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  1. You cannot send DD+, TrueHD, or DTS-HD-MA via bitstream to your receiver for it to decode using PS3. The HDMI chip in the PS3 is not capable of it. To get the advanced audio you have to send it as PCM.
  2. You do realize you are contradicting your own post with that statement, right? If you read in the portion of my post which you quoted - I specifically identified Blade Runner as one of the re-mastered titles - just like you did several days later. Fact of the matter is - the majority of the old titles (~70%) being released on HD or BR are NOT being re-mastered before being put on the shelf. They are simply up-scaled - even at 29fps - less than half the frame rate of HD, and it does show. The other 30% of old titles (ala Blade Runner, 5th Element, the original Star Trek series, all the Star Trek movies, Halloween) which have been remastered of course look worlds better. But if you are trying to say that ALL released titles look better on a BR/HD disc vs. an SD disc... you are the one who could not be further from the truth, and are actually huying into the studio hype. But hey - if you want to blow your coin on purchasing a new copy of Ferris Beuller's Day Off which you already own on a different format and convince yourself it looks better than letting your HiDef deck upscale your SD version... enjoy. All they did was transfer it from the production master for the SD DVD to the HD format, with no re-mastering. Don't believe me if you don't want to... perform the test yourself. Those of us that have already know better than to blow a bunch of money re-investing in the media library, nevermind the fact that only a select handful of titles would actually be worth re-purchasing anyhow, even if they were lost in a fire. $.02 Not sure where you are getting some of your data from. Warmer does remaster their products, they actually scan them at a much higher resolution than HD and then convert them to 1080p. None of the Star Trek movies have been released on HD DVD no has Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Filming is done at 24fps not 60. To get to 60, which is what the refresh rate of quite a few televisions are today, the players have to convert to 24fps movie to 60fps. There are bad transfers done all the time by the studios, some are related to the filming, and some are related to the people at the studio simply doing a bad job. To say that 70% of the old (or library) material is simply upconverted is not true at all.
  3. There are anchors made that can securely hold something to stone, just don't ever plan on removing them. I don't know of any easy way to find studs behind stone or brick unless you know their spacing and where the first one is. Wouldn't mounting your plasma above the fire place put it rather high for viewing? I know personally I wouldn't want to look up at the TV watching a movie.
  4. Does speaker wire really matter? No it doesn't; unless you are talking about gauge, resistance, and length. RF7RULES, this is a message board, not a FPS game online. Having your Caps Lock on isn't "cool" here.
  5. The report that the S3 totals did not inclued the box set originated by Blu-ray.com. Once you look at the Neilsen numbers several of the other movies in the top 10 that had been out for multiple weeks would have had to double in sales for that week in order to justify the claim that the 131k claimed for S3 individual disc sales. There was no data or reason to show that those discs suddenly would have doubled in sales over the previous week. I think it was more that a bunch of Blu-ray fanbois wanting to believe that S3 did better than Transformers in individual disc sales.
  6. I have an A2 and the audio is not limited, I can get MPCM fine over HDMI. Perhaps your friends receiver has an issue with audio over HDMI or he is trying to send a PCM signal over optical which cannot be done. The HD DVD players, for the most part, are significanlty cheaper than their Blu-ray counterparts. Samsung also makes a dual player. Neither HD DVD or Blu-ray will be going anywhere for a while. Both formats are fairly established for the time being, that is why I own both formats. One thing to keep in mind about studio support and the directors is that much of Speilberg's movies are owned by the studios and not him. So the suppot of the director will have no impact on one of the products they directed coming out on a format. People like Lucas and Speilberg may be able to keep their movies from being released but very few other directors have that much clout. Sales to date is around 3:2 in favor of Blu-ray not 2:1 or 3:1. Spiderman 3 only sold 131k copies and that was when you combine the individual release total with the trilogy box set. (Using Neilsen's numbers there is no way that they would have sold 131k of the S3 individually because it would put too many other spikes in numbers of other disc sales to make sense, sales of many other discs would have had to double when compared to the previous weeks totals and there is just no data to justify a jump in sales like that). In any case 131k is hardly a huge number when compared to the SD DVD sales each week. Prices for HD media have come down some in recent weeks and HD DVD and Blu-ray are pretty much the same in price, except for Fox who IMO thinks way too highly of their products, and the combo discs which I've read will now be priced the same as any other HD DVD. Neither format is truly inferior, the biggest problem I have with Blu-ray is the majority of the players out there do not meet the 1.1 spec and there are very few 1.1 players being released. Blu-ray is still adding features that HD DVD had when their first players were released. BD+ is a pain to deal with, everyone complains about the long boot time for the Toshiba players, BD+ on the discs pretty much puts the time from start up to playing a movie the same on my Panasonic as my A2.
  7. Correct, none of the advanced audio formats (True HD, DD+, DTS-HD, etc..) can be sent over optical or coaxial, there just isn't the bandwidth to do it. The sound will be downgraded to DD or DTS (depending on the settings in the player) and passed to the receiver over the optical connection.
  8. Your Pioneer unit will have no problem accepting MPCM over HDMI.
  9. All HD DVD players can decode True HD in the player and pass it as PCM to the receiver via analog(if the player is equiped with them) or HDMI connections. Most Blu-ray players, including the PS3 can decode True HD as well, but you need to check the specifications to make sure it does (I think all of the new ones out now do). Right now there are very few players that can decode DTS-HD or DTS-MA or pass either one to a receiver to decode. The PS3 currently is not one of those players, but it is expected that this functionality will be added in a future update. The only cable that can pass the advanced audio either as bitstream for the receiver to decode or PCM that has been decoded in the player is a HDMI cable(not including analog connections that send a decoded signal to your receiver that way), you cannot send it over optical or coaxial connections, the best those connections can do is send the DTS core or DD core (basically what you get on a regular DVD ) to your receiver. If your receiver has HDMI connections and is at least 1.1 you should be able to get the decoded audio formats sent to your receiver as PCM with the decoding being done in the player. You will get the full advanced audio that way. It is unknown if the PS3 will be upgraded to let the PS3 decode DTS-HD/DTS-MA and send it as PCM or if it will only send it to a receiver as a bitstream signal for the receiver to decode. Also from what I've been reading not all 1.3 players will send bitstream signals to the receiver to decode.
