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  1. I still have a bit of finishing to do but I'm more or less done and thought I would show them off... K107Ti Tweeters K61K Squawkers CW1526 Woofers CWIII Crossovers
  2. The K28E is the factory replacement for both Forte woofers now... I wound have replaced both at the same time but if you call Klipsch they will sell you (or the potential purchaser) a replacement for the K25E.
  3. I've decided to go ahead and give this another try... despite all the fun I had last time
  4. If you're not one for working on stereos yourself, check out Audio Mart Service Center off 80th and Metcalf... Bench fee is $50 and he'll call you with an est before doing the work. He's generally pretty fair. I had him work on a few Yamaha's a while back and he did a good job. I've also checked out The Electronic Center off 79th and Metcalf (oddly enough) and would personally not recommend them.
  5. Ok, just as an update... I ended up coming into a pair of CWIII Rev A crossovers and after wiring one of them up, as you would probably expect, everything sounded much better! And after listening to the K107/K57/K33/CWIII vs the K77/K57/K33/B3, I will definitely be sticking with the K107/CWIII. Now I guess the question becomes would a K61 sound better than a K57 and will it work inside the CWIII network...? Though this would require a permanent modification to the motorboard....
  6. I'm going to edit this post... I totally misread your question... Yes, more or less, that crossover is for a 4ohm woofer.
  7. I believe they called the assembly a K64K? With all the spec sheets gone now, I can't double check...
  8. Yes, the CF2 uses the same motor/driver but on a K703 rather than a K603... The CF1 used a K100K just like the KLF10. The K100K is basically a K703 with Klipsch std 3 bolt tweeter flange (w/ separate phase plug) rather than a 1" thread.
  9. I picked up a CF2 crossover for a couple bucks a while back and just now finally got around to measuring the inductors... It's not marked but I believe this is a later rev because it is a 2 piece crossover in the vein of the CF3 and CF4. Most of the CF2 crossovers I came across before this one were a 1 piece design similar to the CF1 or KLF10. CF2B metered.pdf
  10. Also found this... http://www.monacor.de/en/product-detail-page/?artikelid=2976
  11. I've been casually looking for one of these for a while... I have one lying around in my spare parts, if I could find a mate I might be able to use the pair for something? If some one happens to have one, hit me up.
  12. Yes and No. I am considering modifying/building a cabinet but that's not really the only reason I asked the question... I am also just curious in general? I guess if you were to look at the "newer" Klipsch 3-way designs, like the Forte II/Chorus II and KLF20/30, the mid range horn is generally what has been revamped. I just happen to have recently tried out a couple different tweeters on top of a pair of Heresy and was surprised by how much of a difference could be noticed even when the only thing changing was the horn lens (motor/driver staying the same). For instance going from a K76 (stock) to a K74 (KG4 w/ K76 motor) to a K100 (KLF10 w/ K76 motor). It just got me wondering... I hear quite frequently that upgrading the tweeter diaphragm material from phenolic/poly to titanium is generally one of the most noticeable upgrades you can perform but I never here the same for the midrange? I would agree that the first time I ever performed that upgrade it was like night and day but I personally have never replaced any of my midrange diaphragms so I can't personally compare. I have switched between a K55 and a K52 driver assy but I wouldn't say that was as instantly noticeable?
  13. I think you are close to answering my question... let me rephrase it though... remember, I am not as interested in which exact part you would choose, as much as which part you would upgrade (if possible). There is not meant to be a right or wrong answer... just opinions. The 703 works very nicely as a squawker and tweeter horn and can/could be used in either location (partly why I'm using it in my example). In a perfect world, we'll say, you'd use it in both locations and enjoy... but lets say you only have enough room to use it in just one location. Do you feel the horn is better put to use as a tweeter or squawker? I guess the top section of the KLF20/30 is a good example of one of these 2 directions?
  14. I've done and read up on many others foyer into the field of upgraded tweeters and in general (as with most horns) it seems big is better... But in a space conscientious world I am left wondering if you apply this to mid-range horns as well, which is the more important upgrade? As in, lets say, if you had to choose between running (think small for now) a K701 with a K100 or a K703 with a K107 which would you choose?
