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  1. 3 hours ago, babadono said:

    With repeatable experiments that reach the same measurable outcome repeatably in different locations most notably anechoic chambers when referring to audio


    Amen. Only heard them once and WOW. Dave folks here don't know what you got. "She's my little deuce coupe S-MWMs, you don't know what I got".


     I think it is so funny that people want to debate about cables and amplifiers when their transducers(speakers) are producing so much AM and IM distortion and the room reflections, reverberation and room modes are causing other artifacts.

    Of course differences can be heard......Enjoy the music.

    Got to demonstrate "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" to a guy from Bucksnort TN yesterday. Always funny to watch  peoples faces. With music here sometimes the hair stands straight up on your arm or shivers run up and down your spine. One day after I got them dialed in right I was playing Time by Pink Floyd. All of a sudden I look at my arm and all the hair was standing straight up. I look over at my buddy and he was staring at his arm too for the same reason.


      However I have it from a good source that I do not care about how things really sound.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Edgar said:


    I have found that most people hear pretty well, once taught what to listen for. What really distinguishes audiophiles from non-audiophiles is the degree to which they care about what they hear.


    1 hour ago, ka7niq said:

    I have found that my non audiophile friends seldom appreciated transparent  sounding systems with great imaging I have had, over the years.

    Sad but true and iPhones and ear buds are good enough for most.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Shakeydeal said:


    No more than you are accusing me of having "golden ears". You can go to Audiogon and get your abuse. I get mine here.


    That's what is funny with your response. I never said this directed towards you but you assumed I meant people like you so therefore the hilarity ensues. How does one get golden ears anyway? Is there a course on this or is it natural ability?

  4. Just now, Shakeydeal said:


    Snarky. Is that what you meant to be?


    So people who are more attentive listeners (active listener, if you will) are "golden ears" to you? And casual listeners are "mere mortals"? Ok, got it. I just wanted to be clear on yet another "us vs. them" attitude. I suppose we don't have enough if that shoved down our throats by the mainstream media already? We can come here and get it too. Awesome!

    So are you accusing me of being an unattentive listener? I find that very hurtful and triggering. I can go to Audiogon if I want to be treated like this.

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  5. My main reason for going to Audiogone, way gone that is, is for the priceless satire masquerading as serious thoughts. Seasoned all knowing "audiophiles" lay down the righteous laws of audio only they can fully understand as they leave their price tags discretely displayed on their audio gear. Being a dirt behind the ears kind of dude I have had fun over there at times poking the pretentious with my fine zip cord cable management and Crown XLI trash commercial amps that I so arrogantly claim are worth while. As a bonus you also get people over there who think bags of tumbled Tourmaline affixed to your cables make your setup sound better.


      I have heard a lot of systems and elect to stay with the right choices of economical gear and build parts of my systems since I can't buy what I want. As crazy as it may sound I have a a fair number of repeat visitors here to listen to the Super MWM's. Zip cords sprawled on the floor and big ugly duratex coated boxes and no fancy electronics except the Xilicas. Hearing is believing though :D

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  6. OK I have more freebie old capacitors if anyone wants them. I also have two KP320 cabinets with no drivers or passives free to a good home. Cabinets are pickup only and no there are no pictures. They will be in the speaker graveyard in the sky next weekend along with the caps if no one claims them. Caps are free plus shipping only or pick them up and come listen to S-MWM's for a while. Always make time for visitors.










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  7. On 6/14/2022 at 9:24 AM, richieb said:

    I’m In the middle of the country and often ask the same for east/west coast gear - 

    Rule #1. Klipsch gear is almost never next to you for pickup.    Like all things MCM 1900 if you search for a year or two tweeters will show up or you can rig something up.

