Completely impractical, but a brilliantly executed test. What are the possibilities from here?! My inner eight year old is lit up right now!
  5. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    That WAS an exciting Super Bowl! Nice to see a little steam vent in the market (I think it's a good thing periodically), it's been up SO much for over a year. Little pullback and then forward to new highs.
  6. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I encourage everyone to add Alaska to their bucket list. It's beautiful and worth the visit!
  7. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Spenard hasn't changed much sadly. Wasilla however, is a completely different place since '82-'83. The whole valley has a population of roughly 100,000 people now.
  8. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Yep - we're in the Shangri-La of the Matanuska Valley - wheee!!!
  9. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    You ask good questions. sigh...
  10. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Happy Belated Chuck! Four years is quite a run! Did you ever think when you started this?... We're on our third straight day of 50-60mph winds. It's soul crushing at this point, ready for it to move on. Air temp is 16, windchill is - miserable - to put it in scientific terms. Coffee is a saving grace! Have a good rest of the week everyone!
  11. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Happy Friday All! After a week of snow - it's starting to look a lot more like home for us this time of year (vs the 40's and RAIN!!). Trying a local coffee med roast it's pretty smooth - props to them! If any of you are looking for entertainment options for the weekend - I would recommend The Greatest Showman. Saw it at the insistence of a family member and my wife and I were VERY pleasantly surprised. We see why it's becoming a word of mouth classic! TONS of talent - I dare say even if musicals aren't your thing. It's very well done! Anyway - that is all! Enjoy the weekend working folk; retired folk - happy next day! OH! And a book recommendation - Ghost Soldiers - about the Philippine Liberation in WWII, fascinating story! I have NO problems in my life - those men were TOUGH!
  12. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    They're great - thank you for asking! We have a 7.9 earthquake and I somehow sleep right through it! Only one drawer opened in the kitchen- so we did pretty well. Granted it was a couple of hundred miles south of us. It was the entire facebook feed this morning. Feel like I missed out on a big event! :-)
  13. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    WillyBob - BUY THEM!! I have a pair that I bought for (overkill) rear surrounds and I'm tempted to pull them down and use them for two channel. I played with them that way for a couple of months (2 channel) before I put them on the wall and I LOVE them! I'm a fan of the front facing port (I know not all are), but I think they sound wonderful! If they're on the cheap - GET THEM - I'm confident you will not be disappointed! And as dtel said - you can sell them if you don't like them. (Someone will take them!) Good luck! Enjoy!! (think you could use parenthesis this much in one post?) game on!
  14. This is it Guys

    Congrats! That's very exciting!
  15. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    As Sonny & Cher used to say, "The 'bean' goes on..."