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  1. @Iteachstem It’s weird, all the photos are normal orientation in my phone & when I send them via text or any other program like say, Facebook messenger. once I load them into this forum... they’re normal when I click re-size... and then poof! Once it’s posts it rotates my photos all the same direction 90* what the heck.
  2. Decided to paint myself.... came out good. used 1) high build primer. 2) sanded with 320grit 3) 6 spray cans of duplicolor flat black base 4) tack cloth 5) 4 cans of USC 2K clear coat next— let cure a week+ and then wet sand and buff/polish the orange peel....get that mirror finish. — wish I could figure out how to rotate images.
  3. @CECAA850 yes, front has a 45* around perimeter to mimic the 45* around the baffle woofer relief. the rest of box will get a roundover. before i send to bodyshop, i'm going to give it ONE MORE attempt. i really want to make this entire thing DIY.... so far i've only hired someone to lay the carpet. stubborn, but i want to get it figured out. but, if it comes down to it - $500 isn't too bad for a good paint job.
  4. $500 +/- a little wiggle room. not bad for a body shop paint job. and yes, i have dozens of moving blankets - i'll load into the back of the truck and then drive behind house and unload directly into the basement, and carry into theater. shouldn't need any straps, loading dollies, or anything other than two fella's and a pick'up. (i hope)
  5. @CECAA850 yes, i already have a few quotes. i'd rather spend the money and have it look the way i want, versus learning on the job and trying to paint it myself. well, i did try it myself - and that sealed the deal to send it to a body shop. i figure, i did everything else in the theater exactly the way i wanted - no sense in half-a$$ing this step. 🤣 plus -- i sold my Denali pickup and my 30 foot Monterey boat this year-- so i have more cushion before the wife gives me the side-eye.
  6. @CECAA850 duratex looks like truck bed liner from the photos i've seen. too rough and abrasive looking for my tastes. i'm looking for a glossy piano lacquer type finish. (similar to what's on the SVS PB-16Ultra)
  7. WELP,.... i attempted to paint the box myself. looked pretty good, until it dried. then i saw little pimples start showing up in the paint. I'm thinking it's dust maybe. tried to wet-sand it, and the paint is so thin it's back to primer in a few swipes even with 1,000 grit. so.... off to the body shop for a quality finish. updates in a few weeks. (hopefully)
  8. They have specs, it’s just under the “technical tab” not listed in each amp page. They have a chart. they’re the same Amps used in the SeatonSound stuff
  9. I’m looking at either the SpeakerPower SP1-4000 (4000 watt at 2ohm, 2000 at 4, etc) SP1-2400 (2400 watt at 4ohm, 1200 at 8 ) I figured the bigger amp with almost double the watts & stable to 2 ohm was the better choice. But if I wire them as 8 ohm, that becomes totally unnecessary, right? Or should I just get the bigger Amp and wire them 2ohm?
  10. I was looking to get the SP1-4000W speakerpower amp, if i wire in 8ohm instead of a 2ohm configuration -- maybe i don't need such an expensive amp! maybe i can back off to the SP1-2400 and wire them as 4 ohm? or 8ohm?
  11. question -- i am wondering how bad of an idea it would be to remove one of my R-115sw amp's (400w-rms) and connect it to the pair of 18's just to test them and make sure they move and function. would it toast the amp trying to move that big of a subwoofer at low level? 2ohm circuit, doubtful that little amp on the R115 is capable of much below 4ohm ? thoughts?
  12. i had a support ticket with them pending for almost 4 months. I got a response from a real person yesterday! - i responded to the automated ''we received your request'' email i got 4 months ago with -- is anyone there??-- and Voila! i got a response the next day.
  13. wife has had both shots. felt fine after first one. ~8 hours after second one she had some slight chills and muscle soreness. gone after a day. looking forward to mine -- but apparently a work at home accountant is more 'essential' worker than a car dealership employee face to face with customers and inside their nasty cars. 🤣
  14. I have Four RF-7ii Of which, ONE has visible lines in the veneer. Can’t feel them. Doesn’t bother me. not B stock. If anyone notices option 1) Get out! option 2) they are hand made. Get out! 😎
  15. @wvu80 i used 12 bags of the extra-fluff sheet of poly batting. it looks like what you'd use to make a quilt. is this ok? I glued and stapled to the interior walls. should i remove? or add the open cell foam also? this is what i used - they had it in smaller sections for $4.97 each. fit each section between bracing absolutely perfect. used a whole roll folded over itself to size for EACH brace cavity. 6 bags down each side. every wall is covered except the front woofer inner wall.