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  8. I have only been asked twice about these and the first time it was not real clear to me what I was dealing with. The second time around is a different story.1608565028_Screenshot2022-06-18at04-04-02MyeBayMessages.thumb.jpg.4b145a4f1dc8d718ee91901692d64a13.jpg



    As we can see there are studs mounted into the motorboard which has an undersized cutout and is thinner to boot at only .5" thick. So this required a rework of the design and machining to first off match the larger hole size needed for the studs. Note the larger outer holes vs the inner.DSC_0034.thumb.jpg.7e83048bfa2603baba8e8f4506d50ddd.jpg


      And then the basic depth of the boss that goes through the hole is cut 1/16" smaller left to right and top to bottom and reduced to 1/2" in depth to match the 1/2" plywood used. The basic cavity shape is preserved as the overall depth is not changed.DSC_0036.thumb.jpg.e17131b14c51c27fa470fbe7b9e5ffd1.jpg


      I have the first set going to Italy so it might take a while to confirm all is well with the stud spacing. The problem with older Klipsch speakers like these KHorns is they are hand routed and if the jig or operator is not right on every time then what I have to deal with is a compromise to try and cover as many of the variables as I can. The KHorns and La Scalas are the most variable of all the Klipsch speakers I have tinkered with where tweeter replacement is concerned.

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  9. 7 hours ago, 001 said:

    take a picture , and show us what you have -

    I think that is a great idea and I would love to see a picture of your system too. You mentioned owning some LSI's the other day and i always like pictures of one of my favorite speakers.

  10. 54 minutes ago, Khornukopia said:


    Were the knobs moving physical positions due to woofer vibrations, or were they changing the electrical values as they warmed up from electric current?

    I don't know for sure but I suspect changing electrical values as I normally don't have speakers turned up loud enough to vibrate variable L-Pads. It seemed to me that the coils and the arm that went (great techno speak I know but not going to bother to look up correct terms) to them would have a hard time staying put. Always had drift and balance from left to right was also an issue caused by drift. I could fiddle around and really get things sounding good and after starting things up the next day have to do it all over again. I am now firmly in the fixed resistor camp for L-Pads and will only used variable ones for quick down and dirty sound tests from now on. Now saying that I think at times those variable L-Pads are the way to go for easy matching of DB efficiencies as long as people understand you wont get the very best results that way. You still can get better results then not using them in that case. Those variable L-Pads would eventually settle down and remain in place and my complaint was with a really good set of speakers it was not the exact place I wanted it to be. I am still going to recommend the variables for the MAHL tweeters in cases like the Fortes because the db mismatch is fairly large. I never disliked those variables with the Fortes and this problem only reared it's ugly head when I was dealing with a speaker with much better definition then the Forte 1 and 2 which is all I have had to play with.

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  11. 7 hours ago, CWelsh said:

    Are you using Tune In?


    I've just got to ask...what in the world have you been doing with that PC that it is not allowed online?  LOL

    It has all my design data and machining files and I avoid problems by just staying offline with it. I have not had malware for years but it never hurts to be safe. There is an added problem in that I stopped maintenance on all my software three years ago. What I have will work just fine as I have permanent licenses as long as I don't upgrade past the ability of my programs to integrate with MS products. Things like SQL server and Excel are powerful tools used by all high end design programs and you can only go so far before an update one day will stop your program from working. I assume the same is also true with machining programs.

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  12. Today I found out about this program that will hook you up to radio stations around the world of many different genres. Now my shop computer where all the good speakers are fed from is not allowed on line so I have no idea of the quality. I can say though that I tuned into an old timey blue grass station and I just might get another PC that will be allowed on line to feed my shop speakers from. You can also record what you hear.

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  13. I have never seen this before and had no idea that Klipsch did this. I guess the oldest Klipsch speaker I have had was some H-700's from the late 70's.

    14 hours ago, Budman said:

    dave, when you made my set for my 69's i told you the bolts that came thru were not straight and i had to bend them a little plus i drilled out your lenses with the next size drill bit

    OK I forgot that but until I had a picture in front of me today I either did not remember if you sent me a picture or if you just told me that, and I did not have a clear understanding of what you meant. KHorns are a nightmare of variables followed by La Scalas where K-77/EV-35's are concerned.


     Thanks for the info guys.

  14. 14 hours ago, Curious_George said:

    Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.

    Ayn Rand


    All the bulk of the large Heritage speakers such as the K-Horn & LaScala is not to reproduce bass frequencies. The large midrange horn (k-400, etc) is responsible for the  reproducing a significant portion of the audible range (4 octaves). The large bass enclosure in the K-Horn & LaScala also reproduce clean mid-bass due to their design which you are not going to get from a Heresy. 


