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  1. LOL. I tend to over think stuff, and sometimes I get bored and feel the need to mess with stuff. Not broke, don't fix applies. I basically just set my 7II's up the same way as the 82II's without doing any research on the needs of the larger compression driver, if there is any difference at all.
  2. Interesting Bill, I had never looked at it 2 channel vs HT, and Im just about 100% HT. I currently have them toed in aiming at a center spot about 24" behind the MLP (spot in between my wife and I), so it is not a very aggressive toe in, but they are toed in. Front right shoots across my left arm rest (I am on right side) and the front left shoots across my wifes right arm rest. I have the RC64II staged at an up angle so that it is basically aiming at our faces. I did use a laser pointer for all the stuff, just making targets with blue tape. For the center, I stuck blue tape on my chair where my ears would be, and adjusted the 64ii up until the laser was equally above and below that tape, when shot from the top and bottom of the 64ii cabinet. Not sure how better to do it, and I guess that could be OCD overkill. I am just wondering if I should bring the 7ii's in anymore, which would allow me to pull the subs in too, or if they are fine. During 2 channel they sound fantastic, but it sometimes seems on HDTV and Blu-ray that I get more sound from the closest tower, or it's obvious, and I wonder if that means I have them too wide. I guess that also could be a product of the MLP being a small table between my wife and I, because checked at the MLP all speakers are right on 75db with the reference test tone.
  3. Looking at a triangle calculator, and my measurements, my A and C (front towers) are toed in about 64 degrees.
  4. I have the toed in part covered. "To achieve good imaging without a "hole in the middle" do not place speakers father apart than the distance between you and the speakers." I have that covered, I mean 10.3 feet to MLP and 9 feet apart. This is curious: "Try to keep the distance between your Left and Right speakers a little more than half of the distance from you to the nearest speaker." That would almost make me feel I needed to reduce my distance between the fronts from say 9 feet to 7 feet, and keep them toed in...
  5. Ive always went for the triangle method (fronts are 9 feet apart and 10.3 feet away from MLP) but I found this interesting on Klipsch.com. I wonder if I shouldnt bring my fronts in a bit more... Where is the best place to put my main speakers in my room?Correct speaker placement leads to the best sounding bass and the best imaging. It is generally a good idea to keep speakers 4-6' away from side walls to minimize early reflections. Those reflections upset the tonal balance of the speaker and also interfere with proper imaging. In general, placing a speaker closer to a corner or back wall will produce more bass. Raising a speaker off of the floor (such as putting it on a stand) will reduce bass. The two (or three) speakers you have on your front channels should also have their midrange/tweeters all at the same height in order to create an even image. It is particularly disconcerting when a pan jumps up and down as it moves across the front stage. Finally, we recommend, with Klipsch speakers, that the midrange/tweeter horn be "toed-in" toward the listener to create the best imaging. Experiment with distance from the back wall till bass balance is smooth and extended. To achieve good imaging without a "hole in the middle" do not place speakers father apart than the distance between you and the speakers. That is, not more than an equilateral triangle. If your speakers are too close together, you will reduce the width of the image almost to mono. Try to keep the distance between your Left and Right speakers a little more than half of the distance from you to the nearest speaker. http://www.klipsch.com/Education/general-faq
  6. American Sniper this weekend, hope I can rattle their windows.
  7. Really happy I went with cherry... First impressions, I like everything crossed at 80hz, not 60hz. 64II is crystal clear, even more than the 62II.
  8. Yeah, I have done some checking with my meter, even when you have the volume high, it rarely hits those worry points, and of course some action scenes will have some peaks. On the flip side, I saw blue man in vegas last week and they hit around 105db during some of their musical stuff upgrade=done
  9. Ill post one when I get home. I work at a dirty arse dock lol
  10. Amazon, Amazon, Amazon Best buy can suck it. I use them for viewing pleasure and eval only anymore. I usually grab a 3yr square trade if it is an expensive display purchase. Got a 3yr on my VT50 (one year left) with a $2500 value. My thought was making it into "affordable" OLED.
  11. At that price I dont think you can beat it.
  12. Other than some great fight scenes, this wasn't good at all. Gone to Vegas for 7 days, so maybe we will catch Hobbit 3 eventually.
  13. Thats why I said "if you care about that stuff" I like the flat room response. When i cut XT32 off in my room, the sound is obviously worse The parametric EQ on the Emo model is very good, and REW and a mic or a pro calibration can really dial it in.
  14. Only issue with the 200 is the auto room eq is not that good, if you care about that stuff. Now the parametric EQ on them is GREAT, if you do that stuff yourself or know a calibrator with the right gear.
  15. Found the next upgrade. As much as I love my dual 15's, they eat up space on both sides of the room. Problem is, hard to find a single sub that can power over duals. I found one at Power Sound Audio that runs dual 15's with a small footprint, with tremendous output as tested by data-bass.com. Well, it is discontinued. I talked to one of the owners of PSA today, and the replacement model is a month or two away. Model number is the V3600, will have dual 18" drivers and 1700 watts. Attached is a photo of one the "skunkworks" models. Final model will be smaller, and hopefully it will be more vertical than wide like their dual 15" model was. Price will be about $1900. I see this in my future in the July/Aug time frame... yeah yeah, so I like bass too.
  16. When run properly, it doesnt take multiple runs. I can run mine 4 times in a row and get the same measurements.
  17. Are you listening to music in 2 channel or surround mode? I prefer pure/direct for 2 channel which is effectively full range. Not sure on the bi amping. Id also run all speakers in small and pick proper crossover points. Id guess 60hz would be a good start for these towers. I also note your KLF's were set as -12 trim level, which is bottomed out. What are all the other speakers set at because you may need to level match with an SPL meter?
  18. Ah, I see. Probably not feasible for me to have a separate 2 channel rig. I am considering adding something soon to play some vinyl though
  19. My XPA-3 was quiet on the RF82ii's for hiss, and no hum. My 7500 had hum issues I had to fix a couple of weeks ago, but that was just DC offset and the larger torroidal transformer than the XPA-3 had.
  20. Not 2 channel related, but I tried out some HDTV DD 5.1 tonight in Pure vs the DD+XT32 mode. Audyssey smokes Pure when it comes to surround sound and non 2 channel content. It was bad...
  21. I'm telling you, they thump, and with very little movement from the 10's.
  22. I a found several threads between AVS and AVForums where people have found Direct/Pure Direct (only difference is Pure Direct shuts off analog video circuitry and the front display) are better at music than anything else. My next experiment is to see what I think of Pure in multichannel vs XT32 for some movie scenes. I like XT32, but I wonder if it always the best decision.
  23. If anything I could see the octave issue. my subs are set 80hz for the LFE channel, and take everything below 60hz from the 7ii's. Thats really for HT use, I do not have a "music" preset for different crossovers. Subs are not in corners and there are not phasing issues (know that for a fact). It's gotta be something with the settings and music, because in a HT environment they rock at the same volume levels. I also think the new 2015 Dolby Surround mode for music is part of the issue, especially if I am not the only one at AVS to notice it doesn't sound very good. All that being said, the 7ii's in "pure" sound outstanding and have gobs of bass, so no need to worry about it I guess. I just realized at that point why a lot of people love 2 channel music with the right speakers, because it sounded outstanding.
  24. Those monoblocks often show up on ebay for cheap too. I almost bought 3 before I got the 7500 because they are stackable.
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