  16. I really think there are a lot of common threads in this community. photography. (I personally shoot Nikon with a 600mm lens for birds and wildlife) "over-kill is just enough" mentality (see above) cooking. (love to collect kitchen equipment. love my Wustof blackwood handles, and All-Clad copper core.) cars. (I work for Mercedes..... Das Beste oder Nichts.) and audio/video. (obviously)
  17. @babadono i have a condition where i overbuild everything. my fence - 6x6 posts 5 foot deep, with a 2x6 picture framed panel and 5/4x6's as the main field. it's ridiculous, but looks incredible. all black too. looks swanky. my chicken coop - it's a palace... garage has wainscoting, 16 150W LED can lights... looks like a showroom ! (which is what i wanted) - i just figure, if i'm going to do it.... lets do it! i think it may have been caused by the Tim the Tool Man Taylor. like his V8 blender...
  18. @Marvel 5 sheets of MDF minus the falloff and cutouts. i figured at 375lb plus another 40-50 for speakers, glue, cable, polyfill 🤣 and whatnot. 450 seems about right. i have it on two 2x4's so i can have a place to get my hands around it to lift and rotate as i work on each side. and BOY is it heavy!! i tried to lift it up to put another block under it for a little more clearance for the Bondo spreader thing -- that took some doing just to get a few inches off the ground. it'll definitely be a two-person lift to get it into truck to deliver to body shop for painting.... and again to unload and get it back into place in theater. luckily it already has it's home picked out and will never be moved again.... then, i'll build a second. #symmetry.
  19. @CECAA850 i tried to estimate the build weight by calculating square inches of each piece on my cut list, and then converting that to weight based on 97lbs per sheet of MDF. i came up to ~450 with woofers and amplifier installed. but if it works as designed - boy howdy!!
  20. @CECAA850 true, biodiesel is just much worse in about every way except lubricity. if i had an old Mercedes or Volvo diesel - i'd convert it to run on pure bio - those things are incredible. i'm actually saving my couch-cushion money to get an old M35A2 with the multi-fuel engine -- kerosense, diesel, bio-deisel, gasoline cut with used motor oil, etc -- heck yeah! 8" lift, on 53's, bobbed axle. mmm mmm mmm.
  21. bio fuels are bad for diesels - yes they're made from hydrogenated oils, restaurant oils, etc and blended into diesel - they clog filters, lower BTU, and if left in a tank for extended periods (3-4 weeks) they can start to grow algae! ethanol is equally garbage for gasoline engines. it can be lethal to small engines like lawn mowers and handheld tools. Stihl products will fail in a season if using pump fuel - but will run for decades on ethanol free fuel. higher content than 10% of ethanol can cause internal plastics to fail, gaskets to swell and fail etc. get as pure as you can, as often as you can.
  22. if you are shopping for Diesel - Meijer grocery stores actually have amazing diesel fuel. We did 5 gallon samples a while back because we were having issues with diesels and bio-fuel failures... vehicles are typically OK up to 5%.... and lots of places use 11% and higher to get the subsidies/tax credits. Some of the Gasoline TopTier stations had the WORST diesel fuel. BP and Shell were rocking at 20% plus bio.... but every Meijer gas station we went to consistently tested at 0%. - incredible.
  23. @BigStewMan top tier fuels are higher quality, meaning they are actually what the RON metric states they are (octane). They also include specific detergents - not using top tier fuels can lead to lower MPG as well as knocking / detonation. It can also lead to higher amounts of carbon deposits building up. we do fuel samples when we have driveability concerns for warranty. especially if it's an engine damage claim - we have to get a fuel sample and send it to lab... it does matter. if i was driving an '89 honda - i wouldn't care.... but anything new - stick with TopTier fuel brands.
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