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  1. Guys will the RP260F sound anytime better with lots of BASS than lets say the Sixes with a R112SW Sub or a R110SW Sub?which combination would sound more fuller and punchier and bassy ?
  2. So you are saying running the RP280F along with additional subs ? I don't think I will have that much space to have the floor standing RP280F also and along with it have 2 more additional subs ? is that what you are saying ? I am in India.
  3. I see the KG 5.5 are discontinued, which is the equivalent to it, which has been introduced by Klipsch ?
  4. I didn't listen to the RP160M that day, I will try to give it a go again, but are you sure the RP-160M sound superior and have better sound quality than the Klipsch Sixes for my kind of requirement and application ? Both are 100 Watts per Channel right ?
  5. So guys last Saturday I had a chance to listen to a couple of Klipsch Products at one of the Local Distributors and he happened to show me a couple of products. So we had a chance to listen to the Klipsch SIXES first with a JAMO Subwoofer attached to it and frankly to me it did not sound much different to me from my current 120 WATTS JBL Authentics L8, adding the Jamo Sub-Woofer was not making any wow feeling to me, yes but the moment he detached the SUB from the Sixes, surprisingly the Sixes on their own sounded pretty Boomy and I think it was upper and Mid BASS heavy, and infact I liked that sound of the Klipsch SIXES alone than when the JAMO SUB was attached to it. And the demo guy told me maybe perhaps the JAMO Sub, may have sounded a little MEH to you, but if you are gonna use the Klipsch R112SW or the R10SW SUBS they will for sure make you feel better than this because both are reference Sub-Woofers. So guys am I on the right track ? what am I missing here ? How do I conclude this? Will the Klipsch Sixes with a R112SW or the R10SW anytime sound better than my current JBL L8 is that for given or what ? Then we had a chance to listen to the Klipsch Forte, And Holy Cow ! What an amazing piece of audio equipment is that ? he had two units of it standing on the floor in a room size of 14 Feet meaning 200 Square feet, and when both of them played simultaneously it created a surreal atmosphere, environment, with the Progressive House Tracks I had, Mind Blowing. The BASS was tight, clean though I would say it sounded clean. It did feel like a Lounge room of a dance club, night club, But guys you know how much is he quoting for those a pair of it a whopping $7000 USD !! lol !! When I compare it with the Sixes, the Sixes sounded more Boomy, more emphatic. The reason I am describing it in more detail is that so you guys get an idea of the kind of sound I am after. So now I kind of understand the difference between Clean BASS and Boomy Bass. is there no ways that I can get Klipsch Forte sound in a low budget scene ? He was saying maybe I can look for the Klipsch Heresys that is like a small brother of the Forte that may sound good to you aswell if you like the Forte, but again he was quoting $3500 USD for that !! That is insane price for me !! So if I like the sound of the Klipsch Forte is there not like a small avatar of it available in smaller form factor and lesser price ?
  6. Hi ! That is a great wealth of Information that you have put. A lot of terms that you have used I am not familiar with like for e.g. You kept saying Lascalas ? what is that is that a speaker name or Sub Name ? You also mentioned "KG 5.5", "18'' flat packs with an INuke amp and a flat pack 15'' sub with an INuke 1000 ? what is it ? I have no idea what is it ? So can you please tell me what is it ? And you picked up my pulse pretty accurately, I am not trying to create a RAVE CAVE where people and come Dance. No that is certainly not what I am trying to do, all that I am trying to do is in a room size of 10x12=120 Sqaure Feet, when I play Electronic BASS with Pounding BASS it sounds so pretty damn good to someone especially to me, that it kind of reminds of a dance club that is what I am trying to say. So please take the "Dance Club" word metaphorically and not literally !! With a MAX Budget of $2000 USD how far can I go ? And wI would also not like to get any Professional Audio stuff. We are talking a room size of 10x12 that is such a tiny room. Why do you need all Guns Blazing in such a small area. But yes the experience has to be like a small dance room 😀 I dont know if it makes sense to you guys ! lol !
