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  1. Oh, tough day already, you are looking for the ALK information. Extreme slope @ 5800 + 600hz Selling them separate as most buyers of the Speakers are not the same people who want the ES x-overs. I want $750, you pay the shipping. Paypal.
  2. These were purchased about five-(six? ) years ago. I use a 50 watt tube amp to drive them, so no clipping issues. They are in 9/10 condition. Slight blemish were a rubber ball removed the sheen on one cabinet about the size of a silver dollar. No discoloration of the wood, but the finish is just plan missing. You have to look at 15º angle to the sun to even see it. otherwise you wouldn't know there was an issue. I'm am looking for $2,500 obro. Original boxes and papers.b you pay shipping from either 01862. or 03870. If you live in southern New England I could meet you half way. Payment via paypal.
  3. Update on the sale of the Cornwal III. After changing the cross overs back to stock, I noticed a blemish on one of the cabinets. An exercise ball was touching the side and removed the finish about the size of a silver dollar. It is not discolored, and you can't even notice it unless you look at a 15º angle to the sun. As a result, I am lowering the price to $2,500.
  4. I just finished building our retirement cottage (900sq') . If you remember the 1950's style hifi entertainment centers, they would build the speakers into the wall surrounded by bookshelves for the records, pictures and sculptures. The speakers being even with the face of the shelves. I built the room specifically to accommodate the Cornwal's
  5. Duffi, It may be you are still on some probationary period???? Your messages should be coming through. I think $750 (half price) is more than fair price. The reason I am selling them separate is most people want the Cornwal III's stock and/or they are not willing to cough up the extra $. The new Cornwal IV has a much improved x-over, so why mess with them (and voiding the warrenty)? These weigh about 38-40 lbs. Quite the impressive bit of engineering. See. http://www.alkeng.com/ Click on "Klipsch loudspeaker upgrades" > "extreme slope" scroll down for images. They are bigger than the picturse suggest. I followed Al's recomendation of 400hz and 5,800 hz. I waited 3 months for him to build, test and ship them. You will be blown-away by the clarity. They ship from 01862 I have the old paperwork, so I can see how much they cost to ship eight years ago. Paypal is the safest payment method for both of us, if you chose to complete this sale. I sent you a private message. let's see if that comes through
  6. Thank you all for the feed back. I needed this to get a feel for the real market. No better place than here. I will sell them at $2,600, without mods, buyer pays shipping. Original shipping boxes and paperwork. Extra set of tweeter horns, new in box. ALK x-overs at half price, $750 (will not split up set) again, buyer pays the freight. I'll hang onto the Crite woofers for another project. If you all need pictures, please respond to this post. I am traveling, so it may take a couple days to get back to you. Again, thank you for your input.
  7. Has anyone posed on ebay? I can't understand their fee structure.
  8. I am looking to purchase Cornwal IV, the Cornwal III need to be sold. The cabinents are Walnut with stands in excellent condition. ALK extreme slope crossovers are installed with Bob Crites cast aluminum woofers. I saved all the old parts for those of you who perfer the stock sound. I will consider selling the crossovers separate: $1500/pair new, will sell for $1000. Bob Crites woofers $250/pair Sold listings on ebay for stock III's range from $3k- 4K, with $1700 in upgrades I am leaning more towards $4,000, unless you want an all stock unit. I'll knock off $800.. Shipping from new england will be at least $400. Original double layer boxes included. TT
  9. No, perhaps sometime in the future when I am forced to downsize, but today is not that day. AKL still makes them for Cornwals at three price points.
  10. Retiring and moving to smaller digs, but haven't moved yet. I Haven't picked out new speakers yet, but they will probably be towers or monitors with a sub. Wife was never happy with (the size of) the Cornwals though she did like the sound. Our house was already small 1,200 squares, the new place will be a little more than half that. 700-800 squares.
  11. Good luck with that. My technique has always been to sell something else to dust up my tracks. She's a smart girl and knows the numbers don't add up, but at least she knows I'm trying :-)
  12. Al sent them to me in plain double-walled cardboard boxes, wrapped in multiple layers of newsprint then bubble wrap plus instructions. They were two packages of about 40 pounds each delivered, as I remember. The magic number you don't want to go over is 70 pounds. I do a lot of ebay, so they will get to you safe and sound.
  13. Still in the cabinets, but I need to remove them soon to take photos,weigh, package. Good suggestion.
  14. The value will vary greatly whether it is a known working unit or for parts. A dealer selling a (guaranteed) working unit will get about $3K, more or less depending on how clean it is, Wholesale is $2 - 2.5K, working. Non-working units, again, will vary greatly depending on what's wrong, tubes are an easy fix, bad caps are work for a reputable shop, bad transformers are a show stopper. Have it tested, find out what you have, and go from there. Steven.
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