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  1. Horns and drivers

    Sold !
  2. Horns and drivers

    Did a check also. Shipping is killing me.....
  3. Horns and drivers

    Yes the pair.
  4. Horns and drivers

  5. Horns and drivers

    Asking 200 for the b&c
  6. Horns and drivers

    Got a pair of volti fc260 and a pair of b&c de750tn (oem version) for sale. Make me a good offer. (Location Netherlands)
  7. JWC Bass Horn

    Did you listen to them with the "cheap" woofers?
  8. JWC Bass Horn

    Hmmzz i think i started something [emoji12]
  9. JWC Bass Horn

  10. JWC Bass Horn

    So the question is...how much is the horn gain.
  11. JWC Bass Horn

    Well first time i quote my own post [emoji12]
  12. JWC Bass Horn

    Ok. Thanks anyway!
  13. JWC Bass Horn

    When you have finished would it be possible for you to make a measurement how sensitive the horn is ? (db at 1 watt 1 meter)
  14. JWC Bass Horn

    Sounds great!
  15. National Geographic Cannabis for Kids. Powerful videos

    Don't want to mix in a political discussion. I live in the Netherlands. I think i said enough with that. Even prostitution is legal here. And everybody who has ever been here talks about the "coffeeshops" where you can buy and use cannabis. (Yes legal) Not only in Amsterdam but the whole country. If you use the cannabis for yourself (you can not sell it) you can even have a maximum of five plants in your house or yard. But even here the medical benefits of using cannabis are not that well known. And are Just coming out of the shadows. Eventhough lots of People with reumatic problems or cronic pain use it for releive. It still is a drug in the opinion of many people. Although there is a new "trend". Cannabis-oil. It has all the positive effects but without the "high" . (They took out the thc. Same in english?) Lot of people with cancer and cronic pain are starting to use this with great benefits. It would be a good thing if someone made a good study of these effects. (I'm not a expert. Don't smoke. But do know some people who use the oil for medical reasons. Pfff try typing all of this on your Phone when the dictionary is set to Dutch. )