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  1. I have a Klipsch 115-SW Bash amplifier that just quit. I did not see it listed in your list of repairs. Can I send it to you? And how long does a repair currently take? I saw your eBay was listed into April. Thanks!
  2. Sorry I missed this... If I turn it up loud I see the first green lights. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I think commercial pre units and amplifiers have higher line-level input where you would actually see all four lights as you turned it up. Since I use a home Pre and home amps I barely see one green line-level light when turned up loud. Trent
  3. Wow!!! Those look amazing!!! Congratulations!!! I’m glad you stopped by for a listen! Trent
  4. I have had ZERO issues with this unit. It is really pretty close to the 205, as far as sound, but the 205 seems a little more effortless. It's hard to put it into words. Trent
  5. Sold! Oppo BDP-83SE (Special Edition) audiophile Blu-ray player in mint condition. This audiophile unit will play all disc formats including CD’s, DVD Audio, SACD, DVD, and Blu-ray. The BDP-83 Special Edition incorporates the ES9016 Sabre (32) Ultra DAC for the stereo output and an ES9006 DAC for the 7.1 channel output. The video chipset is VRS from Anchor Bay. I replaced this unit with a new Oppo UDP-205. I’m asking $275.
  6. Sold!!!! I have a mint Emotiva Stealth DC-1 DAC for sale. I have all of the original packaging, manual and remote. It works awesome, I just prefer to use the DAC in my new Oppo UDP-205. I believe the unit still has warranty too. I’m asking $275.
  7. Cornwall’s are great, but they will not hold up to the 904’s! Period! I now have Jubilees which I consider even better than the 904’s, but I have owned KHorns, LaScalas, Cornwall’s, Forte, RF-7II’s, etc. So far, I haven’t heard anything that competes with the pro line.
  8. Well... my Jubilees will easily touch 120 dB in my 19 by 48 foot room. I love playing “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons for people. It will literally blur your vision if you stare at a fixed object- LOL!!! The maximum output is supposedly around 128 dB, but I don’t want to go deaf, or actually run the risk of hurting them or my ears. They will coast in the 110 dB range without breaking a sweat. Tonight it’s just Eminem’s new album (most of which was just too political) and now some Miles Davis at around 75 dB.
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