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  1. Well got a reply and there is a sale pending. got the bug while checking the specs so I’m ordering drivers this morning. Going on vacation and have to get this out of the way. good luck to who ever got these....gear drivers and cross overs and a super great price. moving on humbly
  2. I guess they are sold...no response
  3. if not sold, I will take them. time is 5:30 NYC time. sent you a PM.
  4. they might work but would you have to reverse the phasing of one of the drivers?
  5. some specs http://dave.spalla.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/SpeakerlabDesignGuide_1983.pdf
  6. the K's use W1508S 8 OHM 15" WOOFERS so if you use klipshorn crossovers your are going to have to make some adjustmts since the khorn uses the k33 4 ohm woofer
  7. https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/msg/d/glenmoore-vintage-electro-voice-model/7081643478.html 1200 for this one
  8. not new...looks like there are more than 1. https://nh.craigslist.org/ele/d/brunswick-electrovoice-30w-woofers/7041215785.html
  9. looking for a set of k-500 horns. will be starting soon on some DIY Belles and this is the last item I need. If I dont find a set, I have a few close but not exact horns that I could use...but would like to find a set of k-500's. PM me if you have some and price.
  10. I have a WTB listing for a pair of k-500's in the garage sale area and have been checking ebay on occasion. I did get an email from someone who provided a referral of someone who had a single. if you have any leads on 1, would appreciate an email. I have some nice wood, woofers, tweets, drivers, various belle xovers, all ready and all I need are the horns. hoping theres a pair collecting dust which were left over from a metal to wood horn conversion project or from a k-500 to 511b project. thanks
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