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  1. If I do it, I'm going to use the V-Caps just as are in the networks now. It's $165 for a pair of these, but they have shown their mettle in terms of just "getting out of the way". I have another preamp coming in here and won't make these changes permanent until I do some further testing.
  2. Belles DID use the AA network originally. I have a set of Crites crossovers (motor run style, from when those were still available) and have played with the A/AA swapover. AAs won handily to my ears. Hence the move to the V-Cap OIMP AA build. I've been playing with the resistor mod to knock down the midrange 3db, and like the result of that, too. Might move to the 6.8uf in place of the 13 to make that change permanent.
  3. I found these.... https://www.midwestspeakerrepair.com/shop/speaker-repair-kits/gaskets/gp15-2-15-inch-chipboard-paper-gasket-w-vinyl-top/
  4. My networks are DeanG AA with V-Cap OIMP. They're good. Glad to hear all of the positive comments re: CT120. I am aware of the gasket issue on the Eminence Kappa 15C and am persuing a solution for that.
  5. I was given an offer to sample a set of these this morning, and I took him up on the offer. These seemed a popular replacement, and forum comments were similar to yours. I like the alnico versions but wanted something more extended in a high end 2 channel system.
  6. All Heritage seem to be trending up over the long haul. To think that my late 60's Cornwall II and '74 Cornwalls were purchased for under a grand per pair (very good looking/condition) - and my '76 Cornwalls for $375 (Trading Times flyer locally) is laughable these days. These were purchased when supply was high, and a lot of people thought they were just "big, old speakers". Now that supply is in the hands of people who want to keep them, as well as Heritage being in production (establishing a benchmark for what these speakers are really worth), and you have a recipe for rising prices.
  7. I've seen this around for a number of years re: static, would this be an anti-static solution? https://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=ZESTAT
  8. OK, the experimentation continues. I want to experiment with tweeters. Using K77 (round) in a pair of Belle Klipsch, have the solder terminal mids, want to play with best tweeter options which will work on my AA networks. I like the round alnico versions as they are forgiving but would like more extension as I'm tweaking the 2 channel rig. Thought about just doing a square magnet version but I see all these other models discussed here, so I had to ask first. What's smoother?? I'm also gonna play with the woofers too (Eminence Kappa 15C) and I want to experiment with the tweets too. If it matters, it's tube gear (VRDs/Peach, later to NBS pre). I've had this stuff in the mental can for a while, now it's time to play šŸ™‚
  9. Space is definitely a consideration. These ultrasonic approaches certainly appear to have merit, but I'll end up with half a room occupied. My wife has ultrasonic cleaning setups for gemstones and the jewelry that comes out looks like a jeweler did it. So it definitely is a method I could agree with. But I gotta shrink the size, for sure - and I want it in proximity to the system. Definitely food for thought, though, which is why I posted to begin with.
  10. The Project as well as the Okki Nokki looks like a good value relative to others. Definitely seem worth considering. The one thing I like about Nitty Gritty is that they've been around so long, I'm certainly mindful of who's been at it or who would be more viable as a company if they ever needed service (Project should also be good here, correct)? Both of these mentioned seem to lower the cost floor for some reasonably automated equipment, seemed that anything with this level of machinery was a grand or more in past years. So these do look attractive.
  11. Well, the Mundorf resistors came in today, and have been playing those a good part of the day, definitely reminiscent of the adjustable networks I've heard on other's systems. They have a different "sweet spot" - when the system is played a bit louder these seem to keep things in a little better balance, the straight AA is "closer/more immediate" and more in line with moderate listening levels, at least with the V-Cap OIMP builds.... This is something I've intended to experiment with for some time, and I'm set up now to be able to do some "back and forth" and get a firmer hold on how these present themselves. I'm in a smallish room for the Belle Klipsch (12 x 15) so the mids without the mod do tend to get pushed forward and get a little "shouty" when it gets a little volume on it. I'm migrating to one full time system in the 2 channel setup (as opposed to vintage Mac, then Peach/VRDs, rolling gears and such) and I will now be running VRDs/NBS as the one system, full time in that room. So I'm gonna play with the networks to see what gives me the best overall result. I'm curious and would ask Dean how this version of the modification might differ if I went to the 6.8uf V-Cap OIMP instead of the resistor. Expensive trial at $165.00 per pair....