  15. I'm not going to say that Simply Speakers is bad because they serve a purpose and I believe they do they're best to supply parts that meet fit, form and function... but Crites has put a lot of heart and time into the parts he supplies that I do not believe Simply Speakers can come anywhere near matching... It's like buying repressed vinyl, did someone take the time to makes sure it was as good as it should be or was it just chucked out to make a buck?
  16. Maybe some one else noticed this and I just missed it but I saw this today while researching something else for a friend... http://www.paudiothailand.com/showproduct.cfm?id=580 I guess US Speaker sold it for a while for $42? http://www.usspeaker.com/paudio%20pht-409-1.htm Also, I do not know it's Klipsch part number but the P.Audio PHT-407 (http://www.paudiothailand.com/showproduct.cfm?id=577) looks to be the tweeter used in the Klipsch KP-110? PHT_409.pdf PHT-407.pdf
  17. My first guitar amplifier was this little portable thing from JCPenney/Sears. I honestly think it was better at producing feedback and picking up rouge radio signals than it was at actually amplifying my guitar... I feel pretty comfortable saying it was nearly "unlistenable" on many many levels but I still have a hard time speaking too poorly of it. It's not the opinion I have an an issue with, it the broad sweeping generality. I do understand that he does not prefer the elliptic filter or even for that matter the K77/T35 but I feel like he could have made his comment a bit more constructive? I did find the old thread he quoted above, in which he and ALK discussed this at some length and made his point understood a bit better than he did here... https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/173-should-i-clip-the-elliptic-filter-maybe-not/ I also found a few associated thread that others may or may not find useful if are considering what I proposed or maybe something like it? https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/53317-alk-what-is-an-eliptical-filter/ https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/33247-more-extended-highs-for-aa-network/
  18. I would say $75-100ea shipped... Replacements from Klipsch and Bob Crites stamped upgrades are around $150 so anything too close to that number doesn't make much sense? There are several factors to consider though... My last pair sold for $170
  19. I've found that I prefer 1.8uF in this type of situation but there isn't anything wrong with using 2.2uF...
  20. It's nothing against Rockanroller, he could be a very nice guy... but I already had one last offer I was in the middle of and Columbus, OH is 10hrs away from me. I guess if he really wanted to make the 20hr round trip to pick these up he could PM me but I figured he was probably better off waiting for something local to pop-up. I don't know, 8hrs round trip is kind of my max for this type of thing if I'm buying and I would have to REALLY want that item? Honestly, I would MUCH rather sell to some one on this forum because I feel like they will better understand what I am selling and appreciate it more but the forum isn't fool proof either... At this point I am mostly holding off on the sale for my sanity. I've given my address to at least 3 people, after vetting, who then never showed up and stopped returning my emails/phone calls... which is a bit frustrating/unnerving... I just need a break
  21. I'm going to go ahead and close this listing for now... I've had more scam attempts, low ball offers and disappearing acts than I can count and it's been driving me crazy. I wish I knew what was going on because I've never had this many issues selling any of my previous gear?! After the holidays I'll reassess what I want to do... Rockanroller, you should probably edit your phone # out of your posts.
  22. So... you find all Klipschorn, La Scala and Belle speakers produced between roughly 1983 and 2001 "unlistenable" because of a piece of the HF network? ....I feel like you might be being unnecessarily/unrealistically harsh?
  23. Oh, I've included a copy of the whole B3 schematic in the above post as a point of reference. Schematics for the other crossovers mentioned above can be found in the official crossover thread.
  24. While I was playing around, comparing the K77 to the K107, I also tested out this mod and found that it smoothed the K77 quite a bit so I thought I would share it... In the attached image you will find a drawing of the stock B3 HF network above another drawing of the mod in question. This "mod" is actually the same HF network found in the AB, AB2, AL, AL2, AL3, AK, AK2 & AK3. So really, all you are doing is converting it to an already established Klipsch design by adding the the rest of this filter to what is already there. I am pretty sure this same modification could also be used on the B, E, and E2 crossovers, requiring only one more part to accomplish but I have only tried it on a B3. Thanks, Cornwall B3.pdf
  25. Shouldn't this go in the "Alerts" area if the OP is unaffiliated? https://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/5267128674.html They are verticals by the way...
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