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  1. Hey folks,


    I'm looking for a particular AVR in the aforementioned lines for my streaming rig.  I'm looking for a Yamaha RX-A 40 series (or later), 10 model (or higher) or a Denon AVR-X 200 series (or later), 4000 model (or higher).  Need preouts and two HDMI zones with Atmos, so...basically A1040, 50, 60, 2040, 50, 60, 3040, 50, 60 or X4200, 300, 400, 500, 5200, 300, 400, 500, 6200, 300, 400.


    I'm leaning towards the Yamaha stuff right now, but I'll take what I can get really at this point.  Anyone looking to sell right now?

  2. 11 hours ago, MeloManiac said:

    Allow me to put my concern in the historical context why I feel so strongly about censoring MD:


    Now, when I was discussing MD music elsewhere on this forum, I was shocked to discover that in 2021, we still do this to MD. 

    I said this before in my post that you quoted, so I'll say it again since you missed it.



    You can not just build something smart by having it check bits and pieces of something, that's not how things work.  You are commenting way above and beyond what your knowledge is able to attain.  It is not practical, feasible, or logical to ship such a system with forum software.  We call that bloatware.  It's garbage.  It creates a bad product.  It also slows down software to the point it impacts user experience far more negatively than the simple find-replace system that's in place.  It's not censoring Miles Davis.  The system doesn't know if it's Miles Davis, or Dave Attell, or some rando on the internet.  It's not smart enough to put those pieces together, and to make it that smart would make it extremely slow processing and take thousands of lines of code and callouts just to work.



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  3. I sense some hostility in your final paragraph. You obviously don't care much about user feedback, and for that reason I have decided it is wise to end this discussion from my side. 

    You see it however you want man...just remember this was in response to you

    some unnamed programmer decided to censor Miles Davis with a dumb forum filter.


    Your concern as you call it, is moot.  That list has not changed and there's no intention to have it changed.  As for "user feedback" - not sure what you're talking about.  I haven't worked for any software company in 8 years.  That's not really relevant here anyway though.  A forum operator can change what they want on private turf.


    You fired shots first, sir.  You were the one who launched a myriad without considering practicality first, blaming a company, and then dumping on the developers who developed a piece of benign forum software.


    I saw your edit in an attempt to roll off what I said. You'd have to design an extensive set 9f code for what you're describing alone, larger than the forum software. That makes absolutely no sense to do.



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  4. 15 hours ago, MeloManiac said:

    I can tell you I never use profanity, and I experienced it as an insult when some unnamed programmer decided to censor Miles Davis with a dumb forum filter.

    Reading this again I saw this.


    Hi.  I'm one of the "unnamed programmers" you just called out.  My name appears in the contributors for the forum software this site uses.  I have worked for Invision, phpBB, and XMB in the past.  "Dumb" forum filter is right, again, it's not a bot.  It's PHP replace function and exists in virtually any software that passes data from a post-action to a database.  


    Why would we do this?  Well, a number of reasons.  I'll list a few:

    1. Forum owners, operators, and managers are required to comply with certain laws and regulation when it comes to handling sensitive content associated with minors, or where minors may be exposed to content.  This generally ends at the collection of data, but in some states and nations (did you know more than just the west uses software like this?) profanity and exposure thereof to minors is against the law.  So we have to have those in place for that reason.

    2. In 2009 when I started working with phpBB, 60% of our installations were by minors, or near-minors.  In 2007, XMB's installations were around 80% AOB age 18.  72% of all Invision Free services at the time of it's termination had a user self-identified as below the age of 16.  See a pattern here?

    3. Taking into account that these filters can be easily modified, and the majority of forums being deployed had a high-percentage rate of exposure to minors, and that in some territories that can land you in hot water, we shipped them with default censorship words in place.  You could also add this was to underscore features, and just the standard fact that most software companies and businesses tend to go away from profanity in professional environments - including forums.


    I seriously can't believe someone is sitting here complaining about this.  I also frankly don't care if I somehow insulted you with including a standard feature shipped in software you know nothing about.  Thanks for trying though? I guess...

