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  1. Would these push altec 18s? Or 604-k in a 620b cab...
  2. I have the peach with me... it is still available.... Bruce
  3. I go out of town a good bit, working outages at power generating plants... headed to Watts Bar in Tennessee..... i didnt want to take the peach with me being no one has showed an interest in it.... if i thought anyone wanted it i would take it with me, but as of now no... thats the only buzz i know of...lol
  4. Im going to put this peach offer on hold, as ill be away for about 3 to 4 weeks... work related... sorry but i am not willing to take it out on road with me... thanks Bruce
  5. My peach is quiet... i have read some about the hiss... is that a 6922 tube thing or a peach thing? I wouldnt want a hiss either...
  6. I was listening to it last night hooked up to the Dennis Had Inspire amp... it sounded wonderful.... I wished it had all 6922 tubes in it, I would buy myself 3 really nice tubes and would reconsider selling it... I just dont see many tube rolling options with the 6h30 tube... that being said, i know everyone likes that tube.. If it doesn't sell I might have the 6h30 upgrade reversed if that is possible..
  7. I unpacked it and took more pictures...
  8. I do not have that answer Mark1101, i will try and find out for you...
  9. Schu, I got the Triode single ended 6550 with a LP-3a preamplifier .... as far as comparing the two amps, that would be a real shootout... they both sound good, the dynaco was built by someone learning to build amps and i invested my money in him a learning, he is from jacksonville fl and i think he did a wonderful job, it has a black wood panel on it also, custom built... Ill hook it back up tonight and take a listen again after listening to something else... i do know it has more upper range weight than the 6550... the 6550 has more bottom and a more full mid... i think... , i just not sure how i want to hear it.... i feel the 6550 has more bass than i want, but rolling tubes to get it better.... maybe ill hook up my dynaco and compare them tonight, a good listening session... yes, thats it, a listening session... with a smile..... tubes im a playing with NOS tungsol 6550 MELZ (6H9C) / 6SL7 / 1579 Mullard-Blackburn 5AR4/GZ34 Sylvania 6SN7GT CBS/ Hytron 6SN7GT GE 6SN7 GTB Shuguang Treasure Cv181-Z Bruce
  10. being i recently purchased a matching INSPIRE by DENNIS HAD amplifier and preamplifier, I'm going to sell a Juicy Music Peach in perfect working condition... purchased it here on this site about two and a half years ago from a forum member... from what i understand it had been given the latest updates , including the RCA connectors placed in the chassis instead of board, and the 6h30 tube upgrade... i looked inside and it has (1)Sovtek 6h30-EB, (1)Amperex 6DJ8/ECC88, and (1)GAA 45E3 tubes in it .... the price is 925 shipped in the continental usa.... that is a lot less than i payed for it but i did put some use on it, this should be a good deal for someone....the unit itself is really nice and clean looking, the cabinet not the best but still looks ok...
  11. my dad died from alzheimers 15 years ago, now i have a sister in a home with it.... a fews weeks ago me and my older brother went to see my sister, after we left we went out to eat and i noticed my brother asking me the same questions over and over..... just like my sister does... i sat there looking at him thinking he has it also.... it just running through my family like no tomorrow.... but it doesn't bother me that i may get or have it..... I'm happy with the life i lived and thankful for it.... i'll just stay home and play my sound system as long as they let me.... maybe by then i wont know enough for anything to matter to me....
  12. I never felt the need to have a sub... most speakers i have have more than enough bass
  13. paperboy117

    FS: Peach

    I've been listening to the peach for the last 2 days, i haven't heard any whooshing sound... everything works and sounds as at should sound... feeding it into a st-35 clone into altec 604-8k with 620 cabs..... it's an awesome sounding setup...imo... I am happy with this purchase ..... bruce
  14. last year i bought a st-35 clone off ebay.... the guy started around 700 dollars, it didn't sell... after 2 or 3 times listed he dropped the price to 550.... i contacted him and asked him why? he said he was learning to build tube amps and was willing to lose some so he could sell and buy another kits.. this kit he had 730 dollars in parts i belive. that being said, i told him it's alright to to build it for free to learn, but at least get back the money for parts.... so i offered him the 730 he had in it, he built it for free i guess, but i supported someone trying to learn to build and helped him get his money back..... it sounds wonderfu and i'm glad i helped him, made me feel good, and i got a wonderful amp... just a story to share bruce
  15. paperboy117

    FS: Peach

    did the Juicy Music Peach ever sell ? or is it still available ?
  16. I've never heard them either.... at one time, i wanted to try a pair of khorns... but i done kinda settled in on the idea that i was really happy with my cornwalls.... to me i think they just an good all around speaker and with new caps and diaphragms in the mids and tweets they are just hard to beat.... but i know as i say that i tend to buy and try things....lol
  17. this item has been sold, thanks
  18. this item has been sold, thanks
  19. I know very little about fisher receivers, always wanted one, so i bought one.... when i bought it i was told that the 7868 tubes tested good, 3/4 gain on meter, bias equal on tubes at 13.4.... FM and power caps were replaced, and main caps were good.... that being said, all i did was listen to it...lol the aux, phono, and tuner sections work very good, never did try the tape section..... as far as i can tell it works great, it just didn't replace what i already had going in my main rig.....
  20. I'm in Macon, Ga..... i would do a local pickup for 500
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