  10. Currently there are no content producers that I am aware of that use that flag to downconvert to 540p. He should be getting the full 1080i over component.
  11. The vast majority of HD movies have lossless sound. It is much better than your standard DD or DTS you get on SD DVDs
  12. Why was he sending DD+ over HDMI when there is a TrueHD track available for the player to decode and send as PCM over HDMI? As it stands right now there are no players out that will send Bitstream over HDMI to a 1.3 receiver, not that there is anything wrong with being ready for when they finally do release players that will. The TrueHD is a compressed lossless track whereas DD+ is a lossy track. You do need to set up the decoding properly in the player so it will send the stream correctly to the receiver, he probably set it up as PCM instead of Auto. When set as PCM it does all of the decoding in the player and converts it to PCM and sends it to the receiver to play. The Auto setting sends DD, DTS, and DD+ to the receiver as bitstream for it to decode and converts the advanced codecs to PCM before sending them to the player to decode. EDIT: I have my HD DVD player and my Blu-ray player connected to my Yamaha RXV-861 (HDMI 1.2a) via HDMI. I generally don't listen to the DD+ track when I have a TrueHD or LPCM track available.
  13. That selection of free Blu-Ray discs is really not that great. I don't think there are five discs on there that I would like to own. If you do like the selection and want to get a Blu-Ray player, get the new Pannasonic BD10A, it comes with 5 pretty good discs (Pirates 1 & 2, The Transporter, Crash, and Fantastic Four) and I believe it too is eligible for the 5 additional ones too so you end up getting 10 out of the deal.
  14. People don't hate Sony as much as they distrust them. Alot of people remember the Rootkit fiasco about a year ago, that alone turns alot of people off of Blu-ray Then there is the numerous failed formats Sony has been behind, formats like Betamax, Minidisc, SACD (which I acutally like), and that god awful Memory Stick. After those failures, alot of people are unwilling to get behind Sony on this format as well. The PS3 isn't going to win this war. The vast majority of PS3 owners probably don't have HDTV's so there is no incentive to pay a premium for a Blu-ray movie when they will see no difference in quality when compared to a regular DVD. I guarantee you that there will not be 95% of PS3 owners trying out Blu-ray at some point.
  15. The reason the local affiliates won't grant you a waiver to get the network feeds over the Sat is $$$. If it were known that they routinely grant waivers to people living in their broadcast area it would affect the advertising money they could get for commercials they air locally.
  16. XM also has Football and Basketball for the ACC, Pac 10 and Big 10 Conferences which is a large percentage of the college football fanbase. Sirius does not have 75% of college football and basketball. The cover somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 teams, some of which are the likes of Harvard, Cornell, and Western Kentucky. Really its a matter of personal preference and I prefer XM.
  17. There is no reason they cannot meet that February 26th date. 6 months is more than enough time to build that home.
  18. Guys if you want to keep the cats away from your speakers go to your local PetsMart or Petco and look for some of the sprays that are designed to keep the cats away or off off things. You'll probably find it near the cat shampoos. One product I believe is called "Kitty No" and Pet Organics makes a Product called No Stay Furniture Spray. Just spray the carpet around the speakers regularly and the cats will stay away from it. If you still have a problem with the cat climbing inside the port you could try to spray it on the plastic around the port or if you can get your hand inside the port find a small piece of cloth that you can spray it on and set in the bottom of your speakers, that should keep the cat out. We use it around our Christmas tree every year and it keeps the cats away from it, they will stand just outside the area we sprayed and look at the tree but the won't go under it. After a while you will probably be able to stop spraying becuase the cat will be trained to stay away from it.
  19. I have a 50" Samsung myself. One thing you want to check out is the repair records of some of the models, because you definitely want to stay away from the bad ones. One model (I think it was Zenith or maybe RCA) had a horrible record. Another thing you may need to consider is the width of the unit. If you plan on purchasing a new entertainment center, like I had to do to keep the wife happy, you will need to take that into consideration. I had an opportunity to get a good deal on a Toshiba, which looked as good as the Samsung to me, but the speakers on the sides of the Toshiba made it too big for any entertainment center we could find and even then I would have not had enough room for my RF-3's to sit on either side of it because the wall it would be on had a door in it.
  20. I've been trying to send you a second PM, but I keep getting errors. If you can please drop me an e-mail at the address in the first PM I sent you. Thanks Edit: My last message may have gone through. I hope you don't have 8 or 9 in your inbox. I apologize if you do.
  21. I think I would be contacting the seller. The description says the cabinet color is black.
  22. In order to fully use the Tivo you need to be subscribed to the service through DirecTV. Like other said it is only $5 a month more and that $5 covers all of your DirecTivo units. You don't need to pay $5 for each DirecTivo unit you have. Turst me I have a SD DirecTivo and a HD DirecTivo and the $5 a month is well worth the expense.
  23. I agree the buidler should be called out a bit, but if construction has already started he is bargaining from a much weaker position because he already has a signed contract to purchase the house. $1200 does sound high, IMO a price to prewire should be around half that, but not knowing the codes in the area, prewiring the house for 5.1 could be something that his local building official requires that it be submitted to the permitting authority before it can be done. That means new plans, and someone having to drive to the permit office to submit the plans for approval.
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