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  5. On 7/22/2021 at 3:48 PM, Erman said:

    my question is would you prefer to buy RP-6000F or R-820F, instead of 15 years old RF-35? as i know RF-35 is mde in usa and these new ones are from china. but still it is 15 years old and technologjy is changed a lot.

    The RF-35 was not made in the USA.  They were made in China as Bill mentiond.


    As for technology...I mean...yes and no.  It hasn't changed quite as much as you probably are thinking.  Speakers aren't AVR's.

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  6. What you are complaining about is a standard feature of *all* forums.  Whether or not the feature is enabled is another story.  It is not a bot.  Not sure where on earth you got that opinion.  PHP searches for a string in your post that matches a set of words (generally it's anything above the PG level by default out of the box of forum software).  It then will replace with asterisks or other filler specified in the admin panel.


    It's a family website.  If you don't want to be associated with a brand because of how their forum software filters words...hate to break it to you, but get in line with just about every audio community that uses any forum software ever.

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  7. The Denon would be better than the TSR - think of the TSR's are the budget Yamaha's.  The X series of Denon AVR's is more akin to the Yamaha RX-A line.  They have better power supplies and generally have better power management.  IIRC, I think they have Audessey XT32 as well, where the S series doesn't (might be wrong on that though).  


    Again though, if your budget is $600...that X is going to be much better than the S750.

  8. I think you are not thinking of integrated amplifiers in the way that they're designed by intention.  Most 2 channel configurations would have speakers that are designed to be full range or capable of full-range delivery.  Most of those amplifiers will cut at either 80 or 120 Hz as well.  If your budget was $600 - you could have stepped up to the X series which has a bit more oomph.


    DENON AVR-X1600H 7.2-Ch x 80 Watts A/V Receiver w/HEOS | Accessories4less


    I will tell you, you're probably going to have to run your S750 to about 60 or 70 to really feel the heat.  Those S models just lack so much in power.  You may get it and be fine with it, but I think you'll find yourself second guessing rather quickly if you're so worried compared to the Yamaha that had much more power and was able to deliver it cleanly.  

  9. 7 hours ago, psykoticboss said:

    Oh yeah I definitely will say the yamaha was awesome. I really wish these nice integrated amps had bass management especially if it has the sub-out.

    Can you link what you're talking about - which Yamaha model - because all of the Yamaha integrated amps and stereo amps I've seen have bass management right on the front panel.  What kind of bass management are you talking about?

  10. 2 minutes ago, psykoticboss said:

    Man I hope you are somewhat wrong on #2. Plenty of people said it will handle those 3 Klipsch no problem. Gonna be pretty dissapointed if it gets here and doesn't do a good job. I just sent back the Yamaha S-501 and it powered them really well with only 85 wpc. 

    Power supplies are not created equal.  The supply in your R-S501 was designed to power 2 channels and 2 channel only.  It also wasn't having to have a bunch of extra features on it to power and cycle thru.  That system was designed to be a clean 2-channel driver.  It will sound better, and handle better for 2-channel than a home theater system.


    The Denon PSU's in the S series are relatively anemic considering the need.  They need to power 5 channels, while handling video processing, surround processing, and everything else.  Granted that everything else isn't always functioning, but if you're expecting it to somehow be better, you are going to be disappointed.  It's not a bad system, but it's going to struggle in many areas.  It might work for you, but it's very reasonable that it won't.

  11. 38 minutes ago, psykoticboss said:

    In order to get bass management, I sent back the awesome integrated amp Yamaha S-501 and have a Denon AVR-S750H on the way.


    It has great reviews, but only advertises 75 wpc 2 channels driven. I have a 3.1 setup with RP-600Ms(100/400) and RP-450C center(150/600).


    I have a few questions :


    1. Is the receiver 'smart' enough to send all of its power capabilities to the 3 channels? No bi-amping on the center channel.


    2. Is the advertised 75 watts going to be enough? Subjective question but 'enough' in my eyes means being able to turn it up pretty loud, low or no distortion, and ideally still having alot of headroom. It will be worrysome if my desired volume is like 75% of the knob. On the 501 rated at 85 wpc, the RP-600s were super loud at 20% of the knob turned.