  12. Cool. All set to roll as soon as the Mundorfs get here.
  13. OK, so now that Iā€™m about to go vinyl crazy (even my wife has the bug), just what should my cleaning setup be? Looking for suggestions on what to purchase - somewhat familiar with Nitty Gritty - and looking for suggestions on what I should be using to clean and prepare my vinyl for play. I need an education here.....
  14. Ordered the MiniDSP 2x4HD and a microphone this morning, we'll see how it goes....
  15. Price drop to $90 each on the Mullard GZ37s. Other tubes have been withheld for listing until my audio re-org is complete (happening faster than anticipated, though). Currently going through the process of inventory on current stash, will list those in due course.
  16. Am I OK moving the tap based on the model here? Just making sure because I figured you asked for a reason.....
  17. I would have it fixed but I can't use a top loader anymore. I'm using an Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 and that gives me the sound I need in my 2 channel system.
  18. I have a Rega Planet CD player that needs a new pickup. I'll send it to you, or any repair shop you wish in your name as owner, if you pay the shipping and want to have it repaired (guessing I can do this for about $15-20). Built like a tank and too nice to waste, with a laid back analog sound that many here might appreciate. Representative pic of the unit here, I'll post pics of mine if desired when I get a little time. It's in good shape - just hate to see such a well built machine trashed/wasted. No remote with this one. It has an "eye" for those with universals that accept Rega codes IIRC. http://www.audiocostruzioni.com/r_s/sorgenti/rega planet cd/rega-planet-cd.htm
  19. Seems like a rather large magnet for just a ceiling speaker....very Klipsch-like šŸ™‚
  20. DeanG said in the "Building the type AA" thread, regarding attenuation of the midrange in the type AA: That's what I normally use. If you're really into driving the loudspeakers to their limits, you should probably go with a 20 watt resistor. I know it sounds stupid, but different resistor types do effect the sound - however, this is in parallel, not in series - and I've just never given that one much thought before. I just developed a habit of buying the best parts I could afford. I use Mundorf when I feel like I need a higher powered resistor. Definitely overpriced, just like the rest of their stuff - but the quality is undeniable. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/mundorf-20-watt/15.0-ohm-mundorf-m-resist-supreme-resistors/ I bought a pair of these to give that midrange attenuation thing a try. Is the recommended solder available at home improvement stores or is it something I need to order? Just wanna make sure this dummy here doesn't screw up Dean's beautiful work..... I want to try this before I go asking to audition the more complex stuff or AA using Jupiters. Mine are V-Cap OIMP AAs and I've wanted to try this resistor "mod" to knock down the mids 3db. Dean suggested I try this a few years back and I never got to it. I've felt for a while that a simple attenuation of the midrange might well make me happier with these - not that I'm unhappy with them now, but I have felt that the mids needed to be knocked down a smidge.....
  21. I tried that already šŸ™‚ I'll give this search some time and maybe try again šŸ™‚
  22. I have. He's out of the chassis, which is what complicates him making new ones. He would have to order up another 25ish to get them done (a considerable investment), and according to Craig he's six months out on vintage gear builds as it is. I wouldn't doubt if some day he makes more (not his words but just my guess), but right now isn't in the cards. Trust me I've talked to him on the topic šŸ™‚
  23. I wasn't able to buy one either - personal situation made it impossible for me to buy one when they were in production. True story - I for some time used "NOSValvesNBSPreampXXXXX...." in various configurations as online account IDs/passwords/etc - it was one way that I had already committed to the idea that someday I would be in a position to place an order for one - or that not being possible to post for the WTB and be in a position to afford it and pay for it. I have had this in my "gotta get one" list for a long time, and someday, it will happen. Can't say how soon, but someday.......that last detail is in someone else's hands. But I found everything else that made my audio life so good here, and I don't expect this will be any different....
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