    Heresy's sound great with a subwoofer, but do not delude yourself into thinking that that combo is better than a K-Horn or LaScala. 

    Yes indeed larger brings far more authority and presence to the same frequencies.

  15. I have a guy sending me pictures of the tweeter and 1/2" motorboard on a KHorn.  It looks like studs or a bolt from the outside going in and 1/4" thread size with the holes in the K-77 flange drilled out larger. Is this how Klipsch did it or has something been done by the owner?

    KHorn tweeter.jpg

    KHorn tweeter studs.jpg

  16. 9 hours ago, geoff. said:

    I have found, almost ironically, the higher the sensitivity of the speaker the lower the volume at which I become engaged with the music.


    On a quiet night with my La Scalas hovering just under 70db it always surprises me that I don’t feel the need to turn up the volume.



    8 hours ago, GlennyC said:

    It’s weird you say that. When I AB tested my Heresy IIIs against the La Scala AL5s, I had to up the gain via a control knob (on my Accuphase) for the Heresys to have an equal listening experience. The Heresys being less sensitive needed more power to have the same output as the La Scalas. When people test the higher sensitivity speakers they will be louder with the same input power. Does this trick some listeners I wonder? It is an old stereo salesperson trick to up the volume on the more expensive speakers they are trying to upsell to. This then makes the higher end speakers appear to sound better. 🤷‍♂️

    I listen at lower levels now and this is based on using a DB meter not the volume control. And I find more and more long time listeners I know doing the same when this topic comes up. As I succeed in weeding out poor quality recordings it has been my observation that in order to really hear the music with the spatial "like I was there" sound I want I can't turn it up loud. It is like there is a certain point where db level exceeds the ability of my ears and the environment to allow you to hear all there is and then things begin to devolve into what all goes boom boom and the subtle things go away.


      I still turn some things up when I want percussion to slam me but at that point I am not seeking fidelity anymore.

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  17. Can't help you on WAF and your only recourse is to be tough and say you have the rest of the house and I am going to have these and weather the storm. Or sell them off and find something that keep the grumbling down.


      I suggested the autoformer as a possibility since you had mentioned taps I figured you wanted that solution. Recently I have had to rethink my position on variable L-Pads as they seemed to drift on me and once they found a spot they would stay at it was not the spot that sounded best. And yes .5db is clearly audible so that drift was a big problem.  I ended up using a two resistor fixed L-Pad and once the right values were found it sounds really good and does not drift and I don't have left channel right channel gain imbalance. Now the variable L-Pads are much better then nothing but they were not precise like I wanted for this set of speakers.

  18. 14 hours ago, Flevoman said:

    I still find it difficult to understand why a lot of Wattage is so important with a speaker with an efficiency of 101 DB /W. 

    OK I fall in the SS camp and use a Crown XLI 800. 200 watts per channel not because I need them but because that is what their smallest watt rating amp comes with in this particular line. I never considered nor used a tube amp after reading of all the expense and tinkering that seemed to go with them. That Crown runs $285 now and is dead quiet and plays any genre of music with great fidelity.  This is the consensus of the many visitors I have had here and not just my opinion. As an aside here with the minority  of my repeat visitors who have said they had cables or tube amps that would sound much better.  I have told them to bring it on and they never do. They come back to listen but somehow the miracle stuff never comes back with them. 


      Regarding Chorus 1's. I keep the Crowns set at half output levels. I then use my PC sound card for further adjustment. I rarely go above 50% on the sound card volume and the Chorus speakers are plenty loud at that point.

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  19. 51 minutes ago, M.Att said:

    I got a chance to look at the KP2500 XO recently and the transformer does NOT have extra taps, so my only real option is a L-Pad.  Now that said, I hooked them up to my Marantz NR1200 and with the subwoofers (LFE @ 80hz) they are superb for movies, TV, and pretty darn good for music too.


    However, they completely fail the WAF/CAF and I might be posting them on the Garage Sale area.  I'll include the 10' and 35' cables and stands too.  Harumph.

    Crites sells an autoformer with 12 taps in 1db increments that will cover your Klipsch needs.

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