  7. I am am a little surprised that, between the Sixes and the RP-160M you voted for the SIXES because firstly, I have been told that there is no difference quality of sound between a Powered Speaker and Passive speakers, not that powered are inferior and passive are superior in terms of quality of sound ! Second I am told that sixes have a little more power than the the RP-160M though I believe both have 100 WATTS output per channel right ? SIXES are supposed to be inner when'll on their own also have a big woofer so they inherently also on their own are capable of producing good, boomy BASS let alone adding a sub to it, that would add some RAW Power to it isn't ? So why do you say that the RP-160 M would be a better choice over the SIXES ? Wouldn't the Sixes let's say paired with the R110sW or the R112SW sound like a killer combo in a room of 12x10 I think I would be quite room filling Right ? Both are reference series ? isn't it ? Anything more better than this that is there if you think apart from Sixes and the RP-160M I would be more than happy to check it out !! Why do you say RP-160M would be a better choice over the Sixes ?
  8. I have a budget of Sixes or the RP-160M and for a Sub RS112SW or the R110SW in best case scenario. I do not have a Monetary Budget of more than that !! So again I completely agree with @twk123 I am not trying to create a RAVE CAVE where people come and Dance in, I am just trying to have a Music system which would give a great dance club kind of feel, not literal but sort of, just setting up a nice system to sit on the couch and listen to electronic music by myself? I do not have any commercial application for this. It is just me myself in a room size of 12x10 (Length x Width) 120 Square Feet as Europeans and rest of the world calls it. A budget of around $1500-Max $2000
  9. @twk123 That was a great explanantion @twk123, @derrickdj1, @dtel Hey Guys, I am under going the process of Auditioning some of the Klipsch Speakers that I have been able to get my hands on at a Local Distributor including the Sixes. I will soon my observation for further clarity, this is going really intricate now, had a listen to the Klipsch Sixes and I will post my observation after I listen to it the second time. Planning to listen to it again for some final impressions. Please guys watch this thread. Thanks ! Give me a 2-3 day time. But It is getting sweetly interesting also ! In short for a Trailer to you guys...I am Awestruck, with the kind of Products Klipsch has in the year 2018 after what I had a chance to listen to them back in 2007-2008
  10. This is exactly what Ed Mullen The Head of Technology @SVS Sub-Woofers told to me, that I am looking for Mid Bass, and Upper BASS not really looking for deeper frequencies. But you know it is becoming technical for me, I do not understand of what Mid Bass is what upper BASS is, what more deeper and lower BASS is ? It all sound greek and latin to me !! This is what Ed Mullen told me and I have quoted this before putting it here again... Now I do not understand an iota of what this means, it is all gone as bummer to me.
  11. Oh Thats a great find ? from where did you find that ? You know I was desperately looking out for the Technical Specifications for this Sub-Woofer. Since it is a discontinued Model it is not also on the Klipsch Website. Can you please also post the Technical Specification of this Sub-Woofer like how much was the WATTS RMS output and what is the Frequency Range it could produce ? I also need to show it to someone. Thanks !!
  12. Really ? I absolutely did not know that !! is that a sealed Sub-Woofer ?? When I called up Klipsch sales guys they said well Klipsch never has, never ever made a sealed subwoofer in true sense all our subs are almost ported. Including the Promedia GMX 2.1. So are you sure when you say that, it is a sealed one ?
  13. No offence meant. I was not making any fun of you ! I am just saying, being on a Klipsch property we hope not to be biased and talk only about Klipsch. So just to put things in perspective, a couple of sound advisor guys have told me Ported gives that Big, Boomy kind of sound. Whereas, Sealed is clean. Now I do not know an iota of what clean and boomy means with respect to sound, but just to put things in perspective, the BASS that this Sub-Woofer made, http://www.klipsch.com/products/promedia-gmx-a-2-1-computer-speaker-system was it Boomy or clean ? If that was Boomy then that is what I want, then I would want Ported I guess ?
  14. I hope you are not saying this, voting for Ported subs because we are on the Klipsch forum and Klipsch only makes Ported Subs !
  15. Which sound better and are good in performance ? Which one sounds better ? And has a better soundstage performance and BASS ? (On their own) without adding Subs !
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