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  1. Thanks a million!! Started a new thread... Maybe I can delete it 🤣 Very happy
  2. Hi guys, Back again. Could someone help me getting the best best Belle plans available? I see some mods being done. Advice is always welcome! The Belle cabinet is about the biggest I can go in my room. Br
  3. Is there someone who could provide me the latest/best plans for building a Belle bass cabinet?
  4. Did a check also. Shipping is killing me.....
  5. Asking 200 for the b&c
  6. Got a pair of volti fc260 and a pair of b&c de750tn (oem version) for sale. Make me a good offer. (Location Netherlands)
  7. Did you listen to them with the "cheap" woofers?
  8. Hmmzz i think i started something [emoji12]
  9. So the question is...how much is the horn gain.
  10. Well first time i quote my own post [emoji12]
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