    3. From the way I understand it doubling power means +3db pretty much. So even if I spent the money and got a 150wpc amp, I would only gain 3db? There is the argument that higher power amps play better at lower volumes, but being on somewhat of a budget I had to go with the Denon mentioned.


    4. Is it worth it to bi-amp the 600s with the 4th and 5th channel on the receiver?


    Thanks for the help as always!


    Note: These are the Kanto stands, really happy with em!

    1. Receivers are smart enough in that if you send it a signal, it will output that signal as processing dictates.  There's no real "being smart" about it.  The demands generally are across the front three channels, so that's where most of the power would be drawn.


    2. IMO, no.  Not at all.  The S series and the previous revisions lacked a lot when I ran them on even the most elementary Klipsch configurations.


    3. Your understanding is correct, but generally where more power benefits you is those kicks to the chest, those explosions, the bass drum, etc.  Where you'd really notice if the power wasn't there.


    4. Not on a passive crossover with an AVR, no.  

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  12. 3 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:


    I just looked in the manual and it only states a volume scale of 1-100.

    Might be the case on the older models.  I believe 80 is 0 dB on most of them iirc.

  13. 19 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:

    One odd thing is that the volume scale goes from 0 to 100 instead of the negative scale I'm used to (-20dB for example).  I haven't found anything in the menus of it to change the volume format.  I know with some receivers you can change that feature back and forth if you want to. 

    I don't remember if the 5.8 has it, but the 40.4 does, there's a setting called "Use Relative Volume" - and if you set that to on, it should revert to using dB rather than scaled volume measurements.  It should be in a generic menu screen or general screen, I don't think it's in audio settings.

  14. I am upset to just now learn of this.


    Mallette was my first oral history interview, and he was so nice and willing to work with me.  He was also always more than happy to talk speakers among other things, made countless recommendations and suggestions that I used in my graduate and undergraduate pursuits.  I will miss him dearly.

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  15. I have the newer model of this TV.  The MSRP was $2,199.99.  They are absolutely awesome TV's and well worth the money.  I advise anyone who is interested in shipping to be very careful and do either pallet shipping or local pickup (the latter especially if no box).  I had to wait on two different screens because they were damaged in shipping to the vendor (due to stacking).  They even sound good for a TV.

  16. I'll get some pictures later on, but I'm getting the post out there to generate interest.


    I'm heading back to an AVR to pair with my Parasound 2-Channel pre instead of the pre/pro + tuner mix I've been using.  Space and change in listening habits chief among them.  So it's time to rehome these two Rotel pieces.  Well cared for.  I'm the first owner for the RSP-1582, second or third for the RDG.  The RDG is a solid 9/10 cosmetically.  RSP is in great shape.


    The RSP has an HDCP 2.2 board, and it has the HDR Firmware recently flashed to it.  If I recall right, it's HDMI's 1 and 2 that are HDCP 2.2 / 4k compliant (it might also include 3).  Both units are black.


    The RDG I had largely used simply as a digital FM tuner, but it does have built in FM tuner and network streaming abilities (to your local HTPC).  It has plenty of presets too, so you can have up to 30 AM/FM and 30 online presets.  It's kinda nice.


    The RSP-1582 comes with the original packaging, power cable, remote, etc.  Asking price for forum members is $1,200 + shipping/paypal (or local pickup in Eastern Iowa).

    The RDG-1520 comes with the unit, power cable, network dongle, and a new remote (no original packaging).  Asking price for forum members is $300 + shipping/paypal (or local pickup).


  17. The woofer diameter on it's own is too big for the 10" woofers, not to mention the horn.  Plus for the cost and effort, I'm not sure why you wouldn't just buy the towers anyway.  If you want RF-7 III's, buy RF-7 III's.

  18. On 3/26/2021 at 11:01 PM, Amyoss said:

    Is spotify hifi different from normal spotify?

    Premium is up to 320 kbps bit rate.  Hi-Fi generally is somewhere between 1411-2600 kbps and either 44.1 or 48 kHz depth.

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