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  1. I'm interested in all Lyle Lovette and all James Taylor used i.e. 5 cd's. No hurries No worries! thanx d
  2. Sorrow is my favorite; in fact it ties with Ritual [Yes] as the best R&R song ever!
  3. I think my OPPO 203 just needs a good cleaning but I can not find how to get it looked at, does anyone know a phone number or good link to DVD repair? Would you think another place would clean heads on this???? Thanx for your time! d
  4. I got the 205 as soon as it was available. Now it doesn't recognize any media I put in it form 4K to CD's. I want to send it back for a refab but havrny seen on the webpage how to do this. Do any of you OPPOISTS know what I'm missing? Thanks much! d
  5. When I powered my LaScallas with my Manly Stingray and closed my eyes it was as if I was on stage! I could stand in front of the bass player doing a solo, when the singer kicked in I'd stand by him, I loved it! I still run Lascallas, but stacked for each channel and each speaker with SET amps; great but not the same. d
  6. My low brow Oppo 203 setup is a prototype Quicksilver preamp into 4 home made [not by me] 203 SET amps, that drive stacked La Scala in a 2 channel configuration. Oh I have a 55 SONY 4K TV, that I will sell cheap to a Alaskan so I can get a LG 55" OLED 4k [the OLED55B7A one with crappy audio] The Oppo sometimes pixles up and freezes also...anyone else notice this? Last night while watching Intersteller I got the Cinavia error message, boy that was fun.
  7. Hooked up the 4KOPPO to the SONY 55"4K screen and 4 LaScala 2 channel and watched Martian and it was SPECTACULAR! I am going to only get movies that deserve 4kDVD but I am glad i upgraded the video!
  8. As BUSH said "Mission Accomplished" ThanX guys, I got 5 tube amps warmed up and the new Oppo to check out DAVE out!
  9. He is lucky to have a job, they are shutting down up there.
  10. There is never enough snow and it ain't cold enough. (global warming is a myth
  11. He must live in Fairbanks, There is another Kmember up here, he lives in the bush somewhere, I'd like to hear his setup. I have checked out MANY of the beer Breweries up here and brew myself and have a little reflux going on too.
  12. Looks like they are already gone! I got 2 sets for $900 each and love em.
  13. Pretty darn good for the shape i'm in! Thanx for your service, I got drafted up here in 68!
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